Sunday, September 28, 2008

Borris the traveling Spider

Mrs. Boris is a Spider we noticed living on the sidemirror of the truck, on the way out to the coast last week. As we took off, I thought, well, shoot, she will just get blown down along the way and instantly be relocated..should she survive the wind-blown-relocating.

Well, we drove all the way to the coast and the second day there...there was the spider!!! We were shocked. And apparently, it has woven it's web cleverly enough to the frame of the truck, and not the window itself, so as not to have to reweave every time we open the window.

Today, as we got into the truck to drive to a neighboring stable to pick up a new boarder friend , Alicia with her Thoroughbred Vinnie, OH! there was the Traveling spider! Ha! We had not been in the truck for a week.We Noticed her right away as we fuelled up in the gas station.I jumped out to the the shot.

So Vinnie is relocated now at Templeton Equestrain Centre! Once we got there,we took a trail ride..... and the spider is happily catching all the flys she can while the truck is parked. Wonder if she liked the salt Bay air last weekend?!


  1. HI! Very cute spider story! I want to thank you for your comment on Spencer's blog! I appreciate the encouragement.

    I love your blog! I'm jealous of the Oregon Coast ride. And loved the videos!

    I thought I saw some booted horses! Not sure if that's correct, but if so, RIGHT ON!

    Thanks again,

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello Pat!
    Yea, we all pretty much boot the horses here. Even Julie, from "Equinmine" boots Maddy, though she is shod.
    Most I ride with have the opinion of bare is better. It is not hard I tell ya, and I do my own mare's feet with a HoofJack I bought with my sissy.
    So I have tried :Easyboots/ Epics/ Bares/Boas..and just ordered the "Old mac's G-2s". Maybe those will stay on my mare's overreaching strides! Many use the "Cavallo's"...they are sooo easy to put on= and come off= JUST as easily, I found..with only velcro to fasten them. "~" I thought to get some and have a shoemaker put a buckle on em...but will try the O.M. G-2's first.
    You Boot?

  4. Yes, we often get spiders making webs in the same place on our truck. One lasted for almost a week last year and it was BIG spider.

  5. HI DP,
    yea...haven't gone anywhere lately...gotta ck out and see if she is stil there, hanging on the side mirror!


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