Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time. . .

. . . it has been a flyin' along in this new year!

I have been, outside of working mostly,  spending all my time with family.
 Mom landed in the hospital again, for a day and overnight. Turns out she had overdone it and the pressure she felt in her chest- was not her heart. Whew!
And amongst the new years stresses-
My sister's quest for selling a property at the coast she ended up being the steward of,  may have a buyer . This is the 3rd or 4th offer. The first offers were full price. This one comes at a great loss but yet, it is what is standing in the way of her moving back up here to the Portland area.
It has been a huge drain on her time and energies with lawyers and paying bills and finding out - the condo association fees  had not been kept up- is what has caused all the toil. No bank will loan on them with the deficit.
So this past year and half has taxed her and us all. Hope it;'s finally over, as our mother truly does need her near to help out with life. Mee too!

My sister andf Nephew had birthdays last week...20 and 60 years on this earth!

We did a lot of wet-weather-dog-walking. My sister has a Blue Cattle dog and a Whippet.
Fun times!

The skies have been beautiful and also, full of drenching record proportions~Thus, keeping me from too much outdoor riding.

The mare and me have gotten to go out at least once week. I am so loving the bareback pad just makes me feel euphoric for some reason. Funny thing is I am nervious to ride in a saddle again!
I have made some arrangements for my new saddle...still have some saving to go, but am slowly getting there.
And is a phone picture of "We Belong"...we got our nameplate for the stall this week...made me feel permanent, and very good!

So, that is about that for us here...wanted to let all know I am alive...just having some winter blaws.

 Next time, I'll tell ya about the wild animals we've concured while riding in the rains of Oregon.


  1. You've won an award!

    Please go to my blog at to receive it!

  2. Good to hear from you again! glad your mom is ok - and hope your sis manages to get free of the condo. Sounds like a nightmare. :( Give Wa a hug for me!

  3. I always enjoyed bareback daughter did on her old horse...but not so much on the new one...the new one is a lot larger and does not have the nice bareback withers...

    Hope your mom is doing better...

  4. Hope all works out for your sister (and your mother and you). And Washashe is spelled correctly. Yippee. Not like my Evie who's called Evi according to the wonderful wooden plate on her stable door that was a present from a sweet friend. But what's in a name eh? Like what you did to the family photos.

  5. Wow, that second sky picture is fabulous! I love boiling, roiling cloud photos. I hope the trying times are over for your family and you.

  6. What exactly is the bareback "saddle" you use? The bareback pads I have found are just the simple ones that have been around forever. Yours looks more substantial. (read:safe)

  7. You're back! Yeah! Sounds like you have had many things to preoccupy your time. Hope things are improving all the way around.

  8. Oh yay for the name nice to 'belong'. Bet Wa mare feels like a queen in her newly named stall. All our rain of a few months ago is still fresh in the memory for me to feel for you with the rain hampering your rides.
    Hope your Mum feels better soon

  9. Hope this offer comes through and your sister can be close again.

  10. Nameplates really DO!! have a way of making you feel like you belong. Panache finally got one, with her full name too, when we moved to Amazing Grace. :)

  11. WHAT? Wild animals? You left us hanging. I'm glad all is well with you, the horses, and your family. Hope your mother is feeling better soon. Better safe than sorry if she had chest pains!

  12. HI Kacey!!! I'm so glad you posted I was really starting to wonder if all is ok. Glad all is =)

    Seen all the rain and wet on tv for your area.. flooding!

    Spring is soon !

  13. So glad your mom's OK. That must have been scary.

  14. Happy to hear from you!
    What a way to start off the new year, huh!
    Many blessings to you and your family, sweet girl!
    And what a beautiful stall plate! You and Mare~belong!
    xo, misha

  15. Happy thoughts to better days! More sunshine and less worries for your mother and sister. Washashe and her stall plate look wonderful - of course Wa belongs everywhere! Let her sweetness lighten your load of concerns and worries. She is your ticket to more light and happiness!
    It is award season, and I will be passing mine on to you too. You will have more than one! But, your sweet blog deserves it Kacy, and only do what you can handle.

  16. Glad to see a post from you! So glad to hear you mom is okay and your sister may be close soon.
    This weather has been awful hasn't it? I'm guessing you've been getting our rain as well. Times like these it is good to have an indoor:)

  17. Yeah, I'll say time has been flying. I went to bed 38 years old and woke up being 48!! how can that be!? i have too many things to do!
    glad your mom is ok.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  18. Horsemom~
    Yup...all the moisture has made for indoor games...we are still working on the actual indoor riding

    You know me well, overwhellmed by lack of light(energies) has me speachless and quiet. Ya, the wa mare does give to me the beauty/energy/encouragemnet I lack- in other parts of life!

    Hi to you too, need to sit and read about your times(and everyone's) "~' thanks for the support girlfriend

    It was scarey...but I had a spirit of peace about it, this time and that made for a calmer hospital time. At least for me and maybr for her...we prayed alot and she seemd to be happy with that.

    I KNOW!
    We have not had a winter with rains like this since 2006...there were row boats in downtown Oregon City!

    I'll be back to normal soon...been doing light therapy and now have a lighter work load too. This will soon pass...I am booking clients for March 20th..and THAT has me smiling!

    Hi woman, yea the heart is amazing and my mom's electrical is good..the pump may be starting to slow...this time it was GURD. And it fakes one out, into thinking it is heart...once you've had a go that way!
    YOU caught that wild animal teaser...I will post on that next as I think about 7 life tidbits to share in that award.

    OH wow...your profile pic is of you riding sidesaddle! How in the heck does the horse even get that?
    I have emence admiration for Panache!
    Something I did not share in the psot was...we made the Stable Caledar too!

    Thanks for the support friend

    I bet you do remember your own monsoons!I loved the name plate...I was asked if I liked it there by one of the gals...she was the one that ordered the plate. They wanted to make sure I was staying!

    Winters are tough...but this one has been rough and dark for my S.A.D. it'll smooth out ad the light comes already stays light till 5 pm ovewr 4!!!

    I have 1 bareback saddle and one pad.
    "Cashel Co. " makes the saddle. It is more substancial and -oh-so-compy!
    The Bareback pad I love is from "Thinline". My Deerskin, full- seat- breaches litterally stick to it. It makes it pretty secure feeling, and easy to post on too.

    Shirley~ Thank you for the kind words.
    I am such a cloud lover too!

    The nameplate was deliberated over by me and all..."should it be- WA Mare- or WA?"
    I went for the whole thing...spelling it out for the gal that ordered it!

    Hello Judy!
    Yea...I thought I was takig my life in my hands at first...riding bareback...but I am so used to it now..i feel unsure about stirrups! I do miss 2 point though!Thinkgs are smoothing out for the family, it seems..all will come good !

    Thanks...Wa will get that hug today and my sis will be free of that Condo this next mo...either by loosing it to the bank -or by selling it to the current interested party!

    Jess...well now, thanks for the award and for finding me in bloggerville and befriending me!

  19. Love the new photo at the top of the page, very classy!

  20. Hey Kacy-

    Glad to hear from you - I was beginning to wonder where you might be!

    Hope your mom and sister are on the upswing. Wa mare looks very official behind her nameplate :)

    I can't give up bareback riding either - it's been weeks since I
    used my saddle lol. Loving the thinline pad.

    The light is increasing every day - hang on sister - good weather and good times are on their way!!

  21. hi kk. I have taken to having a couple indoor lessons on livery horses to get me thru these frigid days!! Nice that you have an indoor now! My dad had some minor surgery recently...we seem to be on similair paths.Family stresses and strains, keep your chin up. Things fall the way they're meant to...and spring is almost here!
    Better times are coming for you.
    hugs, Jill

  22. Hey Kac! Awwww! So sorry that it's raining on your parade, but the sun is around the corner for you. Try to find a lil' something to laugh at each day, even if it's yourself (my favorite reason to laugh...:)and wait for it, wait for it.... good thoughts coming your way! Just posted.... I'm sure I will be getting a poop storm over this one, but some things are my soapbox so, there ya' go! I bought a new camera! Canon Sure Shot far I like! 40th bday present a week early... :) Now, I just need to learn this Photoshop I have installed! :) Loves ya babe!

  23. Awesome photos. Love your header too... I haven't been here is a while. :)

  24. I have an award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel obligated to do this if you already won - also don't add stress to do this = just enjoy and relax and add the gadget to your sidebar!

  25. We have had a lot of snow and bitter cold here. I can't stay outside for long, too cold, I miss my horse!!!
    Glad your mom is OK, that would be a scare. Hope things get worked out for your sis so she can be closer to you and your mom, how nice that will be!
    Hope we all get nice weather soon, I need a ride!


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