Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Selections spring fall sign

Kim from FROG PONDS ROCK  blog, Started a fun and useful Photo MEME that allows one to use the unseen (millions) of filed away photos from your folder collection.
Mine today are from last spring, this fall and one that is not cleverly and skillfully photographed...but humorously written and displayed!

Do go see others picks from the vast folders of photo's= we all seem to have..BETTER YET-Join In!!!
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  1. Oh wow !!!!!!!!!! you just gotts love that bull sign. What a laugh. Well I guess if you got caught it wouldn't be much of a laugh.
    And that baby donkey is just tooooo cute for words. It looks like it belongs on the end of the bed.
    Spring is but around the corner and I bet you and Wa mare are excited

  2. LOL.. that's like our rottweiler sign at the gate - I can make it to the gate in three seconds, can YOU?

  3. Love the purples and blues, Kacy and that sign is the very best. I want to get one for our farm that says "my mother can get here in 10 seconds" because she is always out chasing people down who walk across the land!

  4. I love those blue bottles =) and the bull sign... I want one to just hang and scare people!

  5. that is the most evocative lavender pic i've ever seen. truly amazing, submit it to a contest somewhere!

    the bull one made me cackle, and my husband smiled: )

  6. HAHA Thanks you all...I'm smiling and laughing-reading your comments...great fun!I may jsut put a sign on here each Sunday..I have found some cute ones, recently in my travels~
    Lytha...too sweet and I should maybe, since you inspired me!

  7. Great photos! Love the lavender one. Makes me feel all calm and relaxed ;-) That bull sign is hilarious.

  8. Thanks for the warning - I won't be lollygagging in THAT pasture! Love the cobalt bottles.

  9. Wow beautiful place and captures!
    Happy new week ahead my friend.

  10. Here's to Spring...(sound of glasses clinking)

  11. The sign made me smile and I liked the blue of the bottles. But the lavender was def my favourite, that is the sort of photo that you would see on a birthday card.

    Thanks heaps for joining in with my sunday selections. I was born in the year of the horse and have an affinity with horses.

    We had horses when I was a girl and as a young woman. I miss them :)

  12. Yes, the lavender photo is definitely stunning but I also like the bottles and the sign, of course, is brilliant :)

  13. Love the blue bottles. Makes me want some!

  14. Three great shots and a fine opportunity to show them! Looking forward to more.

  15. these are beautiful photos, very strong contrasty shots


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