Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Stills HORSES!

The small herd where I board, are a tight group. They are all Morgans.The lead mare Panna, is 26, she can be seen here in the back. The other two horses, Danny and Romeo,she considers hers! She is pretty disdainful when my mare ever comes on the scene!
So we keep them separate.
Romeo loves to run, making the perfect match for my Thoroughbred mare. They run and run in the turnout fields, apparently, for the excersise and fun!

 Ed shocked me, as I went to his MEME sight to find out the Photo Challenge for the weekend! I had the afternoon off Saturday and I earmarked the time for taking photo's of his chosen subject...well, hahahahahaha! Okay...I took photo's for other MEME's instead this time- as you all know- I have 1,000's of horse shots in my files!!!
You are the best ED!!!

Please click the title and go see more HORSES!


  1. Very cool shots! especially the in motion ones..:-)

  2. Nice shots! I can never get a picture of a running horse...maybe because my horse doesn't have room to run :(
    Great challenge, isn't it?! :))

  3. Love the motion picture as well. Nice shots. :)

  4. Love the top shot - good color and I like the hair blowing.

  5. Oh, I LOVE the first shot!
    The action shots are very cool also. (I have Morgans and the lead mare is 30. She rules all around here!)
    Great shots, thanks!

  6. Always enjoy your bay horse pictures, Kacy! :) But the one of Romeo is a great shot!

  7. Awesome photos Kacy! Now you know I love the one of Romeo. He can be a pill sometimes but I LOVE that about his personality. Lol! Wa is beautiful as always! Can't wait to ride next weekend!! Hope you are having an awesome weekend!


    Michelle (P.S. Mocha is getting better and better..I can tell because she's always complaining about Emma...she dislikes her) :)

  8. Nicely done. Like the wind blown manes.

  9. Wonderful shots. I love the action shots. When you can photograph horses just being horses and enjoying themselves, it's so awe inspiring. I love watching them run.

  10. All beautiful, but the last one was my favourite! SO up your alley!!!


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