Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friendship, blue-slip meals and the mare!

The boardwalk to Clackamas Lake viewpoint

We could have spent so much more time at the gorgeous spot near our horse camp. It overlooked the little Clackamas lake, that is fed by streams coming from Mount Hood. 


....we had breakfast to make and Horses to ride!
Today was our scheduled ride around the much larger, man made, Timothy Lake!
Portland General Electric put a dam on the lake, as a power reservoir and water source in the summer,  for local cities.

We saw many horses, hikers, campers along the this group, we knew.

WOW...never been at Timothy when there was so much activity!

Around many corners were new sights and things going on!...I am so glad that I decided to "load" the mare with "Daily Calm" was working like a charm for her attitude, making her very reasonable and level headed.
Walking across the Roadway, over the Dam was exciting...

Looking left- we see the spillway for the dam~

Looking to the right off the middle of the crossing, the lake. 
We are about half way- at this point of the 15 mile ride...our destination is the furthest point, back across the lake.

While we rode along, we sang and told is a good ol' girlfriends time!

The trail meets the lake, around every corner . This allows us to water the horses and have some fun too!
Okay...Mustang Cazi is having more of the fun pawing the water!
He never tries to roll...he just paws and paws and paws!

The mare was slightly put off by the splashing about near her...and the lapping of water behind...can we go now KK girl??

Yes Wa mare, after another photo of Cazi...actually standing in the water looking toward the Mountain!

We rode on another few hours...and took frequent trips to the water for refreshment..

I loved how this turned out...
"Green Horse"

What a nice day inside the coolness of the wooded splendor ~

Finally...back to the Meadow near the Campgrounds..only a few miles to get back to oats for the horse's and wonderful -"blue-slip meal"...for us!

"Blue -Slip Meals" are what we have deemed my girlfriends delightful configurations.
She works at a local Organic grocery store...and when the food stuffs are at the "Pull date"..the foods get put into many freezers and refrigerators for the employees to fill out a "Blue-Slip" and take on home for their dining enjoyment.
On these camping trips and most all of our Trails rides...we enjoy these perfectly wonderful, foodstuff delights!
Of course...we are considering a "Blue-slip" recipe book...we always come up with ways we may better afford our riding habits...
We also are considering making a "TOP 10 TRAILS guide to Clackamas County".
Every one seems to wonder how we find some of the places that we go is total networking!

Next time...discovering the "Twin Lakes" on Mount Hood.


  1. Thank you for the ride. It brought back so many good memories. Most of my (and my mule's) more youthful rides took place in Oregon. That state has so many wonderful camps and trails. You are riding in some of my favorite glad to get to see it again! Enjoy every's a special place.

  2. That looks like a wonderful ride! I love the scenery. We have zero for hills around here. I hear your Nurtural is working out great. The beta is wonderful, isn't it? I love it's durability and how supple it is. No oiling needed and I find those armorall wipes for your car clean the material quite nicely.
    How are your easywalkers holding up? Still using them?

  3. Mustang Cazi looks so much like my Butter horse. Looks like a beautiful place to ride.

  4. Here is a link to the brush wash I mentioned in my post :)

  5. Wow, what a wonderful ride and camping too? You are so lucky, I wish I could do things like that with Gil, how fun. Pokey would probably object though cause he couldn't go.
    Love the green horse shot, your new header is also very nice.
    Big biting horse flies are still here and bugging me and Gilly....still no rides for us. but fall will be here soon and then they will be gone! Yippee!!!!
    great post!!

  6. Always love those pictures! Thanks for taking me along.

  7. Wonderful trail ride! And beautiful scenery, too. Great friends to ride with. Lucky you!
    How neat to be riding along the PCT! I hope one day to do some hiking or horse riding along that trail, too.

    The green horse photo is way cool. Very artistic! It reminds me of that nature artist who uses branches to create horse statues by twisting and forming the branches into a horse shape.


  8. Thamks for taking me along for the ride through your blog. Love it! I love the photo looking through your mare's ears. Too cool! What a trip.

  9. Can Dixie and I come visit you next summer? So beautiful up there! And I'd love to meet Wa-mare :)

  10. That is a great pic of Cazi and his rider!! Your header pic of you and Wa is gorgeous!

  11. These are your most wonderful photos ever, KK! And that is saying a lot! You always have great ones! I love Cazi pawing the water - too cute!

  12. It looks so inviting!

    Maybe I'll get Casey on the trails one of these days.


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