Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heavenly times with Horses

Humor "topped the times" for us girls and our equines this trip! 
Wa mare saying, "Whaaat yaaa Doin?" I cracked up when I saw her, from this angle!

What a refreshing time...and now I get to relive it here..with sharing with you all!

We packed up our things and I then picked up the horses in my rig.
Mustang Cazi waiting to be loaded..Wa mare, in the wings too.
She is tied to my girlfriends rig- that stayed home this time- and allowed me to begin to return the gestures of all the times= she took Me along!

AND....I got to sleep in comfort this time...she too her little camping trailer Hidi Ho!
Mount Hood National Forest lands...here we come!

Clackamas Lake Camping was pretty neat, though we did figure out that it was added as an "Overflow" for the "Joe Graham horse camp" just 3 miles down the trail, around Clackamas lake from us.
"Oregon Equestrian Trails" Built the Horse corrals.
Loved the branding of the polls they did!

Mustang Cazi says, "Ain't no shoes on me...keep em on the wood there!"

Speaking of Shoes... "My Easy Walker Shoes" are wonderful! 
I do not even have to worry about hoof boots!
 The mare did fine, with her hinds bare on all these trails too. Really beautiful footing in the mountains.

As we set up camp...the horses lazed and relaxed...

The site we chose...was perfectly dappled, with shade and sun equally.

My mare loves Mustang Cazi man...he used the correct approach upon her last year when they first met; Ignore the mare !
It worked, and now she tries for his affections~

We took a little ride around the lake then to Joe Graham horse camp, a few miles away. It had suddenly gotten colder and began to rain slightly. It smelled WONDERFUL! And it helped the very dusty trails to moisten. 
But- when it started to thunder...we headed on home , quick!

Again...funny things occurred inside my camera lens....
this time, with my girlfriend, who got chilled on our unforeseen wet ride. 
Here she is getting her feet toasty warm IN THE FIRE!

NEXT...we make some discoveries.....come back and see how!

(sneak peek)


  1. I'm really homesick now.... can't wait to see more.

  2. Wow! That looks like fun!

  3. I'm sooo jealous! I wish we had horse camping in Nova Scotia.
    This seems like just about the most fun a person could have.

  4. Your pictures are fabulous. I really like the one of you and Waa in the prior post, too.

    Enjoy your camping trip!! Wish I were there!

  5. I'm jealous. Not a pleasant trait but...that's what I am. :)

  6. Kacey!!!Girl those pictures are wonderful!!!!! What a fun relaxing time!

    I can't wait for more.

  7. I don't know a soul who goes on more beautiful adventures! And I love the photo of you and Wa in front of the lake. WOW.

  8. Love your header pic.
    Wonderful scenes from your trip.

  9. looks wonderful!

  10. Oh that beautiful country.. you are so lucky to have this so close by...

  11. Loved this post and looking forward to the next entries! You have the most amazing trail rides EVER!!

  12. Awwwe, sweet picture of Wa and Cazi!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Kacy! I/we can live your unique trail trips vicariously through you :)

  13. Hi there! Wow, what fun! We have not gotten off the farm at all....too much work around here! Glad you're having such a great/blessed time with Wa! I love your new blog look too! Great photos! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Your photos are FANTASTIC! It's the next best thing to being there.

  15. Horse camping is on my "bucket list". One day! Looks like so much fun!

  16. I would have totally joined had I known about it! Heather and I would have come up for the day or nnight !

  17. The pic of your campfire made me think about our campfires & how we "enhance" them. Take a copper pipe - maybe 10" long. Insert into the copper pipe a cut of an old garden hose the same length. Toss it into the campfire. You will see some of the most beautiful colors come out of your fire! When the fire goes out, fetch your copper pipe & refill it for next time. My youngest son always looks forward to the copper pipe in the fire!

  18. Did she really stick her feet IN the fire...or was that a trick of the camera?
    I once did that and melted the rubber on my boots. lol!

    After my first horse camping trip last month I am hooked. I wish I could go as often as you get to go. You are so blessed to have these wonderful opportunities and good friends to enjoy them with.

    I love that photo of Wa and Cazi cuddling :)


  19. Late to this party! I am reading and catching up - too great this trip!


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