Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Spot of Snow

Totally delightful it was, to recently get out to the stable to see the trees and trails blanketed with puffy, white SNOW!
Of course it was delightful for me, because I did not have to drive in town in the stuff, or even far in it while in the country. It was mostly centralised around the stable-  perfect!

The mare has been very uppity of late...because of new things. She is a sensitive soul and reacts to any new changes. This time, a new horse (and human) Boarder had come 2 days earlier.  She is by far-not nearly as weirded out about the cute "Sam" gelding, as she was about the RED HORSE OF DOOM- last fall. But she and Theo, her turnout buddy, were definitely looking like they didn't sleep much, the night before!
Sam is a 15 yr old Missouri Fox Ttrotter/ Arabian mix. Interesting. He has a fine head and bigger boned legs. He looks to be about 15.1
 He enjoyed some grass and the deep cover of his turnout, as he kept an eye on me~

So, this snowy day the mare had a rare attitude of "LET'S GET OUT AND GO"!

I have only experienced  her like this when something at the stable is bothering her..she wants to leave it..and maybe not return. She is so easily read. It is truly strange when she chooses every route that takes us farther and farther away, and not the usual- quickest way homeward.

I bundled her up and me too..and off we went for a dusk ride at 4 pm. Since the bright white stuff was present, it made it seem not as late as it was, and kept us visually able to ride longer.

A cute little squirrel ran across our trail. he had a hold of a large cone to eat for a cold winter's night's dinner. See him, off the left ear?

I have been riding with a  polo wrap on my mare's  hindquarter. It's called the "Promise-wrap". It has seemed to help her with balance. It is a "TTouch " method to encourage hind end engagement.

It can be used with horses that spook, giving them a feeling of containment; and  also reassures horses that spin or bolt.
I had none of those things...just a very free flowing walk, as we took our tour of  local nature, in it's wintry veiled self.

Love this shot about dusk time, the mare walking and bobbing in an engaged walk.  Somehow, I got her black covered ears in focus -and all the rest of the world, was a wintry white blur!

Just a quickie ride for us girls this day..."out and back" is what I call this kind of ride. Only about 2 miles...of total blisful stuff!

Home again we came and all was looking so different and new...even the paddock seemed intriguing to Wa. She stared hard, down the treed run... snow ( even though there was not much under the trees) always has a way of making the world look NEW and BRIGHT.

Thanks Wa mare...hope to sneak another OUT and BACK tomorrow sometime....and....

....Tomorrow...we pick up our 2 rescue kitties from the local shelter. The shelter owner had all the volunteers say goodbye to Grandpa Norm T. kitty. Today,  I got him a special cat bed that is so ultra padded and soft..even my husband approved. He just actually thanked me for thinking of Norman, and making sure he was able to have it cushy!


  1. You cracked me up the way you described WA Mare happily and purposefully walking away from the new intruder at the barn. Too funny. Yep, I have some snow here too, glad I don't have to drive.

  2. That snow does look peaceful! Look forward to seeing the two new kitties.

  3. I love the pictures of your snow ride. Although Spotty is a gelding, he always reacts to new arrivals at the yard. Sam is a fine looking horse, I hope Wa soon settles with him around.
    I am so glad you are getting two rescue kitties. How lovely that they are getting the chance to go to a home where they will be loved and cared for.
    Did the parcel I sent arrive yet?

  4. What a fun ride. I would love to ride in the snow, we have a bunch right now, but no where to ride from our barn.
    How fun to get new kitties!

  5. Your mare has such personality.
    Kitties, yay! Looking forward to the photos. Your husband is sure soft hearted.

  6. Allgoodnews from Allhorsestuff...

    Looking forward to a kitties and new horses settling in nicely post. Enjoy the snow! :)

  7. I'm so glad you got some "decorative" snow - you take such lovely pictures! Dixie is sure the snow will eat her and she gets extra-spooky in it. She's fine standing in it as it comes down, but when I lead her out of the pasture? It's a totally different world to her.

    Can't wait to see the new kitties relaxing at your home!

  8. Gotta hand it to you! Snow on request?Lol!
    Glad to see Wa mare, she has Horsanality!

  9. LOL about Wa walking purposely away for the new things at the barn.

    Congrats on your new kitties. Looking forward to photos and stories :-)

  10. I just love the view between Wa's ears ....especially nice with all the snow . I do like the look of the new intruder. His colouring reminds me of the clydesdale crosses that are common here.He looks to be keeping a very wary eye on you too .....enjoy those two fluff bundles when they get home

  11. Keep us "posted" on the new kitties! I can hardly wait to see them.

  12. Look forward to kitty pics. Love the TT bandage, a few friends use them and swear by them.

  13. I've seen similar devices used as the polo wrap, but my first thought would be it would spook an insecure horse because it is something "different." It's good to know- I've certainly had horses that could use a little comfort while out on the trails.

  14. Good idea about riding with the polo wrap on. Great snowy shots it sure looks cold there, I see Washashe has a Newmarket ride-on rug to keep her warm, I got one of those for Niko but it hasn’t been cold enough for it here, we’ve just got lot of rain right now, which is making it too muddy for riding anyway.

    Nice to hear your cats are going to be living the cushy life, I’ll look forward to seeing them.

  15. i had PLANNED to go for a ride in the snow, but I had visions of big beautiful thick fluffy dry flakes, and these were tiny misty snow specks... and it was a bit windy... so I had a nice long hike in it instead. and yes I was thrilled to finally have a little snow too!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  16. I'm just SO intrigued by this polo wrap thing!!!! I can't wait to try it out on Laz!


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