Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sprwinter -words from the home front

Hi y'all!
Thanks for the encouragement here and  personal emails to me, about how we are doing. Love you guys for the kind and thoughtful friendship!

Yea, that made up " Sprwinter " word is for how it has felt around these parts... And the above photo is how March went for us.
March 1st looked like that, from horseback...

Then on March 13th again, looked like this....

While waiting for Springtime to come to our section of the world, we were patient here in Oregon, only groaning a bit and biding our time with some indoor activities. The mare was being her perfect patient self, as her frog healed. She and I went out when we could. I wrapped her hinds up in boots to protect the wounded one, as she was not lame at all from the frog injury. When we couldn't go out , due to foreboding weather, we  kept busy in the wonderful inside arena we have.

We got Wa's tarp fears conquered too! She always is mindful of anything under her feet, and the tarp we never could cross, though she'll wear it like a hoodie, over her back and head. Under her hooves, she never would do. My sister thought..lets remedy that- one Sprwinter day in March.
 A little oats and she was walking over it, after me, without a halter!

We also lunged quite a bit, with the  T Touch Balance wrap .

 I've a shocker to tell ya....we adopted ANOTHER rescue kitty. It has taken 3 cats to replace Freyda!, my sister said! Someone saw a box moving  along side the Hwy and stopped to find a cat suffering inside. It's fur almost all gone  from heat exhaustion and stress. The poor kitty re cooperated at a vets, and then went to stay at P.A.W.S. shelter near our home. We met this cute and loving kitty, as we met all the cats at the shelter last January, when we were looking to adopt. 
I actually had her on hold at first, with the 2 cats we did adopt, while making up our minds. 3 cats just seemed  like way to many!
 After we took our 2 kitties home, they moved Martina to a local Pet Store that teams up with them . It just so happens that the store is where we get all our cat care essentials. So, we got to see her over and over...and it proved too much a temptation for us not to invite her home as well.

Meet Martina Mcbride~
We call her Mari 

She's older than Glory, my tabby girl, and she is more a lap cat for my man~

It truly was timely for Martina to join us too, as the 11 mo old Glory kitten was beginning to terrorize Norm Thompson. Him being 18 and fragile...did not appreciate that!
 Glory has a HUGE-O play drive...I can barely give her enough run time. 

Glory and Martina started out being separated for 3 days...we put Mari in the front bedroom. She was all set up and we'd lunch with her or have supper with her, read the bible in the morning with her on our was nice. Glory would stick her paws under the door and howl for us to let her in, but NO, not yet. Mari would hiss under the door a bit. By the second day, i was opening the door up an inch so they could spy on each other...more hissing from Mari and shock from Glory. 
Norm, he had no clue really...he sleeps alot, but did smell round once or twice.
Day three, I let Glory into the room with Mari. The hissing had stopped and they seemed inquisitive...well Mari left her room ASAP upon the door opening, and Glory rushed in to check out the room she had been locked out of! I took advantage of this situation and shut the door, leaving Glory in the smaller room allowing Martina to go into the whole house unabated by the stripped fury!

Doesn't she look  demure here...Glory fury (nicknamed "FLURRY") that rarely stops moving!!

All three are well and we are loving the group. They play hard and love our attentions. They are such a stress relief for us...the heart rates go down, with a hand on a bunny soft cat at night!

The Hoof healing  for my mare had gone very well... After the Epsom soaking for nearly 3 weeks, I then set to spraying the hoof and frog with a 7% Iodine twice a day, to harden the frog and sole. 
At week 6, March 10th, there appeared a bubble like section of new frog from the was so soft, I could score it with my fingernail.

I know I have done the correct vetting, as I checked in with my barefoot specialist at week 3 and again at week 6. 
At week 8, a Vet looked at the hoof and said,  "keep doing what I was doing, a while longer with keeping the hoof wrapped." I had to make sure gravel and debris could not penetrate the almost sealed slit of a wound. I kept up with the Iodine spraying, then wrapping the hoof in vet wrap with Duct tape over, to protect the softer wounded frog from puncturing again. was rough making it to the stable for 60 days straight!!!!  

My sister was recovering from her ACL replacement and I was the Official Chauffeur. The Lord was instrumental in that timing -looking back on it now. Financially it was a killer to drive to the stable EVERY DAY for 60 days through February, and into the beginning of March.
 I HAD TO Go everyday though- for the hoof recovery mode of making sure Wa's frog grew back, with no debris or bacteria inside the large hole. My sissy bought me  several tanks of gas through February and March.  I was taking her to her horse's stable and to Physical Therapy, along with errands.
 What a Blessing that was for us to get to spend the time together and for me to have some relief from the high fuel costs!

Snow, snow and more snow, we had in March!! By the 20th we had more of the white...the mare and me again went out for a look at the newly embellished scenery.

We were HAPPY for the rest of the world..New York in the upper 70's and Midwest in the 80's...and the like- across the country. That's okay,we took it on the chin fer y'all ...putting off gardening and riding ...( well not me, I was riding still) have wet weather and snow gear- will ride, is my motto! We had fun, the mare and me...and some thrilling too....Once she caught a glimpse of something, in a -scary to her- part of the woods. OH!! She was up and turning so fast..I was off to the side and falling ...only to find her under me again..but now we leaped towards a huge tree...missed it by inches..MY! 
RODEO. Of course, we went straight back to the spot a few times over, to conquer it all. Healthy fear instilled inside me again on riding, and the dangers that lurk even on -close to home- trails, we've ridden SO many times.

Chiropractor was necessary,  after that stunt. 

SNOW, snow and more snow....March again spit out the white stuff, near the end! Out we went in it...but by this time, the grounds were so saturated and slick...truly had to be careful.

Then last week, on an spitting rain, Oregon day, we went out to graze a grassy trail, me walking the ground with my mare on slicker steep trails and only riding the flats. As we walked slowly up a trail, as she grazed lush grasses. I had been setting my timer each week, 2-3 times through the non snow days of March for 15 minutes then 20 then 30-45. Now, April, the mare is  up to an hour of grass grazing, anti oxidant good stuffs! So...we had been in an area for 35 aboard her as she grazed. 
She took a step, whoosh...down she went! It was so blame quick that I realized I had better stand up and  step away from my horse, so she could regain her upright self! She stayed on the ground for a few seconds longer, in utter surprise it seemed, then got herself up again. I looked at the spot she, an approx 24 inch swoosh mark told the story. Again..back to the Chiro for me!! 
Wa mare now has an Apt with her therapist soon too!

That's about it guys....for the past 60 days. It was full of driving, rehab, riding and furry felines. 
Oh yea, I fit Work in on the side also!

Pantz mare and my sissy with her leg brace off, after 7 weeks of ACL rehab. 
I have been taking  lessons from her on Pantz.

Oh, I'll save the Dressage training notes for next things to share in that department !

HAPPY SPRING, Happy hearts and glorious Easter tidings I send along.


  1. Imagine my surprise! I thought you had dropped off the face of the earth until I read about everything you have been doing. Thanks for catching us up!!! You have had one heck of a winter. Glad the Wa mare is improving as is your sister. Three sweet are so right about the comfort they can bring. Hope you will have time to keep us posted more often. Is the sun out yet?

  2. WOW, just caught up on that frog injury..what a doozy. PT can take soooooooo long, but look at all the fun you've been having in the meantime. Tarp walking? No problem! I can't believe all the snow, but you'll be slightly happy to hear we had some flurries (nothing stuck) the other day here in MI but back to sun and 55 which we never have either in March. I also LOVE your new banner photo-what a great smile!!! :)

  3. Your new cat is so sweet I love lap cats I think they’re the best kind. Good to hear Washashe is well on the mend and that she’s happy to go over the tarp. So very good to hear from you, glad your sister is doing well and I hope you and all your family had a great Easter.

  4. Wow, wow, wow! You were so busy!
    Congratulations on the new cats! I'm glad they bring you so much joy. Mine do too :)

    I sincerely apologize for all the snow! lol. We had a lovely lovely lovely week of very strange 70 degree weather, as you said... but then it tapered off into regular old wet, dreary March weather ;).

    I'm glad nothing too serious happened with those minor... 'events', shall we call them, on Wa.
    Good job too with all that rehab work! You must have gone through a lot of vet wrap. . .

  5. Send some snow our way, would you? We're one small spark away from a disastrous fire. So very dry here.

    Glad Wa's frog is healing nicely.

  6. So glad Wa is mostly healed. You've had a busy 2 months. Congratulations on your new family member.

  7. I worried that you were one of the bloggers who moved over to Facebook, too. Glad you are back and that your good mare is on the mend.

    I cannot believe the snow you have had. I bet you had more than us which is unheard of! Yes, we had a two 90 degree days already. Its been crazy but a great crazy!

    Welcome back & don't stay away so long next time! :)

  8. I, too, was wondering about you and Wa, and about to email. Thanks for reassuring us about your safety and well-being.

  9. I have missed your posts! I have missed your view on life and missed all the pointer you give to others.

    So for you, WELCOME BACK! yeeha!

    I have re read this post and didnt realise just how hard the winter has been for you and Wa mare, your sisters leg, the whole shooting match!
    Its so good to have you back!

  10. Happy time reading about you and Wa and the new kitty! So glad Wa is on the mend. I can't believe she fell - glad you were both ok.

    Sweet kitty - you saved them all and now share in their joy each day!

    That is so funny how you needed to go to the barn right when your sister needed a driver. Isn't it all grand and big and perfectly planned out?!

    Enjoy the warmth that soon must be there.

  11. I was wondering where you went. I thought maybe you needed some time to recoup before springtime. I am glad that everyone is on the mend and that you are full of kitties.

    We need rain very badly here. Extreme fire warnings. I dislike snow, but a little probably would have been to our benefit.

  12. I'm so very glad to hear from you again. Love the new header. What a nasty cut Wa had. So glad she and your sister are healing. We have 3 rescue kitties too!

  13. Hi KK! You asked about the comment format on my blog. It's not the new upgrade - I haven't tried that yet. I just went to "settings", then "comments", then chose "embedded below post" for comment form placement. That gives you the reply option. I had seen it on another blog and liked it. It seems more friendly.

  14. Love the happy header shot KK!! You two are so beautiful. :)

    Good to hear you haven't been sitting on your butt all this time, not posting and all...

    Good grief - you've had so much on your plate. One fall each, double rehab, triple new cats and uncooperative weather on top of it all.

    Glad to virtually visit once again. I hope the patients continue to improve, the kittehs continue to provide peace, and to read about more riding soon!

  15. Those frog injuries are so much fun! We're dealing with one of those too on our filly Ruffy--a lot of work to keep it clean!
    I'd take snow, rain, whatever, just to get some moisture here in the northeast. We've had a high fire danger for nearly a month.
    Good for you staying on with the spook--what I call "Thoroughbred Moments". We had one yesterday--deer--as I lollygagged along, riding on the buckle. Yikes--hang on!

  16. So happy to see you back and hear that things are going well. Glad your sis's rehab is over and Wa mare is feeling better. 60 days in a row is quite a commitment and hard to do. Love your new kitties. Now that spring weather is here I'm sure you'll be out and having fun with your girl.

  17. Welcome back, I've missed your posts! So happy to hear Wa is healing up well...those frog injuries can be a pain in the patootie.

    And all those lucky kitties! You and your man truly do have big, soft hearts. :)

  18. So, some ups and downs (literally) but overall good "up" stuff. Welcome to the newest member of your family. What a lucky kitty to get out of a dire situation, and into your loving home! Hope your weather turns around, for happy and safer trails!

  19. I'm glad the hear the frog injury is healing up. It takes a lot of commitment, good for you. You'd be surprised at the number of owners who can't be bothered to follow instructions from the vet. Wa mare is lucky to have you.

    So are those three kitties. Sounds like the third one was determined to be yours, following you around to a store you frequented. Fate calling you for sure.

    The fall sounds pretty scary. Glad you are both OK. I always worrying about falling in the ice and snow and sometimes the darn mud can be just as slick. What a girl's gotta do to ride.

  20. Well, that sounds like an eventful time. No wonder you need kitty-destressers. How wonderful that you've rescued yet another one. You're good people :-)

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