Monday, February 25, 2013

A Big Presence

Heading into the woods on a fine day over the weekend, we found many horse trailers parked at the trail head to the forestry lands.

These trees are ringed with orange in the"managed cut" or "select cut" areas we rode through, on the way to the gate. They were the "chosen ones" and likely will be 60- 80 years old, by the time this area of the forest's time is due for cutting again. It sure makes a nicer forest, to leave some trees!

I was noticing that the storms of the week before, had left remnants of themselves along our paths...and the snow level has been dropping again, with winds high. Nothing like your storms in the Midwest though-wowee baby, just heard more snow dumpage with a side of those high winds are on the way -again! Heavens!

There was some gunfire somewhere in the woods, so I unclothed my "Bear Bell", so it could go before us with it's jingle jangling noise. This past year I have been told by many a hunter we have happened upon, and some fisherman from the private lands below the stable, "That bells sound really carries, and can be heard from afar off!"
So, during the thick of hunting season  we (mare too), do wear brighter hunter Orange colors, for the visual impact of being a human/horse presence in the woods.  And now, I rely upon my Bear Bell , to be the first indicator we are not the prey, to those lurking in the woods!

The folks with horse trailers, parked at the forestry gates seemed to be loaded up and ready to go...but they stood there, watching me (hearing me too) approach on the stretch of road I ride to the gate's entrance.
Once  Washashe mare and me got up to the horse trailers, a gal stood and talked  to us for a  some time about trails. She was inquisitive about all my gear and the trace clip Wa was sporting. She exclaimed too, "Your horse is HUGE!"  Then she managed to get all of the others over to see just how large my horse was. I told her," truly, she is a petite TB mare, compared to others in her breed. She just has a Big Presence".  She also said, " You smell so very good, what is that scent?" 

I could only come up with the most recent application of "Calm Coat" to my mare's mane. She has been super itchy, and has rubbed parts of it thin . This has kept her from giving herself a roach job!
After talking a little more, we were off to the rest of our riding day.
Pretty it was, with a smattering of white, her and there.

The mare was begging to dive down, and munch into the greener parts of the trails, but I made her wait till I could dismount at a specific destination I had thought of, where the greens are plenty. She loved her break and bites of sweet grasses. 


I also partook of a snack I packed along....not really being hungry for most the week, "starve a cold feed a fever" kinda thing. I made my ALLTIME favorite  sandwich!

Ready for this? 

Dave's Killer bread with Avacado, cheese, grated carrot, a tiny bit of Safflour mayo, Spinach and Almond butter.

I also KNEW the mare had " to go".  I began my "P" whistle song. Usually the "X Files" tune.  YUP, she parked out, and did her thing. 
This makes for a better ride back along the roadway and tree'd area's I know she gets uppity in. I  do KNOW her well, and am patient when she displays less than perfect behaviors.  I just begin to breath deeply and if needed, we do figure eight's around trees or stop altogether.  Then I ask her to shut down the adrenaline, by putting her head lower.  The signal to me that is happening, is a snorting she does. Then,  we can set off for home again.  I tire of her behavior  and she gets tired of my relentless antics... but, she always gives!   The snorting release is the  final straw for ...I usually giggle a little too, happy to have her calmer.

I spied "Lilly Deer" here, once we reached our stables gates.

 She is the resident fawn, that never leaves the property. She likes to bed down here, and is rarely scared of the cars, or even us as we pass by ( or shoot photos!). We all have discovered something definitely wrong in her gate. A hitch in her giddy up. She never jumps and is confined to the property, as it is entirely fenced.    Her mother used to come back every night, to stay with her. Now, I am not sure that is the case, as it may be a season for finding  some deer-love again.

It is VERY stormy again today, so I am pleased we took the ride yesterday in the dappled sunshine, with calm air.
 The wind now is up, and with it sleet going sideways, oh my!
Not fun for horse or'll steal the rides from winter, one at a time , as we wait upon Springtime to arrive!


  1. Thats the way to do it! Steal the rides from winter, I love that phrase!!!

  2. What a lovely ride. I like how you whistle for Wa to pee--that works with Harley too! It's so nice you got in a ride before another storm. I saw a bluebird last week; spring is coming. Can't wait to get back in the saddle again. Sounds like you've got it worked out when dealing with an antsy "I'm going home" horse. I may try that with my guy and see if it works.

    1. And those are " JUST 2 " re-focusing measures I take with Wa mare! Many work for her...but rarely to never the same one twice! I have to have a handful to choose from with this creative(go-go) mare!

      So happy that the Bluebird appeared for you, any amount of hope in a season like this one is GOOD!

  3. Looks like you had another great ride with Wa mare. I love how you whistle and she "goes". Glad that Lily deer is safe from the hunters on the property. Our hunting season is over here in December (I think) but the bells were a good idea for your area. Hope you get to steal some more rides this week from Old Man Winter.

    1. Thanks Arlene! today is my workday, and it is rather calm outside. DRAT!
      I believe ours is over as well, but those pesky-poachers and others that lurk out there in the woodlands...HERE I COME- WITH BELLS!

  4. KC did you invent that sandwich? It sounds divine and I'd like to order one.

    You are really taking advantage of the weather out there...hope you don't get clobbered with snow.

    1. I HOPE NOT too, about the snow...i think the levels have gotten very low , around 1,000 feet. I see them the snow covering my old stomping grounds from our newest clear cut area... but, in town here we are at 500. And the mare is at 900.

      Well, back in the day, my 20's, when I was dating a Vegetarian dude for a few years...he turned me onto this sandwich. We'd go hiking for hours and hours...this sandwich could really take you so far, and into the much protein and power in it! I L*O*V*E the taste too!
      We used Cashew Butter back then, but I think Almond butter is not quite as heavy.

      I forgot to mention** I put tons of Cayenne pepper on it too-that really packs a punch for your circulation!

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  6. Thanks for sharing the ride. Maybe soon we will both have totally sound horses at the same time. The "pee" song cracks me up!

    Does that Calm Coat work on itchy tails too?

    Methinks we would get along well in the kitchen KK! (((♡♡♡)))

    1. YES!
      C! I love making veggie this and veggie that...and mixing it up-alot!

      The anti itch herbs in the CC spray are great for bug bites, sweet itch, used on the crest and dock for anti rubbing measures, yes. I also put it along Wa's belly in the summer lightly as it seems to deter the bugs as well.
      Calm Coat makes fabulous products...the Arnica Soothing Clay Poutice is from them's what got us through the swelling and heat times of her injury!
      When I ride out on harder road surfaces...I apply it to all four legs and leave it on, overnight!

  7. Hm, I have to ask...did you teach her the "P" song or did it just sort of happen? I could use a trick like that for Trax.

    1. The "P whistle" (it's my song of choice) is an old useful tool used by many with horses that trailer distances or show. They take them to an area that has shavings or something that the horse would associate with "P"ing on...and they do it every day, or every time. You can also do the "P whistle" when they voluntarily go...and associate it to the action.

      Mine like a little hill, it is hilarious..I take her over to the smallest of inclines, facing her rear end downward..."P whistle", and she goes!
      It is a GREAT tool!

    2. Thanks, I am going to have to try it.

  8. That's my kind of sandwich! Yum!
    The P song cracks me up, but it's a really good idea.

  9. are always full of useful information. Bear bell.. I will be getting one myself, thank you. Glad to see you two healthy and riding the trails.

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