Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Into the Deep Dream

That is what it is like, riding further into the forests, a dreamy, soothing place.
 We've gone further into the old growth woods lately, to the tranquil cool and far from the maddening crowds.

The soaring temps continue here . We did have a small window of cool late July, with marine clouds in the mornings and upper 70's for the days. HEAVENLY it was.

So, going deeper into the woods is a solitude place the mare and me crave; the quiet that refreshes and calms the spirit with every step.
Sounds of wildlife only can be heard there, like a Hawk that is being pestered by some ravens over our heads.  It squawks and flutters to evade. Little chipmunks scamper underfoot, seemingly playing a game with my mare and her footfalls on the shared trail. Then running up a nearby tree just ahead, it hangs motionless staring at us, at eye level.  As we near it flicks it's tail, chirps a "do not follow" warning, and flits up the tree. No worries little buddy, we like the solid ground for traveling.

 I stroke my mare's neck, happy she is unfazed by it and so many other larger squirrels doing the same thing underfoot, and visibly taunting us in trees next the trails we travel.

The mare has been stellar calm. It could be the heat...it does have an effect of mellowing one's attitude out.  She has been moving at a snails pace. To increase speed, which I honestly have not had to ask of this mare much, I only have to gently think energy. This hot summer, thinkin' it ain't achieving it!
 But ya know- I am not wanting to step things up, so no matter.
 It is just a strange feeling to know I would have to use my leg on my mare "a thought" works well with! I am sure with the cooler temps, will come the livelier steps again.

 I know most of the country has been sweltering HOT, nothing new  for news in that statement. But for us here in OREGON well, it is like we have had 3 COMPLETE summers in the course of 30-70 days. It is strange, very strange for us. Everyday sunny, every day.... While I am not complaining, I will say...it is just strange!

The sunshine has produced plenty of beautiful flowers, vegetables and Blackberries! I have had my eye on many trails with ambling blackberries...but then, so have the local bears! Yes, Bears. The evidences of them can be seen everywhere. Scat! Also the evidence has been felt, as I ride my mare out from our stables..she is high headed and snorty.

Left, Bear bell with magnet cover. Right, uncovered and jingling!

The smells can not be covered up with the jingle jangle sounds of the "BEAR BELL"...if my mare gets a whiff of something wild, she gets very nervous. 
She has been super spooky in certain area's we ride daily...down by the creek, and the areas of thick underbrush. The other day, we both saw a tree and bush shaking violently some 15 feet from us, just as we passed.   She didn't know what to do...turn around on the narrow trail or ??? She faltered in step, and down we went... to her knees. Up she was in a flash and bolting towards the top of the trail. Woo...

So, she has perked up a bit lately...but these times are not soothing, but tense!
She is always listening for the hidden, lurking animals.

Meanwhile, in town there are many ongoing summertime activities...concerts in the park, outdoor movies and socials. The annual  McGloughlin district-100 home sale- in our neighborhood this weekend,  surely will bring scads of folks around. I may partake in the festivities with my 2 neighbor girl friends .
Then, hit it back out to the country again and away from the crowds,  into the woods!

That is pretty much it these days...a little work, alot of play and always trying to remain COOL!
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