Monday, February 28, 2011

New Trails Same Cold

Though the wind whipped herself wildly so and the bitter cold well- he tried to defeat our goals. Having been shut in the stall runs for a few days of snow, my Mare and me needed TO GO!
I started by using the bucket in the tack room that was filled with really warm water , to make sure the Bit was acceptable. This water line stays available for the horses stall waters, when the water is shut off to the rest of the barn lines.

I made sure that the Mare was fully dressed in her Winter Attire. I had to get it all out again, from above my locker storage space.
CCCoooold Ride ahead. 3o on the temp/Feels like 45 in the sun/ when the wind then feels like 19 degrees!

Just 2 weeks ago, as it was near 50 degrees, the owner of the stable had warned me NOT to put it I could bring on another cold snap. She had mentioned Murray's law earlier in the fall about something happening...if you prepared for something else.
I did not know about "MURRAY"...who was this??  I only new about "MURPHY'S LAW" of opposite reactions that could potentially be against you in the universe and cause you to work harder or foil plans -altogether!
We decided...Murray was MURPHY'S brother! Not quite so bad a dude, I was hoping!

I was pleasantly surprised with the mare's attitude. She was very happy to be going, and we tacked up in record time.
 I know "WHEN SHE IS WITH ME" for a ride, as the first leg of it  after I mount from the "Mounting STUMP", she either begins with her pulling towards home or walking on and forward happily so.

 I let her choose the direction this day too... She chose something I did NOT expect her to.  But I think it made her feel good today, as she had her favorite horse to follow into the woods~

We have had Logging going on below the stables and also, on our road to the stables. It is the beginning of preparations for a 2013 all out assault on the forest we ride in.
I posted extensively on this last made some very INTERESTING RIDING TIMES.
For now, on our nearby forests, They are only making  the solid and packed gravel roads into the forest making ready for the heavy equipment. It has been really noisy with  loud THUMPS and CRASHES as the large evergreen trees come down.

The Logging below the stable is on PRIVATE LANDS we are allowed to ride on. It has made for some mushy, muddy messes to pass through now...the BIG TRUCKS tried to gravel the roads...but some of them won't stay above the mudd caused by the heavy dump trucks bringing in more gravel for the logging equiptment to stay above ground and work.

The PRIVATE land owner made  new routes in the past 2 weeks, into his mare noticed it before I did and asked to check it out!
 Okay follow your shadow-leader!

She normally does not ask to go into heavily tree'd sections, so this was a treat for me!

 We wandered about in the forest and saw pretty snow covered sights,
laying in the stillness. Casualties from previous years, that had made the way for our trip this day.

I was thankfull that we decided to venture in the deeper woods, though Cccold indeed...we were free from the biting wind.

 We discovered a pass through from this PRIVATE land to our other normal riding area. I had to dismount to move some brush and make sure the mare didn't tangle with an old rusty fence line that was down. She stepped on over it and we went on towards home...though she asked for more time out by choosing the longer paths away from the way home -(another surprise this day) . I asked her to turn towards home and we began to go back into the welcomed sunlight. The unwelcoming Winds, tried thier best at biting us again!

I was prepared for them!! In my "Stay Puff" vest, and  soft fleecy head and neck cover, we strode forward.

The mare seemed to be thankful too, that I had put her Ear Crotchet  on!

Arriving home, I noticed the mare's sleepy stance...she really was mellow~

I took her gear off and noticed her "Bad hair Piece" look, from the Ear Crochet. Sometimes when  I take a braid out of her forelock, this occurs too. looks like a bad Toupee!

We then went back out into the sunlight for hand grazing.

She was so happy to find some tender grasses pushing up . Very much a delicacy for these pre-spring times!

We stood together and SOAKED UP THE SUN -that was to dissapear again soon for the next storm due in anytime.

Little funny clip here to end with...As the mare wanted the grasses in chill mode, under the snow, she'd wiggle her lips over the area to clear it...made me giggle~

GOT SOME TOALLY FUN TIMES TO SHARE NEXT...Meeting up with fellow Bloggers!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This means alot to me

Doesn't this sky look like exclamation marks,-in a cloud kinda way of course- centered on one big exclamation dot?!! Does to me!

I've been awarded this particular award so many times... to be honest - I've not kept track!
I do not mean to dismiss anyone, I do so appreciate you thinking of me and including me!!! ( I adore being included) I had become overwhelmed with my current state of mind...
1)I have Seasonal affected Disorder, and the fog of winter, as I've let on here and there, does seep into me and I function at a lower operational level than most normal folks I do get easily overwhelmed...and shut down(winter times more/summer times less)

The latest bestower is a girl named ABBIE from the United kingdom. Her blog is WALKING WITH HORSES , is refreshingly sweet and I am enjoying getting to know her. She came by to tell me she had nominated me- (I do need this kind  prompting)  So, I popped on over there and as I read her 7 personal items ...I realised (lightbulb moment) she was telling honest things, not so much proud moments and great things about herself, just her reality.
It really warmed my heart. 2) You see, I take myself pretty seriously, I'm guarded most the time. Being highly sensitive and also intuitive with a side of- high sense can be tough to be me.(funny, that's what I tell my horse about herself!)

So, I vowed to follow through to her, as I thanked her for the nice mention of my horsey blog.
 3)  Some may have noticed some not, I have written the additional "and other glimpses of life" to my blogs header name. This is for the purpose of sharing more of me here...kind of a path of faith- going ahead of me- reminding me to do so!

Anddd  ....You may have noticed something else by now...I'm not just listing my 7 items in an order, like normally done either.. letting them flow out as I write. 4) I always want to have a plan, but I adore spontaneity!!!
I think it helps me not to be too serious, as life twists and the road map!

Okay, speaking of PLAN...I did actually write down 7 items to share and so far, 1 on that list has been mentioned -haha! See, the spontaneous me.

 Here is one that goes with the Original Blog title.
5) I have learned that Horse ownership is much like seeing a  reflection of one's self; holding the mirror up to the inner being . Your horse has an uncanny ability to reflect your innermost, and sometimes, unintentionally hidden,  attitudes. The horse you love can be the catalyst to unlocking and reveling worlds of joy and also (important)obstacles to hurdle.
My horse has been used of God to comfort me in times of stress, shown me indifference's that needed to be dealt with, and all while  allowing me to breath and calm myself to go forth confidently.  And now, as I face fears to learn a language to meet her again in harmony and rhythm- I KNOW It'll be used in my daily life as well!

Yea, it's been a rough road with this mare-o-mine...for her too, putting up with my lack of riding skill, having been off the horse for 25 years. Then her putting up with who I chose to take care of her in boarding, 7 times now, having a lack of knowledge  for what mattered most to her.

6) My Motto in life, for people I meet and work around, is pretty much this: If you treat me like you like me- I'll show you love in return.
 If I detect flaws in character/ethics (say one thing do another/or are cruel/dishonest) and if my intuitive self throws up a red flag (I may not know why cognitively so, right away, but eventually I will)I will distance myself and or run(not self protect mode is set pretty high.)

7) Already...7! This was much easier than I though it would,
I love STRONG COFFEE! My coffee has legs of it's own and has been known to walk, skip and leap. YUP. In fact, if it isn't good /strong( those mean the same thing to me) I will forgo partaking at all.

71/2)....this would not be a good list to me at all- without saying- I love and adore my husband!

ALRIGHTY THEN...I did it and I feel accomplished for doing so...and also for forgiving myself, for not mentioning all my wonderful friends that nominated me(before Abbie) know who you are and know I appreciate you too!
Here's the other thing I'm forgiving myself...not nominating anyone in most(not all) of my blog friends have already been given this and the others are "award free".
So no need for rules either...I broke most already!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunday Selections spring fall sign

Kim from FROG PONDS ROCK  blog, Started a fun and useful Photo MEME that allows one to use the unseen (millions) of filed away photos from your folder collection.
Mine today are from last spring, this fall and one that is not cleverly and skillfully photographed...but humorously written and displayed!

Do go see others picks from the vast folders of photo's= we all seem to have..BETTER YET-Join In!!!
Click the title to go~

Camera Critters Babies and Spring

Don't you think Spring and animal babies,  just go together?

Me too!!

This new baby Donkey was enjoying its second day recently.
It's momma was kind enough to bring it over to the fence, for me to touch and see up close too!

Momma! Want me to follow?

Okay! maybe...

A little drink firstly

                                          I'm still not altogether sure of you

I'll try another drink


Misty Dawn is our host for this really nice photo meme that features some of Gods creations....all the animals!
Click the title to go and see what animals are featured by some other freindly, animal lovin'  bloggers~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feelin' the L*O*V*E

I can only try and describe to you all (touched, teary, w/sighs of relief,wonderful and really happy) how I feel when I walk into our stable's tack room-to see this!!!(addition of hearts-mine)
I am so feelin' the L*O*V*E from my PBO and fellow stablemates!

Having oneself focused upon the calender, for all to see...
ooou, just gives ya that warm and ~we do belong~ sense!!

Wa mare is also featured on her Birthday, in March~

And the very first day we arrived to Painted Forest Stables, I turned Washshae mare into the arena....she, after having a time of antics with cones...went on over to  Big "Skye", who was stall bound in layup, for his tendon injury. She sent her "hello"and get well soon, over the arena wall.
This is next Month's Calendar picture
 (again-heart addition mine)

I'm loving this February and it's welcome changes~

So, after many days of the arena...the mare and me wanted to feel the L*O*V*E of the greater outdoors the day before Valentine's...I wrapped her in her *special* wraps for the occasion...asked her to hop into the trailer, she obliged, willingly...and we set off for a familiar and known to be mud free area.

I was wondering how it would feel to have my saddle pack on my bareback pad...thinking it would be floppy or bug me, being back there.
OH!! Very nice actually gave me a deep seat feeling (but softer) because I sat against it! Very comfy!
 I have been  so lax about putting it on the saddle, because I don't go very far, since I've been at the new place. Wa healing up as she was. It has first aide/horse and rider/ Bear mace/ water holder/hoofpick/flashlight/and some more things one may need. Just has not seemed necessary, but now that I know it such a great thing to ride bareback with, I'm taking it every time!
It actually sits OFF the horse with this padding system too.With a saddle, it slipped over the cantle and would rest on the really icky on longer rides too.

The mare really loved the NEW, though familar, riding places! She was perky and forward. Here she saw a downed tree, and though she did not slow, she sure eyeballed it!

I missed very much the wide open spaces of being higher up on the mountain! It really would not come in to focus...being so hazy and bright. I think these mountains will be my Springtime training grounds...lots of hills and no slippery mudd!

I was so happy, Wa gave me a really amazing trot , since we could be straight/flat for it...a floaty one and I got to push, push, push my pelvis and belly button towards her neck ...till the trot became an extended one! Then posting, though I had no sirrups, became easier!
We walked for a time, up and down some hills, by creeks and back onto a flatter, straighter area. I could tell by the mare's was time to allow her an all outer...there was room and we were fully booted as well.
Wooo....I brought the GPS and had it on to: chart time out, distance, elevation and speed.
 25.5mph later, I could tell there still was some reservations, we slowed to a walk with her mane all tossled and her head down, ears forward, enjoying her lungs having been filled.

The reservations, I found when I got off to share the breather with her, were her blasted hoof boots all wonky sideways! OOOU....
I had to take the lf hind off completely..she was doing a "Stinghalt" must rub her.

 I made sure to not go over the distances/times we have currently been riding..though, we added HILLS to the mix this day.
She was one tired pony!

But  I could tell, a very happy one. She and I are so much alike...needing some change in our daily goings on and also ~scenery!
We cooled out walking back together and headed on homeward after she had a drink and a bite of hay. Her "awe comon' KK girl" look

Here is the rest of the weeks glance at the outdoor stuff...good for working indoors...tehehe~

A little something we made for you, our bloggerville freinds!

I was invited to join a fun Horsey meme- "Trail Tails"

Click the badge above to go meet others with horse times, they would like to share

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bluebag monster

Though I did not take any photos of the session today, because honestly, I thought it would be boring, in a nice training kind of way
 of course. So I left the camera home.

It was quite amazing to see how still ( looked to be close to death)my mare could be.

Made myself do arena work again, though a reasonable day out.
I made a half way boundary line with the ground rails and began the session by asking the mare to walk halt, walk trot, halt. Walk trot and trot out to  easy trot ( collected) then back to trot out. We did this both directions and I used the one side rein again, outside, longest setting. I took the side rein off and asked for a easy canter. She is not as collected as I want...but we are just starting. I know she has it in her to almost canter in place, even on will take some conditioning.
She had again- one blow up- that did not last anytime at all...cause I just defused her by not doing anything different-but making the circle smaller and using my connection to her cavesson, circling backward rhythmically so.
So here is the funniest thing ever....I have done tons of desensitizing with Wa mare in the past...but not lately. I decided to take a training stick  into the arena and walk with has a blue plastic bag on it's end.
She was so thrown for a loop...she stood "STOCK STILL" barely breathing...while I flipped it here(very slowly) and there.

On the ground, she would barely turn her head to look at it...."um ,
maybe  it really isn't there..or um..if it is, It'll go away if I don't look!!"
I was in complete hysterics, on the inside!

I rubbed her face and shoulders and belly and rear..she would only allow herself to move if I actually put it on the ground. Then, it was slow as not to disturb the wretched monster-blue bag thing!

I ended up getting on her after this session and walking with the outside rein only . I was quite nervous earlier that day..just thinking on getting on her in the arena. I made my stomach so upset...the bathroom was my friend this day.
Well, she was good. We did long wall serpentines and short wall 10 meter circles, walk only, outside rein only.
 I asked for the directions by turning my torso and using my
inside arm to point. She responded well to my  weight shifts as her guide. I did half halt the outside rein too, right before a change in direction.

I Survived! She survived! And- she  ended up  getting treats-from that same "wretched-bluebag-monster bag"...thought it could be redeemed that way!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All knds of NEW

Somethings missing here....

Firstly, it was SUNNY on my day off...that's a new one! I'll take it!
Secondly, a BOX from Dover Saddlery came in the mail...I did not even open it at home, but plopped it directly into the truck and left for the stable .
And -as we drove onto the final 500 feet of road to the driveway of the stable...oh wow, the trail on both sides of the road was GONE..and the dudes were still falling the trees! We all knew it was going to happen...but when it actually is sad to see clear cut(they were supposed to be "selective cutting) but my PBO says that is a pathway for the machines to come and clearcut. All I know, is the forest right next to the stable is part of what they plan to cut and horses are in for a SHOCK!

Okay, back to me sharing about some other-better-new things.
 I wanted to share with Juliette from "Honeysuckle faire" blog, what mane and tail product I used...she liked the way Wa's black mane looked black and sometimes shiney~ And YUP, being a hairdresser, I am into the least abrasive routines for the mane and tail. I don't like loosing any strands of either!
My mudcake mare upon arrival to the grooming station~

Fortunately for me and my bum elbows and hands, grooming is only the two sides of her neck, mane, tail. I usually use the "wash station" for her hooves and legs with cold water, then I towel them and brush the hair to dry out. This facility is smaller than my last one and has smaller the mud is much greater, to my dismay. I have already cleaned the two lightweight rain blankets...and in 2 weeks..the one looks pretty bad, Then I begin to BRUSH the horse AND the blanket!

ANYWHO.....I've always used this hair conditioner on Wa. it seems to detangle and shine without building up and it never gets brittle in the hair. THIS IS CONCENTRATE, so I use 2 oz to a 12 oz bottle of water.
 It's pink and smells nice!

These are my muddy day grooming articles, amoungst many.  As you see, these are frequently used...I wash them about every other time in soapy hot water.
Semi stff, synthetic brush- rubberised brush with very a awesome handle, for those who don't grip well(like me) it's more of a pushing motion and Wa gets a massage with it. A rubber mitt-and
wide toothed comb

I spray the muddy area's firstly- mane, tail. Then let it set some...and go for the knocking off of ground in mudd on her neck, underside (how do they do that anyway...right between the forelegs and middle of belly??!!)

Here she is with the larger chunks of mudd "knocked off" and me having sprayed the hair again with the misty conditioner.

Once I get through the mane with this "Wide Tooth" comb, I then go over it with my synthetic soft brush. it distributes the sprayed on conditioner well.

Since most of her body is covered with the turjnout blanket, I have little else to do save a little mudd on the opposite of her mane.

And she is ready for tacking up! I do her feet outside the main door, or in her paddock on the I don't have to sweep all the mud and rocks.

NEW "HAF" pad from Action rider tack for my "treeless" saddle I am saving for. This has been awesome under my Bareback saddle pad , by giving my mare an extra channel for her spine, making it ultra comfy for me, with it's closed cell foam incerts.( I got this a few weeks ago)
Here is yet another NEW thing
I finally got a new helmet! I have been using my LARGE WHITE Q-tip looking Troxel helmet for 4 years. I have liked it and liked the neato device on the back, that dials for looser or tighter..I hate photos of me in's absolutely huge!

Meet my new "Tipperary Sportage" in Navy blue~I even like the bag!

Oh these vents are pretty great...since I will be riding in the desert places of Oregon this summer .(more on that later)You  can see the Big White Q-tip helmet in the background- on our tack room photo frame.

And the last NEW thing come from something I dread doing. Constantly cleaning the muck off my half chaps in late winter and spring. I have tall winter boots, for the colder rides...they clean up great with a hose and paper towel...but my leather boots, with the tread and half chaps for the spring...messy, icky labor intensive...
I've gone to this now, as of opening the Dover Saddlery box~
"Goode Riders" chic, rubber bottomed, tall boots!

They were on sale and though I wanted the ones with canvas top and back zipper (they were out of) These are GREAT! No problem with my muscle rich calves. And they are so nice and thin with a soft rubber sole, I can FEEL everything!!I just realised whoever put the cosmetic only buckle on..they did it backwards...I'll flip it tomorrow when I go to ride.
And lastly and MOST important to me is:
I started my indoor training regime yesterday. This simply consists of lots of varying groundwork, to warm the mare up and then riding patterns at walk with my body intention only. Steering with intesion and some light outside rein, jsut as my torso moves, to start with.
I will pick up more rein contact intermittently and then relax. But we shall keep with the patterns and keep moving with lots of praises for her relaxed demeanor!

I  did some lateral work from the ground over and between polls firstly. She really has NEVER gotten this comfortably. She dislikes anything under her. So we did this from a long line till she got stuck...meaning, she had to be in front of the poll or behind it! She would NOT allow the poll to be under her. So I would drop the rope and training stick, walk over to her and calmingly rub her, stand with her and then- ask for sidestep...just one or two correct steps....
 till we went over the entire ground poll.
She did so well! A total mental work out for her Wa-mare- brain!
Then onto the lunge line, for a few rounds of outside contact with that outside side rein on the longest setting. "Trot Out" to "Easy Trot" change within the gate.
She did well, with only one explosive burst that I looked away for-
( if I look at her too hard or respond to her too much-she escalates) I cooed her back to trot with my hand in backward line motions and a smaller circle. Good!
Then, the real work began....I sighted out 6 -10 meter circles and 2- 20 meter circles to have her lunge  around me on .
This took place in the entire arena. My point was for her to listen and have control. At first, she really sped up when i directed her to the long wall and the first 10 meter circle, which resulted in her having to do 2 circles-instead of one...she got it soon enough and we changed directions for the  patterns repeated the  that way. I was so pleased with her!! she really was nicely controlled.

I WAS going to get on her and walk all of the patterns too...but... thought better of it this time, as it was all so new, why chance the over load effect ( happens easily for this mare)and end up maybe badly.
I got on and we took a stroll around the outside of the property..about a mile. She did balk at the first hill..and I took the non -reactive stance to her active halting & evil eye. I instead circled right, then left and threw in a rein back...CURED! We went on and she was shortly in the "Stall Peeking" position!
She ate her treat and I quickly braided her tail again for the next few days of her mud- fest- rolling.

Good start to my plans for calm arena work...readying for my new
"Treeless" saddle in the future. We must ride our gaits in it to decide!

Goodnight Wa mare~

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