Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have heard stories

Recently I had heard of angry bees attacking some riders/horses, as they accidently rode (stomped) by ground bees. I have only been riding in certain areas, not near home, and had the familar...stomping hoof and look from my mare to know.."Lets go- Bees"! was announced and we trotted or cantered off and away from harm.

My Stablemate, here above....I call her my "TurboTeam- Trail  Rider", 'cause she was the one that told me that is what she though I was. We have been riding more and more together so, it seems to fit that she is a Turbo Trail rider too!
She had mentioned a scarey event near our barn where Theo here- I call him Black Beauty- suddenly started to escalate to explosion level, and she bolted off of him to avoid what came next- as he got stung repeatedly. I have avoided that area, altogether.

The handsome Turbo-Team riders above ...decked in new- purple rope reins- that snap on. She has watched me get off and walk my mare, needing more room in front of my mare than a leather rein length affords. And sometimes, those leather reins (if not supple) can be imposssible to quickly take off the bridle! So she found these reins online, for about $25. They are 11 feet long,easily clip on and off the bridle and perfect for her large Black Beauty Warmblood, Theo.

We headed out for a smooth 8 mile loop ride into the cool forests, across the street. It was grey and somewhat dampish...as September approaches this week. It was a nice ride but- on the way back...my mare suddenly stopped, she went sideways a few steps and I was wondering-what the ?  I turned to look at her back end and she appeared to have 3 objects on her...I thought BEES!
Then she dipped her head down quickly and came up just as fast, in a semi rear...I exclaimed to my partner something was going on, and bolted off her, as I felt what my freind had described about Theo...a building of energies under me. I quicky saw that my poor mare had an angry bee right on her muzzle and then, as she rubbed...it left a huge stinger and the welt was now appearing too.
Crap, I had to get that stinger out but now she was frantically yawning...my rider partner said walk her for a time and we headed towds home till she settled. I then looked at the sting area that had now swollen to half dollar size! She let me push the stinger out and we again walked towards home.

Once Home, I quickly got my saddle pack out (should have had it on the horse!) And found the "STING-KILL WIPE" I always thought I might need for a human...but today- My Wa mare got its soothing  effects.
She objected at first. The area was that softest spot, right behind the nostril flare. Then, she got into allowing me to rub it, I think the product soothed her and it felt realy good.

Here are the ingredients-

 It could have been worse, and I am happy it was not. I will carry my pack with me at all times now...even for the short, out and back 8 mile loop, things can go awry!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

...You can stretch right up and touch the sky...


                                                           Considering a path through the sprays....
Do dado Cha - do dado Cha-

"In the Summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky-
When the weather is fine- You got riding, you got riding on your mind !"Have some fun, take a ride, go out and see what you may find!!" (Lyric change-mine)

It's a fun memory song from the 70's...never knew what the lyrics were till I sought it out recently,on "You tube". They were not what I expected. Still, I hum this song, "In the Summertime" by Jerry mungo and now, think of riding and sprinklers!

The mare and me on a hot summers day, went up to a nearby Farmer's field. It has a nice, soft footed sawdust track around it. We have hand galloped this track before, and the mare really loves it, even to gallop on past the trail home, she'll keep on her highblowing pace-to gallop on.

This summery day in the warm goodness of it, we came across about 21 large, sprinklers... the path we normally take had overspray happening...and to veer off, was not to be done into the harrowed, soft dirt to the left. So we considered our path to take,   watching the timing of the spriknklers. The mare was alright with the varried voices of them all. Some  with a lower tone, as the water leaked and sprayed  water randomly, out of both sides..spraying us a little. Some with a higher pitch and quick to come around towards us, in watery spraying.

     After watching the patterns for a time..I asked the mare to venture forth....

She answered...are you sure KK??!!

Yea, My mare..I am sure...let's go try, and see what happens!

She was so good to try for me, not balking but pensive somewhat. I imagined us trotting through-no matter what spray occurred we'd keep on keeping on...well, that was not the case this first time through. We started and she was fully aware "WHERE" the sprayer was going and when It started to come around behind her..she definately wanted to keep moving forward. So, after we had entered the 21 sprayer lane of cross firing water jets...um-there was really no turning back!
I kept my wall leg on, so she would not evade or side step to the plowed part of the field on the left.  I also had to have a short cross for reins, to keep her from bolting....all in all she was pretty centered and looking ahead to the next. In fact we were almost through all of them and I had that feeling- that it could have been a disater- but had turned out nicely. THEN, she spied something at the end of the field (farmers equiptment) and thought to stop moving through. I said with a confident squeeze to both sides at once, we are still going to ride on!

We made it to the other side...ALIVE!!

It was alot of fun trying something completely different with the mare...a summertime adventure!

"Sing along with us-da, da, dadada,    de, de, dedede- we're always hap happpy.  Life's for livin'  that's our phil-os-ophy!"

Monday, August 15, 2011


My "MUST RIDE MONDAY" partner with her Mustang Cazi, myself with my mare, went to "Twin lakes" on Mt. Hood, last Monday...it was the PERFECT setting for a Birthday ride!! 

Indian Paintbrush flowers, dotted the trails~

Dappled sun through the Evergreens, made the ride have just the right amount of shade for a summery day~

The lower Twin Lake is so perfect...we relax in the beauty

Oh, watery fun now with the first of the 2 lakes...Cazi, whaa!
He starts to paw like he always does...sprinkling us with his water wake!

Now Waaa??!!


I can't look!

Cazi, you can be just as silly as...well, me!

"Must Ride" parners, Mustang Cazi and his girl~

Upper Twin Lake

We stopped for a munch and so did the horses, as Wa packed her own lunch today as well....

Love ya Cazi man!

A little more fun in the water...

The breezes whip through our hair...what a refreshing summer's day!

Homeward we go now, God's Nature has proveded the perfect setting for celebration this day! I loved it~

There is always a party to be experienced, in the outdoors!

Friday, August 12, 2011

AARP Rider

Yup..I have become one of those members so, the day before (last Sunday) I celebrated a little with my mare by accomplishing something I have wanted to do for awhile...a  6 mile loop trotting day. I made her walk some (had to ask) she and I really had fun . She was in rare form .  Willing, forward, but not rushing and I found a nice groove, in the rhythm of her trotting. Right  diagonal is easier, always has been, and left really took some flexibility to remain that way...it could be that she threw a shoe last week...but I rather think it would be that way anyway.

I lengthened my stirrups a notch, and off we flew, trotting corners, up hills and down hills. It is really awsome for balance -hers and mine.
 Sometimes a simple two point worked better than posting. We had so much fun...started out with nice braids..all balled and short, exposing her beautiful neck...um, we trotted most of them loose!

Thanks Wa mare, your rock!
6 miles in  57 minutes...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wa on walkabout

Yes, that is my mare's eye in the hands of my vet professional.

While having a nice summery day out with my man, 2 wks back on a Sunday, I got "that call"  from the stable owner. I was told, " My mare got lost"...But no, she did not get out, as I thought, she had gotten stuck in the thicket of the out reaches of her field. Scared me half to death as I was unable to make it to the stable under an hour and half,  from where we had jaunted to, in leisure that day. I quickly called my sissy who happened to be in town.

Here's what we know....Some passers by the property fence line on horseback,  saw my mare ensnared in brambles and wedged next to the fence line, kicking and furious with the deer flies and bots that were attacking her. She was unable to move anymore, for the sturdy batch of brambles had cut into her tender skin.( I know, I have found many places with skin ripped up, recently, on her back!)
They the Horseback riders called out to whom ever could hear-"HELLO-HELLO, There is a bay horse stuck in the thicket out here!!" Apparently my PBO had just settled down to bath in the sun and heard them, THANKS GOD!
She came to see and then had to go fetch clippers and gloves and probably iron clad clothing -as when my sis and I walked the parameter  later, trying to reconstruct it all-My PBO had to cut through the thicket to get my poor mare out...it did not look like a path of any sorts!
All that to say, she had something in her eye and the vet had to be called out. My sister rushed to help, I am  thankful was available- though- my PBO would have been a wonderful help as well. My sis is Wa mare's first human mother, having been there for her birth and raising her, she's first on my emergency call list.

I arrived in time for the instructions and to pay the bill..wooo...it's like our  vacation costs-w/o the fun!

Blessings of the timing were,  My PBO being there, my sis being available, I had a very light week that week..and was able to come out several times a day to administer the ointments. My wonderful PBO was great to help out with the evening rounds of applications and Bannemine.  Wa mare, She now has recovered wonderfully so! My vet came by again, 3 days later, to put a special fluorescent liquid into Wa mare's eye. it will show any remaining tears or debris...all clear and practically smooth. WHEW!

THOUGH I had plenty of time to learn......and I am able to do anything with flesh and wounds and such, with my horse(not people)...for the life of me, though given 4-7 times a day to administer the ointment to my mare's eye-  I NEVER WAS ANY GOOD AT IT! I had the darnedest time "pushing" the lids in and down..I ended up smearing most the goo in...effectively creating the "Arabian Show horse" look on one eye...really greasy- shiny and all! Which, made it more difficult for me to get a grip on the lid! She healed all on her own practically...not sure how much help I was! She was an excellent patient too.

She got most the week off and the first time we rode out together, I had her wear her fly mask for the shade effect, her eye looked dilated still to me. She was great,  and so I have been riding  nearly every day since...letting her choose the paths and taking it easy mostly around home.

Here's what I think happened:  while adventurous under saddle, Wa mare NEVER likes to go anywhere that the brush, trees and brambles touch her. If she has no clear vison of the ground,she balks. Having been in this turnout for near 7 months on and off, she would have NEVER entered a thicket on her own- loose. While walking about, I noticed some twine, I inquired..it was for the older grey mare that was set to eat grass that day, on my mare's and Theo's fence line.  In all the time she and Theo have been out there, it is the only change .(aside from red horse of doom a mo ago, and Theo hearded Wa away then too)
 Theo is fiercely possessive of Wa..I really think the close proximity 
of another horse on common fence, made Theo herd Wa around,and she got pushed into getting away from him..into the wooded area...I know she traveled so near the fence she probably got shocked several times and where we found her fly mask ripped off... I am certain of it.
I feel TERRIBLE she had to go through that! So glad it is over for her. I wish my boarding facility had enough room for her to have her own pasture, but alas...and the mare Iwish for her to be with, her owner is too afraid of them becoming too herd bound to each other.

Other news and partially why I have been absent from visiting all my blogger friends-again- Pantz moved to another barn and I have been super -duper busy helping my sister with that.
 Doesn't this photo I captured on my phone, look like a painting?!
 I love to draw and paint..so I am endeavoring this, it inspired me!

 More to come  on Panz's move but - I'll  leave you with a "SMALL WORLD" note...
you know how when you meet someone somewhere, like in another country or state..and they are from your home town you say," it's a  small world"...Well, on Wa' (forced)walkabout
 day when she got herself into a mess...the folks who found her and went for help...are Pantz's new barn owners friends...they told her the story a day later,about how they found a bay mare in the brambles, on their ride!
I am sooo very happy it is a small world!

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