Friday, August 12, 2011

AARP Rider

Yup..I have become one of those members so, the day before (last Sunday) I celebrated a little with my mare by accomplishing something I have wanted to do for awhile...a  6 mile loop trotting day. I made her walk some (had to ask) she and I really had fun . She was in rare form .  Willing, forward, but not rushing and I found a nice groove, in the rhythm of her trotting. Right  diagonal is easier, always has been, and left really took some flexibility to remain that could be that she threw a shoe last week...but I rather think it would be that way anyway.

I lengthened my stirrups a notch, and off we flew, trotting corners, up hills and down hills. It is really awsome for balance -hers and mine.
 Sometimes a simple two point worked better than posting. We had so much fun...started out with nice braids..all balled and short, exposing her beautiful, we trotted most of them loose!

Thanks Wa mare, your rock!
6 miles in  57 minutes...


  1. Well, welcome to the club! (You're still a "youngster" though...) Love Wa's braids (and the header photo).

  2. Whaaa? Does this mean that you have retired, joined the "club" or that you turned a certain age in which case happy birthday!!

    You and Wa's trot fest sounds like fun :)

  3. No way! You look so young!!!!!

  4. Love the mane, love the horse, dont do trotting!

  5. Right diagonal is easier for me too, it's the one I always pick up no matter which horse I'm riding. Glad her eye healed up nicely.

  6. I love the pic at the top!!! That's a great pace you two set....and I love her braids. Sounds like a wonderful ride! Jill

  7. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! And I love your trusty stead's mane :)

  8. You go birthday girl. A great accomplishment for both of you.

  9. It was the BIG 50!
    Feels strange to think about...and the fact I don't see myself there...I'm still really 40 at heart and in mind!
    I wanna be riding at 90!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! And congratulations to you and Wa both for such a grand day out trotting. Wow. You are my idol that is for sure.

    The age thing seems ridiculous when talking about horses. I feel so young when I am riding. I think we get on and become whatever age we want. You will be riding until 90 or later. I will be too. It makes us breathe!

    Happiest birthday dear friend Kacy!

  11. That ride sounds like a conditioning ride for eventers! Fun!!

  12. I bet she loved that! My gaited friends all tell me I should go gaited... And lose the trot? NO WAY! I love to trot; it is great cardio for both horse and rider!

  13. She is such a pretty mare. And I refuse to believe that you are 50...holy crap but you do NOT look that old..!

    Your blog is one of the most inspiring of the ones I read because your joy of riding shines through in every post~! It's true what Juliette says that when we get on we are whatever age we want.

  14. Fetlock..YOU MADE MY DAY!!
    It sounds OLD...but feels-not-too-different, than being younger!

    Sometimes I wonder if I should be repettitve my rides can be(NOT to me and the mare) but maybe for the readers. Thanks for inspiring me to Keep on Riding and posting!
    Everytime out is new to us, even though we travel some of the same trails. The world is so large and the experiences~ grand!

    Yup...gonna be riding when I'm 90..When I get on I'm a teen anyway!

    It was so fun and the balance thing, really was good!

    NO way ever would I give up all the intricacies of GAITS!
    Yea..when we stopped the couple times to walk...I was breathing grand breaths and so was she...yet she barely sweat!

  15. I'm a year behind you, and all this time I thought I was way ahead! Story of my life. LOL


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