Monday, August 15, 2011


My "MUST RIDE MONDAY" partner with her Mustang Cazi, myself with my mare, went to "Twin lakes" on Mt. Hood, last was the PERFECT setting for a Birthday ride!! 

Indian Paintbrush flowers, dotted the trails~

Dappled sun through the Evergreens, made the ride have just the right amount of shade for a summery day~

The lower Twin Lake is so perfect...we relax in the beauty

Oh, watery fun now with the first of the 2 lakes...Cazi, whaa!
He starts to paw like he always does...sprinkling us with his water wake!

Now Waaa??!!


I can't look!

Cazi, you can be just as silly as...well, me!

"Must Ride" parners, Mustang Cazi and his girl~

Upper Twin Lake

We stopped for a munch and so did the horses, as Wa packed her own lunch today as well....

Love ya Cazi man!

A little more fun in the water...

The breezes whip through our hair...what a refreshing summer's day!

Homeward we go now, God's Nature has proveded the perfect setting for celebration this day! I loved it~

There is always a party to be experienced, in the outdoors!


  1. Oh my, that looks so wonderful! Wish I was there!

  2. What a great way to celebrate, with horses! Koda & I are still working on enjoying bodies of water. Great photos, especially Cazi having more fun in the water and that last photo of you with him, very sweet!

  3. Ah what a beautiful day you had for your birthday! Happy belated by the way. Happy to see you out enjoying the trails. Making my way back that direction!

  4. Without saying, yes. But I MUST say the first silhouette shot is stunning.

  5. Beautiful shots I really like the evergreen photo, I also like the one of Cazi playing in the water, but they are all really good photos, it must have be a very nice ride, happy birthday!

  6. Great celebration - sunshine, water, and riding! (Plus - snacks!)

  7. Awesome way to spend ones birthday for sure!

  8. Beautiful photos! Happy Birthday!

    I love the last one. His mane.

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely ride - great pictures (even the water pollution shot lol)!

  10. I love the way Cazi's "Mom" has kept the wild look to him, he's really handsom! You seem to find the greatest places to ride. Dreaming of the day I may be able to do that once again..Thank you for sharing the ride, very nice1

  11. What fun!
    I like your bridle - I haven't seen one like it before.

  12. There you go again....making me green with envy!

  13. How absolutely breathtaking! That is amazing that you get to ride in that kind of scenery! :)

  14. Happy, happy birthday sweet friend!
    Love the pics of Wa :)
    xo, misha

  15. Aww beautiful photos! Looks like the perfect place to go for a ride!

  16. Lovely, lovely ride! Beautiful horses, beautiful scenery.

    It makes my heart happy just "riding" with you through your pics.


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