Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hello, hello!

  Phone Posting  
How Are You All? These Summer Like Spring Days Have Been Good To Us In The PNW. Lots Of Riding, Resting, Working And Gardening.

 Gloryb Hangs Out In The Tree Limbs.
I'll Be Back.....Just Needed To Check In!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hi Y'all!!!
I'm Still Here, Alive And Kicking(Tons Of Snow) Off My Boots. Computer It's Down, So Trying To Use Smart Phone...Well See!

This Obviously It's From This Past Summer.  Not Sure How To Get Real Time Photos Here...Maybe My Smart Phone Can Teach Me!

Anyway, Pray You All Are Well.It's Been A He== Of A Winter... .

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming in

Nice weather has kept us on the trails. 70's in October!
Hello all!!!
 I know that this unexplained break from Bloggerville had some wondering about us. Thankyou for seeking me out via email and comments. I am sorry for such a long blogger break...totally did not realize that I'd get to ride in such FABULOUS conditions from June till now! Just  3 days of rain in 3 months, and 2 little storms in September.

I did start a Summertime post , about mid way through it...but so much was going on and the computer does give us fits, from time to time (it is from the dark ages) it freezes up and won't do a thing I ask!  I  couldn't make myself sit inside!  
So while there is so much to write about ( hospital visits, Arachnophobia bouts, Pescatarian lifestyle changes)..... I have to wait for a day that MAKES me stay put! Plus, there is so much neat-o news from you all to read about and catch up on!

Today, coming inside from the greater outdoors , is still tough 
( Been Race training for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5 K...) has been in the 70's and sunny for the better part of October!   So, just like that, I shall leave you again. Gotta work sometimes. All the while wistfully yearning to be OUT in this BRIGHT, Sunny day  today.  And the next two days off...ride plans!
Say you missed US a little, and I will come back sooner!

Pond view , from atop my mare Wa

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Into the Deep Dream

That is what it is like, riding further into the forests, a dreamy, soothing place.
 We've gone further into the old growth woods lately, to the tranquil cool and far from the maddening crowds.

The soaring temps continue here . We did have a small window of cool late July, with marine clouds in the mornings and upper 70's for the days. HEAVENLY it was.

So, going deeper into the woods is a solitude place the mare and me crave; the quiet that refreshes and calms the spirit with every step.
Sounds of wildlife only can be heard there, like a Hawk that is being pestered by some ravens over our heads.  It squawks and flutters to evade. Little chipmunks scamper underfoot, seemingly playing a game with my mare and her footfalls on the shared trail. Then running up a nearby tree just ahead, it hangs motionless staring at us, at eye level.  As we near it flicks it's tail, chirps a "do not follow" warning, and flits up the tree. No worries little buddy, we like the solid ground for traveling.

 I stroke my mare's neck, happy she is unfazed by it and so many other larger squirrels doing the same thing underfoot, and visibly taunting us in trees next the trails we travel.

The mare has been stellar calm. It could be the does have an effect of mellowing one's attitude out.  She has been moving at a snails pace. To increase speed, which I honestly have not had to ask of this mare much, I only have to gently think energy. This hot summer, thinkin' it ain't achieving it!
 But ya know- I am not wanting to step things up, so no matter.
 It is just a strange feeling to know I would have to use my leg on my mare "a thought" works well with! I am sure with the cooler temps, will come the livelier steps again.

 I know most of the country has been sweltering HOT, nothing new  for news in that statement. But for us here in OREGON well, it is like we have had 3 COMPLETE summers in the course of 30-70 days. It is strange, very strange for us. Everyday sunny, every day.... While I am not complaining, I will is just strange!

The sunshine has produced plenty of beautiful flowers, vegetables and Blackberries! I have had my eye on many trails with ambling blackberries...but then, so have the local bears! Yes, Bears. The evidences of them can be seen everywhere. Scat! Also the evidence has been felt, as I ride my mare out from our stables..she is high headed and snorty.

Left, Bear bell with magnet cover. Right, uncovered and jingling!

The smells can not be covered up with the jingle jangle sounds of the "BEAR BELL"...if my mare gets a whiff of something wild, she gets very nervous. 
She has been super spooky in certain area's we ride daily...down by the creek, and the areas of thick underbrush. The other day, we both saw a tree and bush shaking violently some 15 feet from us, just as we passed.   She didn't know what to do...turn around on the narrow trail or ??? She faltered in step, and down we went... to her knees. Up she was in a flash and bolting towards the top of the trail. Woo...

So, she has perked up a bit lately...but these times are not soothing, but tense!
She is always listening for the hidden, lurking animals.

Meanwhile, in town there are many ongoing summertime activities...concerts in the park, outdoor movies and socials. The annual  McGloughlin district-100 home sale- in our neighborhood this weekend,  surely will bring scads of folks around. I may partake in the festivities with my 2 neighbor girl friends .
Then, hit it back out to the country again and away from the crowds,  into the woods!

That is pretty much it these days...a little work, alot of play and always trying to remain COOL!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mountain Times

A walk on water moment, Pantz and sis
We had an awesome experience horse camping, our third time to Clackamas Lake in Mount Hood National Forest. Clackamas lake sites are only 3 years old and have dedicated horse sites with very nicely built corrals.

Our time away, this time, was truly a "separated from the "connected" world of cell service", for my man, sister and myself.

The tiny dock of Clackamas lake
Usually, we may take a walk down the planked runway to the  tiny dock of the lake. We sit with our coffee's while we check in and catch up on "Home" activities with our elderly mother.
We took the coffee, and walked the planked runway to our known world's reception ..but nope, no reception! We got spotty reception near the road once...but after that, nothing. Actually-it was kinda refreshing  since we already knew other's were checking in on "grandmother". My Nephew was working on his motorcycle in her garage, and was there at all hours, days in a row replacing parts. Super helpful for the timing, as we girls and my man could relax, knowing he was around to make sure she was alright.
No calls, no txts, blogs, no  "Instagram" was a vacation from known connected realities! We only had each other and the horses, NICE!

Here is the stinker news though...I have waited to post this because *** my camera got taken this spring from my parked truck outside my house. I got another camera like it at the pawn shop...but apparently, it is not enough like it,(cords and connections don't link up) and I am unable to retrieve photos from it to our "old as hills" computer. I am frustrated. So there are just a  shots from my phone this time.

Sister with mares in a rare-non mosquito'd moment!

My sister used our tent to sleep in, as we always use the "Tent TRAILER"now...after I power wash the crap outa it (litterally so!)... It is awesome for camping. Screened windows, safe from bears and wildlife, rainproof...level for the queen air mattress.

My man was to drive up to the mountain camp site later that night, after he got done with his normal work day. We sisters got there midday, at check in time, and set up the entire camp site. We then decided to Chilax with the horses. It was very hot and they seemed content in the corral nearby. My man drove in late, but that was alright...we had a nice roaring fire for him, to make him feel like sitting down with a cold one. Dinner was ready for him on the table.
Unfortunately, the blasted mosquitoes were awful and plentiful. We did our best with the arsenal of bug replants...but in the end, we waited for the fall of darkness for relief!
Next morning we all had a lovely round of STRONG COFFEE and I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We sisters decided to take a riding outing to the lake for 4th of July. It was the first of 5 rides this trip.

My mare was very nicely walking behind Pantz, I was sighing in delight and looking all around. My mare has this kicking walk. She gets her walk on at around 4-5 m.p.h. and gets mighty disturbed, when she must be checked back for using it on trail rides, behind a slow pokey horse.
 I was just reading over in Germany at LYTHA'S place, that she had gone out with her Mara mare, and met a rider with a horse that has a great walk too...the owner doesn't like to ride with others because their horses get disturbed because... they probably get left behind! That would be a good fit for us, like Pantz is... she outwalks Wa every time.
Anywho...we were struting through the vast beautiful and my sister and I did a "Leap Frog" in positioning. While Wa was clam, I allowed her to lead. It is the perk for her for remaining calm behind. We did that several times and once my sister spied a large BLACK RAVEN feather! She still has a gimpy leg so getting off to retrieve it was near impossible . I popped off and got it and placed it directly in Wa's mane!

I Adore finding feathers and did a complete
 POST HERE about the meanings......
I felt a little badly for claiming the RAVEN Feather so quickly but I had given her a Red Tailed Hawk feather just before the ride, and it was in place in Pantz's mane , looking rather smart!

It was a nice little first ride, but we did have a slight bolt situation from my mare. The weather was so hot and the winds had come up across the Lake. While it kept us cooler on a very hot day, it made the lake waters have a small tide effect, "Lapping" up onto the land. My mare took issue with the waters and spooked suddenly. She turned to leave...right into my sister! Sis got a huge bruise from that on her forearm...but we gained control quickly and hung out by the waters till the mares settled. It was so Beautiful!

We had some cobbler for dessert that eve for the 4th. My man is a great cook and he comes up with such camping delights each year! We pretty much ate only Vegetarian delights this year, Hummus with veggies, my special sandwhich ( Dave's killer bread, avocado , almond butter, grated carrot,cucumber, safflower mayo and spinach leaves, grated cheese) 
Naan open faced grilled cheesy delight, apple slaw..on and on the veggie meals went...It felt super good to eat lighter.

The next days ride was to be the long one of the trip, since my man had to go to work that day before he could return for the final  3 nights and 2 days of camping with us girls. I had told my sissy that the LAKE RIDE around Timothy is what I wanted to accomplish this year. Last year when we came, she and Pantz mare were recovering from health maladies, and the entire lake ride was out -NOT plausible. But this year...there was nothing stopping us...though it is long, the weather had cooled and water was available along the route for the horses plus, we brought hay lunch for them.

Lunching with mares-half way point around Timothy lake, Oregon
We stopped at mile 8 to have our lunches...since the weather had cooled and in the forest shade it seemed even cooler( me loving it, sister freezing) we made sure to sit in the sun for lunch!

We soon headed out again, (after a photo shoot with me in the shots, but alas...on the camera) for the rest of the ride around Timothy lake. We were almost half way around the lake when my sister asked me, "How much further will it be?"  When I answered, " Sister, we are riding the entire loop around the lake today"..and though when you add up the separate trail distances on the map, my GPS was on, and my calculations had us at almost, half way at that moment. " We have about 8 or nine miles to go"....
!!!  She exclaimed,"Are you trying to kill us??!!"

After her worry and a diatribe conversation, I took this "little video"....Sighing in it, as you hear...we went onward and forward, walking briskly through the beauteous place, above the Lake in the Mountains.
***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***
The second mishap happened about 5 miles from home camp. The ride from my GPS was 16 miles. According to the map readout on mileage, it's 20. It seems very long, to be sure...Pantz was tired and she tripped on uneven footing and caught her hoof boot. They did not go down, but that initial jerk and adrenaline feels terrible. I hate that!

 So, my sister thought I tried to kill her and her horse..but the next day...we all felt pretty darned  GOOD!!!
We repeated a neat action we had started the morning of the 5th...get up with the sun( just before 6am), feed the horses, clean the stalls, replenish water, take a jaunt to the rest rooms...then go back to bed!
That was refreshing!!

So the next few rides we stayed closer to camp. We did a "Headwaters Loop" once, and that was totally cool! The terrains varied so much and it was only 4 miles. We also did loops around camp and to a nice meadow 2 miles away. The horses were so wonderful, really willing and calm.

We enjoyed our getaway very much...and returning home was equally nice. Sleeping in a real bed for us and also the mares being back to a normal routine-less the terrible MOSQUITOS! They were horrendous!
Sigh...summertime is lovely. We seem to have had 3 in one season this year...the 90's were hit more than ever and now we continue to go without Oregon's rains and staying in the 80's...I'M NOT COMPLAINING!

Hope you all are well, I must check in to find out about your summer times. My man is READY for fall..he has been for a month. What can I say, we are true Oregonians...liking it cooler and with lots of color.


My mare, sporting her Raven feather back home again

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Going Back

Days of yore, jump saddle

I have decided to revisit a "Feel like home"
place. It has been some time since I have felt comfortable, as I was truly more interested in my mare's comfort.
So, while she has been nice and comfy...I HAVE NOT!

Stubben Tristan

Yea, I am talking about saddles again....Above the Stubben fits nicely on the mare. Sometimes I used a bumper pad to level the seat. But, that made my comfort worse. I have been getting hit in the woowoo. I can't take it anymore! I have gone back to my "Hans Biglajzer "Jump saddle. It is all of 9 pounds and so compy! It fits fine for now on the mare...since we have not buffed out with the hills as before, when we stopped using it.

And...we are going back to the mountain lakes soon too!

Pantz Mare and me in Frog lake, Oregon

Summertime colors at sunset
Yes, summer is here in Oregon. While just a week ago it was raining still (typical), it is acting pretty summery now with high temps and plans to be realized. Normally it will rain right up to the 4th of July. Not typical this year, thank goodness!
Tomorrow, we are Taking the horses to the LAKE!

Timothy Lake, Oregon with Mt. Hood 

The two mares have not seen each other for some should be interesting to see the reunion. After some squeals and posturing, they will be besties again for the trailer ride up to the mountain.

Pantz mare and Washashe share the trails

I have been super busy these past weeks...working and gardening, preparing for this camp trip. I went out to the trail and retrieved some old hoof boots I "ditched" last year, when the mare was traveling funny...I took them off and stashed them in the brush. Since the Easy boot "WIDES" have worked so well, I decided to sell the "Reneagdes" back to the feller I bought them from, and send in the old  "Cavallo"boots-pictured below attached to my saddle.

Ditched hoof boots- those days are OVER!
I sent them in and did the "TRADE UP"  through the  Easy Care Company.

You are able to send in an old pair of competitors hoof boots , once a year, for 50% off Gloves or Back Country Gloves. THIS is a GREAT DEAL, since I have finally found some of their well thought out and designed boots to fit my TB mare.
 The invention of "WIDES", has made us two fillies really happy!!
The Rear EB Gloves came in the mail in record time. We've had some very nice outings with plenty of trots and canters. 

All around Glove boots and revisiting the "Jump Saddle"

Time for some of that summery goodness of cooking over the open flame, telling stories till your eyes are drooping, eating "smores" (trying a new recipe) and riding, riding, riding!!!

My mare, the Daisey!

See you all when we return to town again, next week.
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