Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just LOVE Shadows! I have been fascinated by them all summer.They are so Beautiful and sometimes hilarious. Please allow yourself to be mildly or wildly amused and intrigued by my collection~ The ant eater and the jurasic animal~
Foliage horses~
Bay shadows of horses~

Two extra riders this time~

Monday, September 29, 2008

AWARDED...meeeee? I accept!

I am so happy with my mare and this award

I believe that I have been nominated for this angle like award that means something like...http://arteypico.blogspot.com/ ......here you go look!

THANKS SO MUCH >>dear Stacey<<, over at: http://jumping-percheron.blogspot.com/
The Jumping Percheron
The story of one young, motivated, and extremely athletic Percheron mare's training journey to becoming a jumper.

BONNETS RULE/Shadows too Stace!!!

I now will comply with what it takes to accept one of these
As per the legacy of the Arte y Pico, I award the following blogs:

1. EQUUS INK- http://inkeq.wordpress.com/ Keri is good at the camera angle and video-her passions with horses and viewpoint will take her far. Thanks for being my friend here in bloggerland!

2.PAT @ http://spencersnewlife.blogspot.com/ Because she is so full of life and spice- A very devoted animal/horselover that can withstand 100-mile-an-hour crudeslung/crapish comments like a true horsewoman! LOVE YOU and your devotion gal!

3.THIS JUST LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! http://www.girlshorseclub.com/wordpress/

4 Because of RILEY - .http://everyrider.typepad.com/everyrider/ What we are about.
The horse industry is changing! This site is for the enthusiast that seeks a better understanding and knowledge of horses and their nature. The topics will vary from training and riding to horse health and care. We aim to serve every rider that shares the desire to progress.

5.Daun here at: http://eventing-draft.blogspot.com/ Because you have enlightened me so very much, AND still do as I read and read and read! And without you...Stacey would not have bestowed me the "winged award".

Daun already has this award...but, huh, maybe it makes it so you may betow more horseface folks by getting it again?!!!

here are some Rules that come with the Award:

1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award, creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award-winning, has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winning and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y pico” blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) To show these Rules

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Borris the traveling Spider

Mrs. Boris is a Spider we noticed living on the sidemirror of the truck, on the way out to the coast last week. As we took off, I thought, well, shoot, she will just get blown down along the way and instantly be relocated..should she survive the wind-blown-relocating.

Well, we drove all the way to the coast and the second day there...there was the spider!!! We were shocked. And apparently, it has woven it's web cleverly enough to the frame of the truck, and not the window itself, so as not to have to reweave every time we open the window.

Today, as we got into the truck to drive to a neighboring stable to pick up a new boarder friend , Alicia with her Thoroughbred Vinnie, OH! there was the Traveling spider! Ha! We had not been in the truck for a week.We Noticed her right away as we fuelled up in the gas station.I jumped out to the the shot.

So Vinnie is relocated now at Templeton Equestrain Centre! Once we got there,we took a trail ride..... and the spider is happily catching all the flys she can while the truck is parked. Wonder if she liked the salt Bay air last weekend?!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Beachtimes with Equines 2

It was definitely Fall ish this time at the beach.Oregon has been very fickle the past few years with "Shorting" us out of our summer when September 1 comes. Not so this time, as we returned to the Bay Ocean House in Tillimook, with our Two's-A-Team horsey friends and some from Templeton Equestrian Centre.This September time it has been rather nice indeed; Harvest moons and summer sunsets that are hard to rival.

So we have not gotten the "greyout" skys of a distinguished summer at all!

That is where the normal blue sky color is replaced with a nondescript Greying one. HAPPY, HAPPY we were this summer into fall. It only hinted at us on the return ride down the Bay side of the spit...it rained pretty hard , and we beat -it -on- back to the trailer ! I was on a solo ride back, as my mare was too naughty to be in a group most of the day...don't know what I am gonna do with that mare!
It was said that I was NOT gonna get into video's and photo's ...not so sure, that is easy to remedy! As you see here.............

Also, someone said that Dainn looked like a "Devil Dain" with the red ears.

The first ride out on Friday, I rode Dainn, Jeanette's Arabian.He was awesome and I have secured him for furture group rides, as he is faithful and not uppidy much. He really did NOT like the Red ear bonnet I had on him for bug protection..tried to shake it off occasialy . Nora did not like hers for Pantz either...she rather did look like a bunny or something!

So Pantz was a poo poo poney...I renamed her "HOT PANTZ", as you see in one of the video's. She was all hot to go on a walkie with Nora apart from all of us and Nora rather had a difficult time slowing her to stand and wait-at all! She took on this walk...an almost gaited feeling walk when on...I call it "kickin"...as in the final KICK when you retrun home again.

We had a such a lovely blend of Horsewomen this trip + 1 mom. We sometimes have 2 mom's. It always is a sweet thing with a mom.Homey and comforting. They are there to wlecome you home and always have soothing things to say and helpful! This one is about to become a grandmom..and brought appropriate horsey gift's for her daughter. An adorable rabbit

eared, footed sleeper with horses all over it!

Staging and grazing....+ dancing....

Pantz out in front!

All in all, it was the perfect end of the summer with favorite horse friends and horses.

and the wonderful scenary was breathtaking from the sipping deck off the front!

Sipping coffee,tea,wine,brandy,um= whatever you like! Can't wait for more next year!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Endurance training taste

Lastnight was really fun with the owner of our stables and a local Oregon Endurance rider that trains right in our "Viola Canyon" in Beavercreek....though I think it extends to Redland as well..it is a BIG ol' area we have to ride in! We took trails that either of us from Templeton were aware of..and we'd call them "Deer Trails" to be certain of origin. Wow, glad I took the sure footed Pantz mare..did not even venture to take photo's where no horse has gone before...well, the tried and true Endurance horse has!

I asked this gal, that times in at 6:11:00 (that is 6 hours)usually for 50 miles or better regionally so, in the PNER Family News(Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders, Inc.) if she would head up a training day for our stable on taking "Vitals" of our horses. NOT just for the endurance riders! We all should know resting heart rates and temps and good hydration of our equines.

So this winter, we shall do a training seminar I think...more to come....

It was a fun ride and we went places that I'd, nor my stable-owner-riding-Partner has seen or been to...and I said something about marking the trails ...the respionce was..."Mark them in your Mind's Eye">>>leave not a trace<<<> So that the motor bikers can't find the new places we'd gone..okay...Visual-memory..kick in!!!

Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on by they went in nice easy trotting.... this is something I do think my mare would be good at and I have been told that she is the right Skin-Surface ratio-for or it too. BUT, humm....if I start to trot all the time and rarely walk, I am wondering if she will ever be calm again out on the trials??? It has been what is keeping me back now= for some time, her being so competitive and all.

Well, it remains to be seen I guess...she'd have to learn to be surer footed and trot calmly..no galloping.

Off to the beach again see you when we return! Equine mine is coming this time!!YEAAA!

Monday, September 15, 2008

NEW DIGS for the horsefaces!

It is Fall-ish here in Oregon and I have been pondering the arrangement I have for Pasture board - all summertime.
My sissy(who is all knowing) 40 year horse experience talking about, has been on me since I moved into my new place last May. She has brought up all the ensuing problems that could occur for two diverse mares. Of which- has come true= Pantz loosing weight and Wa gaining to Warm blood size! Gas colic on and off, tender feet and
Many wounds from bites, no kicks fortunately, and much stress for wondering if they were okay.
Thinking that the owners would not invest in the changes I needed to be able to stay on;
I looked all summer for a new boarding facility that I could live with..NOT at all wanting to leave the many wonderful aspects of this stable & friendships/riding partners I'd found ! Trails off the back pasture does mean allot to me= one who can not be confined an indoor arena alone!

So, knowing I could write a book( and I am planning it too) on choosing a stable; "Guide to Zen Stable boarding" he he! I chose to go back to my old barn and gave notice. I was surprised with how shocked the owner was and then the next week was even more surprised by the events.....pleasantly so. Many expressed to me that they were sad to see me go and wanted me to try to stay. I had an exit dinner with the owners and they were very sincere to ask: what it would take to keep me happy in the pasture board situation there. I drew up a plan, that I thought would work and they agreed.

I now have really nice accommodations outdoors for the mares--gravel foundation for matted stalls/hay racks/and netting to come soon to cover the openings around the top, to keep rain out. Next weekend, while we are at the beach, they will divide the field in half. NO more feeding nightmares! My attempt to keep them apart can be seen in top photo..."Stall Guards"..that lacerated my mare's hind leg, the first three days I put them up. She got caught in them apparently, and being pature board no one notices them , as when they handle them. They have been self care in the fiield. So I will be a bit more at peace for the division .

Lovely!!! Just look at the mare's reception of them~

I am sooo happy to be staying! Am hoping to beat my last record for boarding...9 months!Truly ,can't see a reason why I won't be able to do it....

Friday, September 12, 2008


Beach View as you come on over the ridge from the trail~

We had so much fun at he beach..weather perfect and many new things to experience with our Equine mounts. Sea Kayaks, Trolling boats, People erecting 15 foot drift wood logs. The third day, we were told by a passer by on the path to the beach, that a Plane had landed...SO VERY glad to have missed that event..A training experience I can live and die without!

Though my friend Gemma owns the Bay Ocean House we went to in Tillimook, and I go there often with her and also my TAT friends, I was invited to join another group of friends this time. My sissy met us there and all in all it was great to ride with my sis again!

amongst the group were the two mares

Pantz, and Washashe (

Boz, the Flee Bitten Arabian, with Lynn.

Bo , the Bay Arabian and Diane

Barney, the black Walker with Susan

With the exception of My Thoroughbred mare, who is 13..all other horses were over 20!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Too HOT to Camp

Okay, I can talk about it now that it has been a few weeks past...

We made these camping plans early in the summer for a new place we were told was a nice place. We went there to ride the trails beforehand and found it was more a RV camping park that had corrals too! A really busy place that had no down time for horse or rider...activity going on all sides of you= all the time like.

I called the State Parks Division every day for a month to see if they had a cancellation for Silver Falls..the place we camped on 4th of July...nope. I got to know all four phone attendants by first name. Still no cancellations! So we went and It turned out to be HELL...it was over 90 degrees...everyone had too much going on and we got bad start-late on a Friday..traffic day.Just all around bad time...Colic and misunderstandings abounded! But..I learned so much about colic and have many more items in the horse trailer. And every one thought I had it all before. Well..NOW I have it all!

Homeopathy for the gut and Beet Pulp Pellets for hot weather..it was recommended by the Vet to put moist Fiber into the mare's hind gut...it worked..she would not drink...but she sure slurped that B.P. down, then started to drink again!

I have learned that giving Bannamene(Sp?) once helped the mare...but to give it the second day would have possibly killed her in two weeks when her kidneys shut down.

WOW....it was way over load for a vacation and to top it off...2 of us had taken sleep aides to help us with the solidly- gravel- packed- tent area that made us wake up the night before every hour or so to move our aching body parts that had gone to sleep in a bad way....Well, Thank GOD that the mare survived and I do think our friendships did too!

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