Friday, September 26, 2008

Beachtimes with Equines 2

It was definitely Fall ish this time at the beach.Oregon has been very fickle the past few years with "Shorting" us out of our summer when September 1 comes. Not so this time, as we returned to the Bay Ocean House in Tillimook, with our Two's-A-Team horsey friends and some from Templeton Equestrian Centre.This September time it has been rather nice indeed; Harvest moons and summer sunsets that are hard to rival.

So we have not gotten the "greyout" skys of a distinguished summer at all!

That is where the normal blue sky color is replaced with a nondescript Greying one. HAPPY, HAPPY we were this summer into fall. It only hinted at us on the return ride down the Bay side of the rained pretty hard , and we beat -it -on- back to the trailer ! I was on a solo ride back, as my mare was too naughty to be in a group most of the day...don't know what I am gonna do with that mare!
It was said that I was NOT gonna get into video's and photo's ...not so sure, that is easy to remedy! As you see here.............

Also, someone said that Dainn looked like a "Devil Dain" with the red ears.

The first ride out on Friday, I rode Dainn, Jeanette's Arabian.He was awesome and I have secured him for furture group rides, as he is faithful and not uppidy much. He really did NOT like the Red ear bonnet I had on him for bug protection..tried to shake it off occasialy . Nora did not like hers for Pantz either...she rather did look like a bunny or something!

So Pantz was a poo poo poney...I renamed her "HOT PANTZ", as you see in one of the video's. She was all hot to go on a walkie with Nora apart from all of us and Nora rather had a difficult time slowing her to stand and wait-at all! She took on this almost gaited feeling walk when on...I call it "kickin" in the final KICK when you retrun home again.

We had a such a lovely blend of Horsewomen this trip + 1 mom. We sometimes have 2 mom's. It always is a sweet thing with a mom.Homey and comforting. They are there to wlecome you home and always have soothing things to say and helpful! This one is about to become a grandmom..and brought appropriate horsey gift's for her daughter. An adorable rabbit

eared, footed sleeper with horses all over it!

Staging and grazing....+ dancing....

Pantz out in front!

All in all, it was the perfect end of the summer with favorite horse friends and horses.

and the wonderful scenary was breathtaking from the sipping deck off the front!

Sipping coffee,tea,wine,brandy,um= whatever you like! Can't wait for more next year!


  1. As usual awesome pics and cool videos! I LOVE the devil ears!!! That's a beautiful leopard appy too. Is it all appy or is it crossed with something else? Looked a little thick in the video? Maybe I'm imagining things though. Still very gorgeous. I have always loved the leopard coat.

  2. Looks like you had a great time!! I hope that my family can take our horses to the beach sometime. We have done ranch/woods trip, but a beach trip would be fun, too. Do you know of any great places where you can overnight w/horses in the PacNorthwest? By overnight, I mean corrals, not tie-outs.

  3. HI there Stacy and Pony,
    I don't know exactly what Max is made of...he is THICK though!
    The ears did look really cute on him though he did shake them off once and tried..several other time to!
    Where are you again Pony?
    www.BayOcean. com is where we go to...
    I highly recommend it..if not there I still State'll pop some up for you that have corrals.

  4. Wow, what beautiful places you have to ride!!! I am very envious. I live in southern california and there is no place around here they allow horses on the is just way too crowded here. I am stuck in the ring most of the time.

  5. Hi Five!
    So glad you came to say hi!
    I love your blog and jewlery. Be seeing you!


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