Friday, September 12, 2008


Beach View as you come on over the ridge from the trail~

We had so much fun at he perfect and many new things to experience with our Equine mounts. Sea Kayaks, Trolling boats, People erecting 15 foot drift wood logs. The third day, we were told by a passer by on the path to the beach, that a Plane had landed...SO VERY glad to have missed that event..A training experience I can live and die without!

Though my friend Gemma owns the Bay Ocean House we went to in Tillimook, and I go there often with her and also my TAT friends, I was invited to join another group of friends this time. My sissy met us there and all in all it was great to ride with my sis again!

amongst the group were the two mares

Pantz, and Washashe (

Boz, the Flee Bitten Arabian, with Lynn.

Bo , the Bay Arabian and Diane

Barney, the black Walker with Susan

With the exception of My Thoroughbred mare, who is 13..all other horses were over 20!


  1. What fun to ride on the beach. It is something that i want to do some day. I hadnt thought about all of the interesting challenges of beach events, however.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The artwork from my blog? Well, the one of the blonde cowgirl at the top, is by Doreman Burns. I'm not sure about the other, I just found it somewhere online.
    Pants is just lovely, is he an Appaloosa?
    My parents used to live at the beach. We'd ride rental horses, They only let us walk and the horses were usually a bit out of control on the way back. They moved away from the beach before we got horses of our own.

  3. HI there Pony!
    Pantz is 20 this year and she is registered/Appy/Thorughbred/Arabian/Quarter cross.
    she is so sweet and my sissy got her for a dollar...cause the former owner was afraid of her! She can be bossy, but pretty harmless and really faithfull on trails.Kickin' walk too!

  4. The beach vid is way cool! I need to take some "off the back" vids. I've thought about it. I even have looked at helmet cams after watching some youtube helmet cam vids from a jockey.

    Oh and...ear bonnets RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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