Monday, September 15, 2008

NEW DIGS for the horsefaces!

It is Fall-ish here in Oregon and I have been pondering the arrangement I have for Pasture board - all summertime.
My sissy(who is all knowing) 40 year horse experience talking about, has been on me since I moved into my new place last May. She has brought up all the ensuing problems that could occur for two diverse mares. Of which- has come true= Pantz loosing weight and Wa gaining to Warm blood size! Gas colic on and off, tender feet and
Many wounds from bites, no kicks fortunately, and much stress for wondering if they were okay.
Thinking that the owners would not invest in the changes I needed to be able to stay on;
I looked all summer for a new boarding facility that I could live with..NOT at all wanting to leave the many wonderful aspects of this stable & friendships/riding partners I'd found ! Trails off the back pasture does mean allot to me= one who can not be confined an indoor arena alone!

So, knowing I could write a book( and I am planning it too) on choosing a stable; "Guide to Zen Stable boarding" he he! I chose to go back to my old barn and gave notice. I was surprised with how shocked the owner was and then the next week was even more surprised by the events.....pleasantly so. Many expressed to me that they were sad to see me go and wanted me to try to stay. I had an exit dinner with the owners and they were very sincere to ask: what it would take to keep me happy in the pasture board situation there. I drew up a plan, that I thought would work and they agreed.

I now have really nice accommodations outdoors for the mares--gravel foundation for matted stalls/hay racks/and netting to come soon to cover the openings around the top, to keep rain out. Next weekend, while we are at the beach, they will divide the field in half. NO more feeding nightmares! My attempt to keep them apart can be seen in top photo..."Stall Guards"..that lacerated my mare's hind leg, the first three days I put them up. She got caught in them apparently, and being pature board no one notices them , as when they handle them. They have been self care in the fiield. So I will be a bit more at peace for the division .

Lovely!!! Just look at the mare's reception of them~

I am sooo happy to be staying! Am hoping to beat my last record for boarding...9 months!Truly ,can't see a reason why I won't be able to do it....


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. :) Thank you!

    Ohhh how I wish that book you plan on writing was done and published! It's been a difficult time finding a "zen" barn for sure and it's such a transition.

    What an aweasome barn full of wonderful people it sounds! The mares' new accomidations are very nice. Gosh what nice folks.

    My best,

  2. Hey!
    I set the cavalletti for light horse gaits then modify them if she needs it. Like, a 5ft space should be an extended trot for a light horse but it's her working trot. I leave the canter poles at light horse spacing though because when we really start jumping shows are not going to adjust their entire course for a Perch. She doesn't seem to mind.
    I got those irons off eBay. They were 56 bucks total. Haha, better than 200 from Herm Sprenger.

  3. YEA! The Templetons are the best and professional. I finally have found a home to stay in with the mares..that suits us all, very nicely.
    Be looking to hear of your new place too Keri!

  4. That is terrific that you were able to work out the problems and keep your horses in an environment that you enjoy. I love the video of the trail ride.

  5. Saddle Moutain do I reach you?

  6. I agree, that is great they were willing to work with you and keep you! It must be hard to consider leaving a boarding facility you really enjoy, but, the horses weren't getting the accommodations they needed. Trails are a great bonus!


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