Sunday, September 7, 2008

Too HOT to Camp

Okay, I can talk about it now that it has been a few weeks past...

We made these camping plans early in the summer for a new place we were told was a nice place. We went there to ride the trails beforehand and found it was more a RV camping park that had corrals too! A really busy place that had no down time for horse or rider...activity going on all sides of you= all the time like.

I called the State Parks Division every day for a month to see if they had a cancellation for Silver Falls..the place we camped on 4th of July...nope. I got to know all four phone attendants by first name. Still no cancellations! So we went and It turned out to be was over 90 degrees...everyone had too much going on and we got bad start-late on a Friday..traffic day.Just all around bad time...Colic and misunderstandings abounded! But..I learned so much about colic and have many more items in the horse trailer. And every one thought I had it all before. Well..NOW I have it all!

Homeopathy for the gut and Beet Pulp Pellets for hot was recommended by the Vet to put moist Fiber into the mare's hind worked..she would not drink...but she sure slurped that B.P. down, then started to drink again!

I have learned that giving Bannamene(Sp?) once helped the mare...but to give it the second day would have possibly killed her in two weeks when her kidneys shut down. was way over load for a vacation and to top it off...2 of us had taken sleep aides to help us with the solidly- gravel- packed- tent area that made us wake up the night before every hour or so to move our aching body parts that had gone to sleep in a bad way....Well, Thank GOD that the mare survived and I do think our friendships did too!


  1. Hey there, your trip reminds me of my cousins camping trip in August, minus the colic. It was 101-104 degrees all weekend! We are not acclimated to that kind of weather! We were melting and miserable. The trip itself with family and horses was great, it was just hard to do the things we wanted to do when it was so hot!


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