Monday, August 30, 2010

Jump on and JUMP!

                My sister came up to Portalnd from the Oregon coast this weekend. She has been very busy with work, since moving her mare Pantz to my barn. I too, have been  cruising busy...working tons, making up for a summer of fun times away from work.

                So, my mare has healed up nicely from the hock injury...THANKS EVERYONE for the well wishes and querries about her!
2 weeks off has given her a new lease on everything. I do need to make her an apt with our equine theripist soon ...we missed 2 apt's this summer for therapy -since the weather was in the 100's both dates we had set.
 She has seemed a little sore in the hip, after the hock incident.
                 I got to ride 3 days in a row this weekend..nothing really difficult, mostly walking and seeing the disposition of the local trails. The second day, I called Certo's rider( former boarder) and we trailered and met for a road ride.
Near the home front trails I found...there are some rather large trees, fallen down across some. Some have been placed by fellow riders, that like to discourage the motorised few. And some others. . . have been placed for JUMPING!

My sissy and I decided to ride bareback pad and me, on my Cashel soft saddle, yesterday. My siss has all the tack in the world...but since her trailer was not at the barn yet...the bareback pad she intended to ride with, was not she rigged up a Western pad with Sursingle, to keep it on....haha! It kept sliding off the back, so she'd get off,  A * g * a * i * n   and  A  *g  *a  *  i  *  n,  to place it forward.... Pantz was good to stand.

My sissy got good at finding stumps and mounds of higher ground, to remount!

We did the fence-line-loop trail. It is a nice 5 or so  mile ride, with only one major hill...we did it with the decline this time..instead of climb. I knew it would make my siss's pad come off  again, too soon!
THEN... on the way back, we decided to jump some of the timber jumps the other riders in the area had assembled. Washashe was good to stand as I made my sissy jump it over and over...I was trying to get the good shot...though, my batteries were waining..and I could NOT seem to press- at the right time...too soon or too late!
BUT...look how cute they are...anticipating the jump bareback and all!
Pantz has never jumped before today...that we know of!


Like I said, I made My sissy do it over and over....she totally did not seem to mind though.....

I mean...Just look at her face!!
 I love it....she will be 60 in 4 months time- and she is my inspiration!

I too took a turn.too , of course...Wa mare gets very excited and really flings herself over anything on the ground...woohoo..she loves to jump!

Homeward we went, after a time jumping in the woods~

My siss and I had fun too...jsut walking homeward with the two mares, Pantz and Washashe.
Pantz has this "Kickin" walk...even though Wa mare can do her own speed walking...usually, she is unable to outwalk the Pantz!
Yesterday...Well, we sisters had our energy-up..for a walk off...without going into a trot to disqualify...we thought "FORWARD" with all our might....the walk off was on!
To both of our great surprize....Wa mare too the a neck! A first! give Pantz mare credit- where Credit was due...she jumped and jumped earlier!
She still is the winner to me!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My World Tuesday Summery Mountain Ride

My girlfriend and I have not ridden, but once together, since our camp trip to Clackamas lake  a few back..
So we made plans this weekend...though it was supposed to rain and be all clouded...we made our horsey plans anyway!
Good thing we were NOT hindered by the forecasts....
because it was gorgeous!


Originally, we set out for Ollalie Lake, in the Mount Hood National Forest lands. We stopped at the local ranger station to get a map of Triangle Lake, nearby.
FIRE had the area CLOSED...good thing we stopped..thanks be to God for that heads up! Would have been MILES of wasted trip.
Camp Riley- here we come, instead!
It was PERFECT outside...nice in the sun and in the shade.

Many creeks to cross this day, with a pair horses that knew each other not, to ride together. I was riding Pantz mare, my sisters 22 yr old -Appaloosa with my friends Mustang, Simeon. They seemed to be at ease with each other...and it did set the nice, calm pace for the beautiful day we were blessed with~

It was somewhat warmer than the forecasts as we took it easy and stayed mainly in the shaded forests.
How many Faces do you see-in the photo below????

 I just LOVE the humor in that! 
We were already happy- that a favorite trail to the river had been cleared. Then..teehehe, someone made it clear to us, it gave them some cheer too!

We were astonished at HOW VERY BLUE the skies were this day...
This is untampered  Straight Out Of theCamera!

Our shadowy horse friends rode along with us, as we set off on a nice sandy trail up along the river...

Peaceful and serene it was....then, we came out into the open to view....Our Mount Hood!!!

She was so pretty this day, with the extra blue skies and wispy clouds.

We played near the Sandy River, and  literally , IN the Sandy Riverbed for a time..just imaging how it would look with the water rushing...right where we rode. 
The rushing waters do ride up,  in the wintertime.

Back to camp we went, after a time in the Sandy Riverbed...We needed refueling and so did the horses!
NO-ONE was around this fabulous weekend...all the camps , save 1, were vacant!! I mean whoa!
So we nestled into one of the camping areas and allowed the horses to have a stall...instead of just the tie rack at the day use. We loosened the girths and removed the bridles.

We ate our delectables, and rested...

...ans so did the horses...w / Beet pulp with salt electrolytes and hay... 
...then a long -lipped NAP!

Of Course..Pantz stood vigilant most the time. She has to take care of all around her, it is her true Lead Mare M.O.
 She does worry me sometimes...she takes care of everyone else..but sometimes, NOT herself. She can be a hard keeper...for the fretting she does.
But today, she was pretty good...eating, drinking and nice.

We relaxed for about an hour then went back out for one more, little shady some creeks and around the camps.

No Pantz..won't be asking you to cross that!

You  can cross this sparkling babbling brook!

Here is the thing with Pantz mare...she is not like my TB mare, that stands quietly and awaits my  asking to move ahead. Pantz will stand usually-only untill she has deemed the area around her safe to travel..then she wants to TRAVEL AHEAD!...Hence the blip at the end of the video...
I was NOT ready!

We crossed the creek and set off for home...Pantz has this 'Kickin" the video, it does not look like she is covering ground...but boy is she!

Simeon also set off into the Sunset with his girl aboard...Us bringing up the rear and His Shadow horse inbetween.

Hoping you are having some nice Summery times with family / friends and equines too, maybe!
Thanks for sharing the ride!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shadow Shot Pantz shares her grain

My sissy's Appaloosa mare, Pantz, is a kindly sort...she will often share her grain with my mare...but today, she offers it to her shadow horse!

Please click the title and view shadowy photos from around the world!

Weekend Reflections Floral Bumper

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Thanks James, for the fun!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kinda bummed

Well, after a week and a half of 90-100 temps...and us wilting about..the weather came down to 70- 80 degrees today! I have the day off too..the stars aligned!

I noticed it right away, as my mare walked up to me in the field. Pantz was the smart one, getting the choice carrot first, by getting to me first!
I sometimes wonder if I am a good horse mommy and did I check everything about her....?
Well, I found out I am looking at her always, even without being  conscientious of telling myself to do it.

 This is the normal looking size..with definition down from the cap of the hock

Side view and the place I think she got kicked-?

So, I was going to ride Pantz and pony Wa...Naaaa...I got that sick feeling like right away.
Determining it was not a puncture wound, but a surface one with trauma..I cold hosed it for about 12 minutes, hand walked her a bit, then put some "Sore no more"  on it. 
There was no heat..amazingly so. Just this ROCK HARD hock.
Oh, I also gave her 2 grams of Bute and some Arnica homeopathy.

She seemed lazed and relaxed...I brushed her face and she was so sweet..she really is not a cuddler mare..but she did the darn-est thing...
she walked towards me and put her head ..right into me gently, as if hiding her face.

Oh Wa mare...sometimes you surprise me with such things!

I left the mares in their stalls with paddocks for the confine her movement some and make it easy to come in the morning, before work, and cold hose more, Bute  if ness and then go from there.

I am disturbed with what could have changed...Pantz does not kick at Wa..she will fuss at the other horses and drive Wa away from the fence .
 I have asked for a buffer fence always= between the mares and any other horses... proved the necessity this summer when Wa got nailed by Pantz.. (without injury) when expressed wishes were NOT followed ....horses were put right on the fence line and what I thought would happen DID.
I pray- that this kind of negligence has not occurred again. I KNOW my horses and what they do. Though unless someone Saw it occur ...we'll never know..and the horses won't tell either!

So, I left the mare...looking on for the deer parade to begin next door, in the tree farm.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Me Mare Time

OH...I have really been dreaming about ..a lone ride...just me and the mare!

The start of our venture out was pretty, weedy flowers, all over and under us!

This summer has been so busy, with riding plans with others...I have truly MISSED my lone ventures  with Wa mare~
I actually dreamed of our ride yesterday- the night before...trying to remember the route I wished to ride backwards, since I have not done this particular one alone or in the direction I was thinking of. 
It is the "Stoney Mountain loop", I did with my PBO on Danny and Romeo, while there was still snow on the ground up there. 
That was April..and I have Not been around the loop since.

So I leisurely got Washashe mare ready.. she seemed very happy to be chosen to go, since I take my sissy's mare, Pantz, often  now. 
My man has been gone to Alaska for the past 2 weeks time with his Army band regiment. So I have been really horsin', as you know! He come home I thought I better take my LONG ride now and around home.
The mare was excited and wanted to trot and canter...I let her do whatever..and we got up to the second clearing site, on the 900 foot accent, pretty quickly!
I allowed the mare to graze and catch her breath..she was in such a hurry...the air was scarce.
It is normally a 4 hour trip...lets see what we do this time??

Now you see her....
...and..., you don't!

I think all the work it takes to come up here, her carrying my butt..she appreciates the bites of mountain grasses!
She got sticky a bit when we entered the woods here...but then, decided it was cooler in there..and we had a good " fern path" ride.
One thing that can happen when filming'll see...the rouge foliage can gang up on you!

 We almost took a wrong turn. If I had looked at the photo's from the first trip( linked in post) I would have seen - what road to take .
As it was, I started to take the wrong road, then decided to go down, and It was correct!
Whew...Okay here is where I totally understand what JANE Augenstein means by "FLIES FROM HELL"
We were just moseying down the back roads( out in the open) that leads to trails and more roads on our 7 mile journey, around the mountain loop. 
I could hear and see, a few of the nasty flies buzzing the mares head..I had a branch-swatter in hand, for this purpose..I was swinging it around my body and her head in a figure 8 seemed to work at keeping them at bay. TILL....OUCHY- CRAP-OLA!
 I had been focusing on the mare..and they snuck up behind me and 3 of them lit upon my back!!!
 All at once, they bit me, and I  yelled out! 
The mare leapt into action...trotting down the hill now..we left them behind!
Holy Mole...I still felt like they were I swatted my own back for a 20 minutes! My arm hurts pretty badly today, from over use.

We finally got to the final push hill...I was going to get off and have Wa mare pull me up from behind, with her tail...but, she decided to canter up- the entire-rather steep-long hill!
We walked together on down the hill homeward..she was a pooped out pony~

I really loved spending time with this Mare -O- Mine! 
She was perfectly willing and able to spend the afternoon gallivanting the hillsides with me. 
Here is the new time for the Stoney Mountain Loop.
3 hours! She and I did stop quite a few times but..that is a great time for the 900 foot climb, and decent we did!

Love you Wa mare!
Have your gooey, sloppy Beet pulp with added Salt electrolytes- I  prepared for you before we left!
OOOU what a treat she says!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's um...probably it's a's a...

That was the answer I got in response to asking about the 'Blue Diamond" markers, on this new trail we were riding to the Twin lakes on Mount Hood.
We were RELAXED, that was for certain!

We totally...were in stitches around the campfire later, as we reviewed the days photos and this video I took!!! ...It is the response I got to that question I asked...
I did not even pay attention to how - L  o  n  g - it took my riding partner to respond, as I video'd.

These trails were pristine! 
I loved the perfectly packed surface with barely a blemish to step over..nice for our  relaxing 3rd day ride to new scenic ends.
Even though some of the trail was cliffy...the trail was so wide, flat and well maintained. The mare and I barely winced...
well, I did remark that our concerns, as Horse VS rider were different.

Her Concern: The hillside towering above us to the left.(mountain Lions pounce from there)

My Concern: the cliff edge to the right ( we tumble down there)
Had a chuckle over that!

Heading down now...we were getting glimpses of blue and could tell...this was going to be good!

YEA, it was so amazingly cool...the little lower lake was just the prettiest thing!

The only way here was to hike...and on this hot day (cool in the shade) we met plenty of those on the trail .
And they were all coming from or going to this "Lower Twin Lake". Rubber rafts and swimmers...campers dotted the forest. But in a peaceful way. Not like Timothy lake at was like a camper delight, truly!
As we rode around this gem...I caught my self thinking..."a rope swing into this would be so neat!"...

And there it was!

The thing about this lake may camp here...not having to pay a fee- save- the sweat it may take you to pack in all your gear.
 My girlfriend and I thought...we have horses..that will be easier sometime to do, in the future.
There were these perfect camp spots...ready for a small fire to warm you overnight as you slept. Lots of trees to "Hi tie" the horses upon.

We got around the little first lake in some 15-20 was really nice riding. We found this one camp away from the others too.

Coming on back to the trail head we gave the horses a drink out of a rather Large Water Trough...nature made like!

Is this enough water for you Cazi man?!!

Back on the trail upwards we went towards the second Twin lake....

Oou Lala...again, just a heavenly sight...
with  outward sentiments uttered and of deeper inward awe towards all God has done and made for us to enjoy!

The Mountain top of Mt. Hood, could be seen at "Upper Twin Lake " here

The horses were extremely relaxed, as we were. My girlfriend and I sat and enjoyed some lunch snacks...though the biting bugs were about, and made them a bit frigidity sometimes. They stood nearby and dozed.

I was so in love with my mare, on this ride...willing to be in back or front...

My Girlfriend mentioned- and we laughed heartily so- "There's nothing  21 miles-horsey downers- and a couple grams of Bute - can't accomplish!" 
The miles we logged aboard them the 2 days before, had taken a toll on Wa's back.
I have not sat down for so many hours on her! I am usually posting more or in two-point. frequently.

She was puffy and sore the night I applied "Sore No More" and massaged her. I also decided to give her a gram of "Bute"..from a tube that is a couple years it may have been less in strength. I gave her another dose, before our ride.
I do think it helped, angel mare~
She stood easily untethered for a time, with her lower lip dangling.

My lovely Washashe !

This would be the location I want to camp when we go for it!
It has this view...

I love these two together....they match!

We spied the trailer for the trees, as we neared civilization again.

Making it home in the light and perfect time to find....
All had cleared out of the campgrounds!
It made it a bit eeery and somewhat nice too...quiet surrounded us here our last night out.
We all slept well, and the horses were anticipating returning, as we did as well, the next day.
Recovery week it has been all week..till now!
Horse camping is HARD WORK!
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