Monday, August 30, 2010

Jump on and JUMP!

                My sister came up to Portalnd from the Oregon coast this weekend. She has been very busy with work, since moving her mare Pantz to my barn. I too, have been  cruising busy...working tons, making up for a summer of fun times away from work.

                So, my mare has healed up nicely from the hock injury...THANKS EVERYONE for the well wishes and querries about her!
2 weeks off has given her a new lease on everything. I do need to make her an apt with our equine theripist soon ...we missed 2 apt's this summer for therapy -since the weather was in the 100's both dates we had set.
 She has seemed a little sore in the hip, after the hock incident.
                 I got to ride 3 days in a row this weekend..nothing really difficult, mostly walking and seeing the disposition of the local trails. The second day, I called Certo's rider( former boarder) and we trailered and met for a road ride.
Near the home front trails I found...there are some rather large trees, fallen down across some. Some have been placed by fellow riders, that like to discourage the motorised few. And some others. . . have been placed for JUMPING!

My sissy and I decided to ride bareback pad and me, on my Cashel soft saddle, yesterday. My siss has all the tack in the world...but since her trailer was not at the barn yet...the bareback pad she intended to ride with, was not she rigged up a Western pad with Sursingle, to keep it on....haha! It kept sliding off the back, so she'd get off,  A * g * a * i * n   and  A  *g  *a  *  i  *  n,  to place it forward.... Pantz was good to stand.

My sissy got good at finding stumps and mounds of higher ground, to remount!

We did the fence-line-loop trail. It is a nice 5 or so  mile ride, with only one major hill...we did it with the decline this time..instead of climb. I knew it would make my siss's pad come off  again, too soon!
THEN... on the way back, we decided to jump some of the timber jumps the other riders in the area had assembled. Washashe was good to stand as I made my sissy jump it over and over...I was trying to get the good shot...though, my batteries were waining..and I could NOT seem to press- at the right time...too soon or too late!
BUT...look how cute they are...anticipating the jump bareback and all!
Pantz has never jumped before today...that we know of!


Like I said, I made My sissy do it over and over....she totally did not seem to mind though.....

I mean...Just look at her face!!
 I love it....she will be 60 in 4 months time- and she is my inspiration!

I too took a turn.too , of course...Wa mare gets very excited and really flings herself over anything on the ground...woohoo..she loves to jump!

Homeward we went, after a time jumping in the woods~

My siss and I had fun too...jsut walking homeward with the two mares, Pantz and Washashe.
Pantz has this "Kickin" walk...even though Wa mare can do her own speed walking...usually, she is unable to outwalk the Pantz!
Yesterday...Well, we sisters had our energy-up..for a walk off...without going into a trot to disqualify...we thought "FORWARD" with all our might....the walk off was on!
To both of our great surprize....Wa mare too the a neck! A first! give Pantz mare credit- where Credit was due...she jumped and jumped earlier!
She still is the winner to me!


  1. Oh, I love this. Your sister is how young? Unbelievable. And jumping without a proper saddle... You girls rock! And your horses do too!

    I've taken up jumping again and am preparing a post about it. And I was so proud to be jumping on my dressage saddle. HA! You may laugh about that ;-)

  2. Oh what fun!! And how stinkin' adorable is Pantz??? I wouldn't kick her outa my barn...she'd fit right in with all those spots.

  3. What a GREAT post!!! You filled me with your happiness and love for your sister and the horses :)

  4. Pantz seems so patient. I love the forest photos and lifted myself off my seat a bit to experience what your sis felt at each jump. You're always so kind to invite me along...PS Good for Wa!

  5. Wow!!! What a ride - what a post! You and your sister and your mares are something else again! Your sister is really going to be 60?!? She is everyone's inspiration out here in bloggerland - jumping bareback!
    So glad Wa is better and you all had time off together to enjoy Nature and your wonder horses.
    Sister love - horsey love! Perfect!

  6. wow your sister is MY inspiration thats for sure. What fun to be riding with her again.. and bareback !! wowo wow !


  7. What fun! I love the photos of Pantz trotting to the log pile. What a great attitiude - eager, but not rushing. You guys are great!

  8. Pantz is so cute. I love that pic shes like "Jump what!!?" and 60? What do you mean by 60?

  9. Wow, Kacy you sister is incredible, she is going to be 60? I will be too in 7 months, can't believe it! Oh, well, LOL, it's just a number, right?
    Jumping, I used to love to jump my first horse, nothing big but smaller fun jumps, all bareback, no pad just bareback! I don't think I could do that now, but one never knows unless one tries! I think I will let my young friend and trainer jump Gilly, she is willing. If she does I will be sure to post for you.
    How fun for you and your sis to be riders and get to ride together, a LOT! No one else in my family rides and they all thought I was nuts anyway.
    Great pictures, great post!!!

  10. Glad the Wa mare is healed up. We are heading into fall; not a good time for our mares to be laid up! I figured out how to get around the firewall to read posts over lunch hour, but can't get into comments without getting firewalled out - so my comments are late coming. But I'm still here!

    Love the pics of your sis! I wish my sister would ride with me. She fell off Ginger 10 yrs ago and fractured her wrist and has been too scared since. I did talk her into riding Blue a couple years ago, but I had to pony her. And I don't think it was fun for her.


  11. The look on your sister's face was priceless! I turned 67 this week and there will be no bareback jumping for me! Did ride tho, and my horse was a sweetheart. Too bad we don't have an ocean nearby.

  12. Yahoo you girls rock!!!!!!!!. and here I am worrying about jumping at nearly 40 ....let alone bareback!!!!. Love the forest views. It looks so magical . What a wonderful time.

  13. Wow, what great photos. I'm so envious of all the fun you had. Lucky you and your horses are super too!

  14. Oh AWESOME! Love the look on your sis' face in the one pic--frame that one--truly just captures the entire thing! She's never jumped and then on some rigged up rug with a curcingle holding it on? I LOVE YOUR SISTER! Heck of a rider!Tell her she's MY inspiration too! :) 60? Well, not that I really know HOW one is "supposed" to look, but I would never have guessed it. I guess horses make us look younger as long as we remember our sunblock, eh? I always say I want to die of old age from the back of my horse. At like 90. Just slide off, gone before I hit the ground! :) Glad to see you having so much fun, Kac!

  15. PS: Also SO wonderful that Wa is doing so well with her injury and it seems as if she is back to her old self! You both have INCREDIBLE horses! AWWW. HECK. Don't we all? :) Jax just looked down at an easily six foot long rat snake two days ago, endured gun-fire in the--not-far at all--distance, and then had to put up with me taking him to all these areas around the farm he hadn't been yet! The absolute funniest was the boat! He was having none of it, until I forced him right on by! He is going to be a wonderful search and rescue mount, and the ACTHA stuff he is going to take in stride once he does it once--or twice, we have an entire course set up at my new barn!-- which will be in October and then November! I AM SO THRILLED your wonderful sis, and Pantz have decided to board at your barn! When she isn't able to be able to be there,you can, and vice versa. Family and vested interest in each other's horses! Super great! Super beyond the sweetness of what we deserve, these GOD given creatures just for us, I sometimes think!

  16. Carolina!
    Yeeha! We diud have the best surprise fun that day!
    Great too, that you will be jumping..but in a dressage...not so much laughing as....hummm?

    I KNEW you'd love that Pantz mare...she has your requirements spots!

    Hi...smiles are what this is about! You too will be smiling about a the future. Fawkes and yourself!

    That is cute and funny about you lifting out of your seat!YOU were there too!You can ride with us always!

    SIster Love~ and horses too~it has been so much fun to have her here again~

    It is sooo fun to have her around and she is enjoying the woods so much more than when she used to come in the wintertime sloppy, wet, cold stuff!Her life has been arena riding mostly...and she craves the am craving some indoors.

    She was a good little Appy horsey about it all!

    Yea..Pantz was very looky looky! And If she is younger so am I!I am 11 yrs younger already!

    Well, I was surprised a bit that day...we were both bareback and I saw a fresh log down at the first part of the ride...with room to hop over it..somewhat on the up hill.
    I asked, " Would you be okay if I jump that log...going ahead of you?" She said then, I tried to look back..but, she had jumped it too..and then exclaimed, " Wow, this mare is a nice jumper" that started it all...and by the time we came back around to that wood pile..I asked her but said, "I want to watch you this time"..she really got into it..allowing me to say..."Do it again, sis"!!

    Well, Nothing I do or we do should be without great reguard for safety..and it is wise to know one's limits and the horses responce to things too.
    Pantz was not going to give anything but calm..that is the way she is most the time. I have to have room to stop mine..her only love is for I have to be careful!

    Tammy~ Great...gald that you may read during the day...I too now can do between clients! My new phone allows me to get email and look at blogs!

    yea...fall is a fav time for riding..not good for lay ups. So sorry your siss got hurt riding and now is ferarful..but it is NOT for the faint in heart...things do happen to us...I know, I have has my fill of injury and many others have too...but..the passion for trying again and learning is greater for some( like me and you) to keep getting back on our lovely and large equines!

    YEA...nice to hear of your lovely ride! I love your arena and lands there.
    YESSS...that photo of Kell smiling BIG- inspired me to post the days ride..I LOVE IT...want to make a poster for her!

    HI! Well, she is pretty neat,my siss...she is one of a kind rider and I look forward to formal lessons again with her...she is always on the look for her next eventing mount. I think she may have some years ahead of her riding. I am with 49, I am somewhat cautious too..may not seem like it, but I am.

    Mountain Woman~
    Thanks!!We did have a refreshing amount of fun that day!

    Jax sounds great with the rescue too. It is alot of attitude we give off sometimes...I found out yesterday, as my mare refused to go somewhere and I got frustrated....
    Kell, my sis, said,
    "Just be passive and keep your energy down, use the lightest of aides" and...she tapped Wa's butt w her twig...which made her have stink- eye faces...but, then she went.
    We did it over and over till...because I had NO ill energies and she was bored(with the details) she went willingly where she did NOT want to go, 2 minutes ago!

    I mean't PANTZ HAS NEVER sissy is an accomplished eventer!
    I think I jsut woke up my husband...ahahaha.."gone before you hit the ground" comment..YOU and me baby!!

  17. Yeah! Jumping! And bareback too! Looks like you sisters had a blast together!

    Glad Wa's hock is healed up and ready for riding!

  18. Hi hi, I did post the jumping photos.
    It's in the post prior to the 'important message' one about the new photoblog (and thanks for joining the fanclub ;-))

  19. Your sister will be 60???? She is amazing and doesn't look a day ovewr 40...seriously!!!!

    And I am so jealous that you were able to ride for three days in a row!!! No

    Pantz is lovely and she seems like a great horse. And I know what you mean about her walk. It is nice to be on a horse that can cover some ground, right?

  20. That's great! I love Pantz she is so beautiful and what a good sport for jumping again and again. Looks like she had lots of fun and your sis too. I'm sure her and Wa mare are great pals now.

  21. I LOVE your sister! She's just a brave and courageous, and strong rider....jumping bareback, with only a saddle pad even! She's gorgeous when she's laughing with pure unbridled joy to be flying on a horse over a jump!
    How inspirational!

    I love that the two of you are together again and can ride the trails side by side, and following one another, laughing all the way.

    The photos were wonderful!!



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