Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kinda bummed

Well, after a week and a half of 90-100 temps...and us wilting about..the weather came down to 70- 80 degrees today! I have the day off too..the stars aligned!

I noticed it right away, as my mare walked up to me in the field. Pantz was the smart one, getting the choice carrot first, by getting to me first!
I sometimes wonder if I am a good horse mommy and did I check everything about her....?
Well, I found out I am looking at her always, even without being  conscientious of telling myself to do it.

 This is the normal looking size..with definition down from the cap of the hock

Side view and the place I think she got kicked-?

So, I was going to ride Pantz and pony Wa...Naaaa...I got that sick feeling like right away.
Determining it was not a puncture wound, but a surface one with trauma..I cold hosed it for about 12 minutes, hand walked her a bit, then put some "Sore no more"  on it. 
There was no heat..amazingly so. Just this ROCK HARD hock.
Oh, I also gave her 2 grams of Bute and some Arnica homeopathy.

She seemed lazed and relaxed...I brushed her face and she was so sweet..she really is not a cuddler mare..but she did the darn-est thing...
she walked towards me and put her head ..right into me gently, as if hiding her face.

Oh Wa mare...sometimes you surprise me with such things!

I left the mares in their stalls with paddocks for the confine her movement some and make it easy to come in the morning, before work, and cold hose more, Bute  if ness and then go from there.

I am disturbed with what could have changed...Pantz does not kick at Wa..she will fuss at the other horses and drive Wa away from the fence .
 I have asked for a buffer fence always= between the mares and any other horses... proved the necessity this summer when Wa got nailed by Pantz.. (without injury) when expressed wishes were NOT followed ....horses were put right on the fence line and what I thought would happen DID.
I pray- that this kind of negligence has not occurred again. I KNOW my horses and what they do. Though unless someone Saw it occur ...we'll never know..and the horses won't tell either!

So, I left the mare...looking on for the deer parade to begin next door, in the tree farm.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry about Wa's injury. Hosing down seems the best First Aid indeed. I hope it looks better today. Things like that always make me feel slightly panicky. Not the best place for an injury. Good luck and a cuddle for Wa. She's sweet. Naloma often does that, burying her head in my chest or under my arms. She does like a cuddle. Wa must have appreciated that you were helping her.

    Big hug,

  2. Horses do know! They know when you are trying to do the right thing for them. Gracie frequently comes up to me, and then puts her head under my right arm! GKW? But she just does it, and stays there for ages.
    I hope the hock heels fast, and that Wa mare gets better soon, good luck.

    Great about the heat though! Cooler now?

  3. These things happen to horses. Is she comfortable walking/trotting on the leg in the pasture? If so, I wouldn't worry too much about it and it will heal in time. (I wouldn't necessarily ask her to trot in hand with that sort of injury unless she were completely sound at the walk.) If you're going to have a hock injury, the very back point is a better place - it can absorb a lot of concussion.

    Like it that she wanted some love! Hope things heal up quickly.

  4. You are doing all the right things to help Wa get through this...hopefully it won't take long. She is a very sweet girl.

  5. Oh Kacy! So sorry to hear about the sweet Wa and her injury. I hear your frustration (your comments on my blog) about not living there and being able to see what is going on. You need the people there to be your eyes and ears. My mom tells me what is going on at the barn, but I do have to listen to her entire personal schedule for the day BEFORE she tells me about the horses! LOL! I think you are doing the right things for healing - glad you decided against the ponying - the stall/paddock sounds right - some movement if she wants. She will surely start to have less swelling and more repair. Sometimes Pie and Sovey inadvertently "kick" each other because they are really kicking at a fly. Hugs to you and Wa - so sweet that she was affectionate - she is sore, Mommy, and she wants you to cuddle her.

  6. Oh, Kacy so sorry Wa was hurt! Maybe they were just playing and Wa got kicked, horses do play rough! Sounds like you did all the right things to make her feel better and she knew it. Lucky horse, Wa is to have a wonderful owner like you! :-)
    Weather here is so nice and cool this morning but still the flies linger on and bite even more fiercely, coming to the end of their season. Soon, soon I can ride again....and I must look out for bees nests!!!
    hugs to you...

  7. I sure hope she's feeling better soon.

  8. Oh no! Poor Wa Mare! I hope she gets better soon, and you get back on the trail in no time.

  9. Poor Wa. I know Indigo sometimes scrapes herself in that same spot rolling on rocks and stuff.

  10. Jingles for Wa Mare. LIke Sydney's mare, mine gives herself little rubs right there if she's been sleeping for an extended preiod of time. I've found that cold-hosing and easy walking exercise tends to break up and alleviate the swelling, even if she is just a little off. Hope all is well again soon!

  11. Que se mejore de la lesiĆ³n, el estar en libertad es la mejor medicina, luego un poco de limpieza y productos homeopaticos, agua de jara y curada.
    Saludos de Gabriel.

  12. Ouch! Poor Wa mare. I'm sure she'll heal quickly with your expert care. She knows you are trying to help her and so she is thanking you by cuddling. This should all resolve itself in a day or two.

  13. Horses never fess up to what happened on pasture. Hope Wa is quickly on the mend. And that there are no repeat encounters that result in injuries.

  14. Thanks so much every one...I really appreciate the advice!!!

    I did wonder about the rolling on a sharp object querry...but there are other scrapes...just to the inside too, that made me rule that out.
    I have never seen Wa play with anyone before...her idea of play is -running and rearing/snorting. My PBO said she'd make sure no horses were on a single fenceline w rule herding/ kicking behaviour out from Pantz...other wise...if more injuries occur...will separate them! !

  15. Aww, poor Wa. Yet another injured how. We need to start wrapping them in bubble wrap or something!

    Sending healing thoughts!

  16. hugs to you and Wa!
    I hate when things like that happen and you have now idea what happened and they can't tell you!
    Sending healing vibes!

  17. Oh dear, so sorry Wa isn't good...hope she heals quick so that next time work and weather align you can enjoy it.

  18. OH NOOOOOO. :(
    I hate that feeling in the pit of the stomach when something like that happens.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that it's just superficial and a couple days off with cold hosing and bute makes Wa mare all better.
    Hugs to her and you, Kacey!

  19. WOW look at that hock!!! I'm so sorry she got hurt. Hopefully it heals fast!

    Sweet of her to give you a bit of love =)

  20. Poor Wa - I was interested that you gave her Arnica pills. I also use Arnica pills for trauma or over-exertion and the gel for bruising and soreness (the skin can't be broken, though). I used it for my dog, too.

  21. Again thanks my friends for all your supporting internet hugs and wishes!
    I feel a bit helpless...but if it not reduced by tomorrow..will take her to the vets office.
    Gabriel....sure wish I could UNDERSTAND your comments...I did put the translator gadget on my blog...but I guess it does not write in english! Thanks for trying to tell me your thoughts!!:-)) :-> :-)
    Yea Barb...arnica is sooo great!

  22. Isn't it amazing how they look to us for comfort when they are hurt. Our draft cross stumbled and fell to her knees under saddle recently, with my husband riding, and when we took her into her stall she held her sore leg up to each of us as if asking for help. (She was fine.) They are so sweet.
    Hope your horse is better soon. Even with horses that get along there's always the occasional injury.

  23. Oh poor Wa mare ....I hope she gets better soon

  24. i know that wa knew you were helping her ("give me the pills, mom") and i'm sure the bute helped her feel better.

    if you like, i can write some german comments so you can use your translator, hehe


  25. Oh, my. Poor Wa. I'm behind on reading. How is she doing now?

    When we got to WY last month, we set up our fencing and put the mares in. The next morning, the horse were loose. Windy & BUtter both had war wounds. GINGER! Windy's mama must of got a little cranky with both of them. Windy had some inflammation right over the ribs. Hated like heck saddling her. Gave her bute & put rub on it. She did fine, but till broke my heart.

    Hope she is doing well. Love that Wa needed a hug! )

  26. Washashe ran like the wind the 3rd day...being kept in for 2. She showed no favoritism..and it has reduced its size..but still hard. She really has sttong teactions to everything.

    Will ride today at Sunset (after a 6 day off recovery time) see how she goes and also will poultice it again.

  27. I'm so sorry I'm late to visit over here and have to catch up. The last week has been one of craziness, sadness, pain, depression, confusion, frustration, and just plain exhaustion.
    I am so far behind with everything, including blogging.

    But I know that you understand.
    I am so very sorry, too, that you sweet Wa mare was injured, but I'm relieved to read that she's on the mend now. Horses are both tougher than we think, and also weaker than we think.

    My Apache mare is going through some worrying behavior that started last week. But I'm not ready to talk about it on my blog yet because I'm supposed to keep a journal and keep track of her behavior each day. I'm just so worried about her and scared, too.

    I think it's so endearing that Wa mare needed you so much and showed you in an affectionate way. I'm sure it made you feel very special, too.

    A few days after she kicked me, when I was finally able to walk up to the pasture, Apache met me there and seemed so happy to see me. She stayed with me even though there was food up in the barn waiting for her. She was also very affectionate and tender hearted towards me to the point of even stopping her impatient fly stomping with her feet and biting flies off her flanks. I think she recognized that it made me nervous and she wanted to reassure me that she wasn't going to hurt me, and just wanted to spend some time with me. She kept licking my hands, arms, pants, and nuzzling my hair. She was so very sweet. How can I stay upset with my mare after she apologizes like that? :)

    Prayers and love being sent for the speedy healing of you lovely Wa mare, my friend,


  28. Hopefully Wa's hock has gone down by now. It's good that it is not causing her to be lame and there is no heat. My horse, Kylie, has swollen up over a tiny cut before. I've done the same as you are doing cold hose and poultice. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon!

    Isn't horse the love the best!!! Can't help but smile when they show thier love for us.


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