Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My World Tuesday Summery Mountain Ride

My girlfriend and I have not ridden, but once together, since our camp trip to Clackamas lake  a few back..
So we made plans this weekend...though it was supposed to rain and be all clouded...we made our horsey plans anyway!
Good thing we were NOT hindered by the forecasts....
because it was gorgeous!


Originally, we set out for Ollalie Lake, in the Mount Hood National Forest lands. We stopped at the local ranger station to get a map of Triangle Lake, nearby.
FIRE had the area CLOSED...good thing we stopped..thanks be to God for that heads up! Would have been MILES of wasted trip.
Camp Riley- here we come, instead!
It was PERFECT outside...nice in the sun and in the shade.

Many creeks to cross this day, with a pair horses that knew each other not, to ride together. I was riding Pantz mare, my sisters 22 yr old -Appaloosa with my friends Mustang, Simeon. They seemed to be at ease with each other...and it did set the nice, calm pace for the beautiful day we were blessed with~

It was somewhat warmer than the forecasts as well...so we took it easy and stayed mainly in the shaded forests.
How many Faces do you see-in the photo below????

 I just LOVE the humor in that! 
We were already happy- that a favorite trail to the river had been cleared. Then..teehehe, someone made it clear to us, it gave them some cheer too!

We were astonished at HOW VERY BLUE the skies were this day...
This is untampered  Straight Out Of theCamera!

Our shadowy horse friends rode along with us, as we set off on a nice sandy trail up along the river...

Peaceful and serene it was....then, we came out into the open to view....Our Mount Hood!!!

She was so pretty this day, with the extra blue skies and wispy clouds.

We played near the Sandy River, and  literally , IN the Sandy Riverbed for a time..just imaging how it would look with the water rushing...right where we rode. 
The rushing waters do ride up,  in the wintertime.

Back to camp we went, after a time in the Sandy Riverbed...We needed refueling and so did the horses!
NO-ONE was around this fabulous weekend...all the camps , save 1, were vacant!! I mean whoa!
So we nestled into one of the camping areas and allowed the horses to have a stall...instead of just the tie rack at the day use. We loosened the girths and removed the bridles.

We ate our delectables, and rested...

...ans so did the horses...w / Beet pulp with salt electrolytes and hay... 
...then a long -lipped NAP!

Of Course..Pantz stood vigilant most the time. She has to take care of all around her, it is her true Lead Mare M.O.
 She does worry me sometimes...she takes care of everyone else..but sometimes, NOT herself. She can be a hard keeper...for the fretting she does.
But today, she was pretty good...eating, drinking and nice.

We relaxed for about an hour then went back out for one more, little shady ride...to some creeks and around the camps.

No Pantz..won't be asking you to cross that!

You  can cross here...in this sparkling babbling brook!

Here is the thing with Pantz mare...she is not like my TB mare, that stands quietly and awaits my  asking to move ahead. Pantz will stand usually-only untill she has deemed the area around her safe to travel..then she wants to TRAVEL AHEAD!...Hence the blip at the end of the video...
I was NOT ready!

We crossed the creek and set off for home...Pantz has this 'Kickin"  walk...in the video, it does not look like she is covering ground...but boy is she!

Simeon also set off into the Sunset with his girl aboard...Us bringing up the rear and His Shadow horse inbetween.

Hoping you are having some nice Summery times with family / friends and equines too, maybe!
Thanks for sharing the ride!
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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventure. Wish there were horse camps where we live!

    I rode a mare much like Pantz... she was the lead mare... a very good noticer...vigilent in every situation - tiny (maybe 13 h) though she was. She kept us safe always. RIP Ginger :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely ride around the Riley Horse Camp. Lucky you that there are so many horse camps in your area. I know of only a handful of official horse camps in New Mexico, and most of them are basically just an afterthought without very nice facilities.
    I think if there were more horsecamps that there would be a lot more individual horse riders doing weekend horse trips.

    That little narrow bridge was very cute! Made me want to cross it just to explore....of course, horseless! lol!

    Pantz does have a quick ground covering walk, more like a slow trot.


  3. Beautiful country Kacey thank you for sharing. Pantz does cover a lot of ground.. I can't believe she is that old!!!

  4. Many rides in that area ... Sandy River, Riley Horse Camping, the whole Welshes area .... and as usual you gave me some good reminders of some very, very nice rides. Twas beautiful ... Thanks!

  5. Beautiful trail ride you were on! Pantz looks like she walks like a Tennessee Walker, wish that Gil would move like that sometimes, he is never in a hurry. I hope to find some good riding trails as soon as me and Gil are on the road! :-)
    Beautiful photos!!!!!
    jane and gil

  6. oh how your blog makes me want to travel south. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Looks like you have had wonderful travels on horseback. If you ever have a couple of minutes and want a laugh, please see an entry on my blog from last summer:
    (Sorry, I wouldn't normally be so bold, but you and I live in different worlds when it comes to horses. I'm jealous of your journeys!

  8. Some pretty fabulous scenery! You go to some pretty spectacular places.

  9. As always I jealous of your gorgeous scenery and fab trails, thanks KK

  10. Wow beautiful photos..it was like taking a vicarious ride. Very green and refreshing!

  11. oh my goodness what beautiful photos. Mt Hood looks fantastic. I remember skiing there when I was a teenager. I loved the blue sky shot too. I will take a photo of our grey skies to show you what you aren't missing. Glad you are getting some fab rides in

  12. Lovely ride! Thought of you last week as we drove through the Willamette with the grandkids....Wished I'd had a horse with me, so I could make a side trip to your lovely green hills...

  13. Wow KK, lovely. We have some nice trail systems around here, but no terrain like that!
    I'm thinking of taking a long weekend out to the northwest with the boys. My husband travesl to Spokane and Portland for business.
    Any ideas of places to see/stay for a short trip? I would really like my boys to see that part of the country. You can email privately is you like.

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! When I get my new horse, I am coming down to ride with YOU! Mt Hood ia absolutely breathtaking and looks like it would be fun to climb. : )

    PS-The kidlets go back to school one week from today. Then mommy can ride!

  15. Oh, my dear, and this is exactly why I should stop reading your blog! You make me so jealous with all these wonderful places you have to ride!

    I have cornfields and wheatfields...jealous yet? :D

  16. So beautiful and what a wonderful ride. Wish I was there!

  17. KK - your photos are breathtaking as usual!!! What an idyllic life you lead on either mare. The photo of the Mt. Hood National Forest sign between the ears of (dear Pantz?) is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your adventures. I honestly feel like I know Mt. Hood well because of you!

  18. Wow! Thanks so much for your wonderful post, and taking all of us along with you. Mt. Hood is goergeous! You have game horses, eager to cross that rocky stream.

  19. Looks like a wonderful ride Kacy. And Mt. Hood looked beautiful and very sparse on the snow. I got your message about going riding with you before our summer is gone. It seems sooo fleeting, doesn't it? *sigh* How I would love to go riding with you!!! But...my Harley is unfortunately, not an option of late. Thinking we may have to spend most of our time together inside, at least for now. Ladde is a possibility, but he's big and bold and has the ability to scare the pants off of me at times! He and I need to spend a lot more time on the trails before I'll feel comfortable aboard "his largeness". LOL Love you and just know that I'm positively green with envy of your latest trip! Wishing you well my friend!

  20. Oh wow riding a horse is better than hiking ^_^. I think I saw 3 faces on that one photo ^_^. Great shots and thanks for sharing. Happy weekend!
    Weekend Reflection

  21. I love to share your rides ;-) Love the little videos you include.

  22. Wonderful as usual Kac! I saw 4 perhaps faces for sure, but I did include your sis and the horse too... I could have been "seeing" things too. I am having a ball here in my new home and the beauty it offers. Doing my first ACHTA ride next month, and Jackson and I have been jumping and cantering like fools. It's like we moved to Florida and things just went CLICK!
    We also back up onto San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park, over 7,000 acres of trail riding available to me now Kac! Gonna need that GPS for sure! :)
    Loved the pics, I just got PhotoShop, let's see if I can create some fun here! :)


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