Monday, September 27, 2010

Healing myself and the mares

I have to say, that healing me , my mind after the last 2 incidences, has come with difficulty.
My mind has been shaken, with coming off Pantz and the Cat attack on the horses.

 I had kept the mares in the open Stall/ Paddock runs for 6 days...hand walking them  daily and taking them out everyday.

Using liniment and massaging them. Poor Pantz's hind legs  have stayed so swollen. She is off her feed and is seeming to be depressed.  It reminds me of when My sissy competed with her...she got ulcers. She is acting a bit like that, again...very worried mare.
So, I was afraid for them and I did want to put them out, in the fields again. Wa had open wounds still, and that scent of blood from the road running incident may have been what attracted  the Cougar in the first place.
 It means "weakness" to a predator.

I have a new thought about the "Original Spook"-  weeks ago.
Pantz mare can be spooky sometimes...she sure had been with my sister and I, days before she dumped me in that VIOLENT spook, that made me loose the both of them.
THAT is what I am remembering the mares really wanted to turn and run a few days before, on a ride.
 They absolutely WOULD NOT CONTINUE down a trail, just a few miles from the pond. My sissy was almost unseated then.
Could Pantz and Wa mare smelled the Big Cat Predator then?

I am believing that more may have been moving through the area...and I unfortunately, chose to ride near the pond that day.
Ducks may have caught Pantz's eye...but the SCENT of an animal, altogether different, made her whirl and dump me!

6 days and nights later....I conceded to allow my PBO to put the mares out to field- BUT- NOT the same field of the attack. It is too close to the woods and smaller.

So-Last Tuesday, she was walking them out of the barn together. She probably thinks differently now about what she chose to do with her truck with  a horse turnout blanket hang drying off the end of it...
WA mare went BALLISTIC!!
 She saw that form- 3 feet off the ground- in the direction of the woods, and reared and whirled around the the right and to the left.
 My PBO said she was thankful I had done so much round work with her...she kept out of HER space as she tried to flee.

My sissy and I came out the next day, to tend to them and  maybe get them out for a small ride. We noticed Pantz was really sullen as we tacked up....
Sweet Wa mare...looking at me always.."Whatyadoing KK girl??"

We decided to take a short version of a ride...just to stretch their legs...WA was not wanting to go down the hill and kept the halter on her ..I suspected 3 weeks off may be like this.
My sissy ponied us for a time. She was very groany, and unwilling, as we went down the hill.

Pantz was REALLY , REALLY OFF. Short striding in her hind. When we returned, 20 minutes later she would not eat anything we offered her.
We put them out to field,  for a time, after liniment baths...Wa mare prepared a spot to roll for herself...
BUT- after much toil and going down to her forelegs, she abated trying ..for it must have hurt too much to release all the way. That was going to be rolling on her road fall side.

She got up right after this move-

Poor mares..they are still very much affected by the incidents....
Healing continues....for me too.
I have NOT wanted to ride alone..on either one. I stopped by the vets office today, to hand in a release for Wa prep for our move on Saturday to "PAINTED FOREST STABLE". The gal that was at the front desk told me a story about a Cougar in her driveway...she is less than 20 miles away.
And visiting my new BARN today...the owner said that her friend that lives in a nearby town, has shot 6 Cougar this year...and was stalked yesterday, on horseback, by one!
Okay, I am looking forward to a covered arena and riding with others this exploring times will be on hold for some time...
More time, for healing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Packed Post

Me, taking care of the mare. . . just loving on her~

First off...allow me to introduce you to Freyda. She is a rescue feline that my sister fostered. At 6 mo old Freyda had a littler, with only one surviving kitten.  That was 8 years ago. Now, as my sister(non horsey one) is becoming more active in marathon biking and running sometimes...she needed to re home her. Sooo- meet our new kitty!

She is a very LARGE cat weighing in at 20 -22 lbs. I had a very difficult time weighing her..she encompassed the scale, and to pick her up...really hard...but I did...but almost fell off the scale for leaning over, and try to see the digits, around her mass!
She Is healthy, my sis went to many vets to see if she had a problem. NOPE. But yet... and I have a diet plan for her..(will go into later)

I have enjoyed her being at home, waiting for me as I open the door! These
 past 2 weeks, her waiting for me at home, has been a comfort to me!!

(all photo's  in this POST taken from my new phone-quality-eh--but I may send to my email and the computer does not object)

Weds evening,  (after my story below)....
Freyda cat...taking care of me!

(I started to write this story...last Weds)
So bear with has gotten so much better..but this is how It began-

SHOCK...I am in shock.
In a series of three a row, My mare had sustained another injury, as well as Pantz.
I pray this is the last for a LONG while!

I had to work Tuesday last....all day, all night. I told my PBO I would not be out. No problem, she takes care of my horses- feeds, waters, handles and brings them in at night now, as I asked for that, last week.
 I don't worry at all.
Wednesday was to be therapy for the mares, since the Road runner day, week before, and crash. Also..I was going to be packing for the BEND trip!!

I got to the barn Weds, after working the morning shift, and went out to the mares...again, they are standing in the extreme corner, at the gate...waiting to come in-at 1pm?!!
This has been the trend for them, the past 2 weeks..waiting to come in, not necessarily, at dinnertime.
 I notice theses well as Pantz being extra cranky and getting more tucked up and slim looking .

 I  Notice, I have to, my sister trusts me with her horse, I am in charge of her now.... I have to notice.
I weight tape both mares on a monthly basis. It is one way I keep track of them and changes.
As I walked into the field..I doid notice Pantz's grain bowl...set aside and out of the way- so my mare could not eat her food. I looked into it..not only was there a quarter of grain left, not eaten...there was the rest of her morning meal...still in the baggie. OKAY...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?? Something is amiss.
I digress..

I got them in the barn and started to ready them for a Equine Therapy treatment.  Yea..I always feel excellent about having the specialist out to access their health-BELOW THE SURFACE!

OH! I noticed Pants first...
Pantz's hind legs were swollen up , solidly, from hock to pastern. HARD. I checked Pantz heat but totally swollen hind legs! Then, I walked into my mare's stall and almost lost my breath- for what I saw...sinking, I felt like I was sinking.

These were so sore and hot/swollen..the mare would barely let me look at them very long, let alone touch!

Claw marks, spanning her back rib cage, to hip and over her rump! Funny too...I never thought anything other than CAT, meaning -COUGAR.- from the get go.
Some now think it could be a bear...but?
Though I have walked the field , several times now...looking for anything else it could be!!!

My sister came up from the coast too-emergency like- to check it all out.
 WE walked the mares near everything in the field, anything near that height. I had my  sissy, walking behind me and Wa mare, to see if it were possible to make those marks.
 NOPE...they are NOT on her side...they are in the curve area and up on top! IN straight lines.

Well, with  my Equine therapist was coming in 10 minutes, and having her Thermography camera  with her ...
Oh MY Wonderful GOD! Couldn't have planned that better...
It not only showed the marks on Wa mare that we showed another complete set of marks, full of heat, atop her upper rump!

(bad quality from my cell phone, yet the heat/trauma marks are still apparent)

It also showed marks on Pantz, as well, we couldn't even see .
I thought Pantz had gotten off, with no  more than swollen hind legs.
She too had scratch marks upon her upper rump area, the camera showed lines there, in bright red...Miriah, my Equine Therapist...gasped...walked over to Pantz and touched the area the camera showed..
OH! She shrunk away from her touching it!

She also found her Gaskins(that right?) her inner hind thigh area...heated and red on the camera too...running, I think running, and maybe kicking.
This technology is amazing!

I tried fanatically to reach my PBO...tried her husband too! I just  wanted to know WHEN this happened!!
DID it happen in the hours between -when you took them out to the field- that morning???
Did they get left outside Tuesday night?? I just needed to know!
Nothing from her.

I was in more than shock,  now.

I Could not think of that trip. I did NOT care about loosing the $105. bucks!

Back to horse...
I wondered if I should have the vet prescribe me antibiotics again...cats claws are so dirty...infection is my concern here.
I am having the mares in all the time, right  now..they have very large runs, attached to the open stalls. The Rains have begun ...It is a bit warm for blankets yet and they would want to be under cover...with none out there.

I have gone daily, since the attack anyway. so, the mares are getting out for walks and grooming and assesment. Funny thing too...I make sure to stay till dark time...and the first night, there was this screaming noise..yeowling in the woods across the street. The other horses were all huddled in the barn as well as mine...they all took off- out of the stalls...all except Wa mare.
 She bobbed her head up and down..and would NOT budge. In fact...tonight, Monday the 20th- almost a week later. She still will not come out of her stall -at dark. I tried to coax her out tonight with an apple, then a carrot and then ...a nice pepperminmt  treat from my go!
interesting...she knows best for herself.

My sister and Nephew came out to the barn. a few days ago.

 We all took the horses for a nice walk, for a few hours. I got drenched, as we walked in the freshly rained  upon forests!
 My Nephew rode Pantz, with my bareback saddle.
When he thought about it...he took his helmet off for the pic..though a solarization one, and his COOL hair, did not really show up!

 It was a good walk and I found out that my mare is very much lame, from the hip.

 So, for now, I will cold hose and hand walk.
Since most of my friends have seen the photos...some say bear and some say Cougar.
The D.N.R. (Dept Of Natural Resources) thought Young or Smaller wild cat...since she was attacked from behind and not the throat, as an experienced, bigger wild cat would do.

My plans are for these for the mares.
 It is a terrible feeling, not trusting them outside right now...reading up on it on the web, has NOT helped either! Lots of photos and broad daylight attacks, all over the country. I just do not want them out longer than a few hours..and NOT close to DARK at all!
Rest and is happening...whew...I am so tired of injuries!

I am having the " Easy Walker Horses"shoes taken off next weekend. I have ridden on them twice..and, as some of you know, I think they are too small and the nails are NOT set. They are long and loose,coming out of her hooves. Her hoof wall sustained some damage since the animal attack. Miriah, the
therapist and my sister  too, found
 abnormal traveling patterns,  really close to the trees in the paddock they were in. Some rocks were up on end around the trees with deep soil  patterns with hoof prints. So Wa probably ran across the large rocks and chipped her the hooves that way...since I am not riding her.

Freyda hiding away in the first arrival to her -now home.

So, through all this stuff, I have been waiting to tell  my PBO about some "good news"....that did not seem to be so good, when I finally got to tell her a day ago. I have had so much happen in the past 3 weeks...whew my head is spinning.

It really is GOOD though.
 Something I have sought after, for 4 years of owning my mare....
A BALANCE= of Trails and Arena time-in ONE local- for boarding.

I have been on a list for almost 1 year and half now for a  wonderful PRIVATE FACILITY . The first time I was accepted...they had room for only ONE horse...I had 2, with Pantz.

 Last year, just after I was accepted into my friends barn, my current place.....  
They  called me  AGAIN, to offer me the spot..I was reeling from the disastrous ending from being dejected from a stable with all my friends there still.

I said," no, I just moved...but here is a gal you'll love, she just called me to get out of the same place!"
She DID move to the Private ,wonderful, smaller stable, over a year ago and has loved it, ever since...

Some of you know her from "EQUINEMINE" blog

 We have had some really good rides and adventures together!!

This Private stable, it is super duper clean- and the best manged facility, I have seen under $ 600. It's way under that...but my point is...some $600 facilities offer Muddy turn outs and dusty, or soggy, slippery arenas. And, it has been EXTINCT from the paddocks inn those high priced spots, since they opened...usually,  because of over horse population to try to make a buck outa boarding,  instead of service and quality.

The nicest places I have seen, have an acre per horse, and save room for rotation of fields.

Something my friend noticed right away, after having been there for months and returning to her old boarding barn for a clinic...her horse was sleek and shiny, shed out.... while the others were dull and thick coated.
She has something, at this wonderful stable she moved to, they can't even offer...
GRASS - omegas = anti- oxidants in it, really help!
Plus,  stalls are open to a covered breezeway,and a150 foot run- for each horse.
. PEACE of MIND for the horses!

SO YUPPERS, They RECENTLY called me up again....I was standing with my current PBO, talking...probably about BEND.
I met again with the owner, and looked at the contracts, met with the vet, got my horses fecal done for a 0  count after worming last time.  0 resistance to the program I am on. They manage the fields, grooming them. PLUS, they haul MANURE OUT -to a local nursery. I've only been one other place, long ago that did such a good job of managing manuer (and flies!).

I'm IN!!!
THIS IS HARD THOUGH...leaving Pantz mare.
BUT my sister said,  though she can't afford it right now, she assured me by the time she moves up here and gets a job, she will be able to then! much I am gonna miss...but, there is so much I am going to really enjoy, again...A COVERED ARENA, My sissy coming to give me lessons, NEW trails, New friends and friends reunited! A lovely Round pen. Riding in the rain..without getting wet!

Last year, I interviewed at a barn...about this time of year, knowing I would want an arena for winter. I got accepted to board there. I was currently taking lessons there, as well.
 I decided not to move, so I could pay off the trailer and be in one place for longer than a year.
 NOW....I've done my time, boarding and riding  in the outdoor conditions all year-

Pantz will remain at the country local. I won't miss the 26 mile drive...but will still make it, to take care of Pantz mare, until my sissy moves back to Portland.
 My New place is 18 miles from home.

Today...I conceeded to allow the mares out again... both really want to be out now.
At first they seemed to enjoy the stalls..eating hay all day.. ..but now, it's time..I must let them go out again.

 Was going to hand walk them  next door, yesterday...but when My mare reared up in her stall, as I got Pantz let you blow off the steam on your own,  in the fields!
 I sat in the field, with them, for an hour.. they both came up to me sitting on the ground...sniffled me then they ran around,  rolled and played and ate lovely fall grasses.

Again..Rest and Safety...the goal!~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer's Sunset

Last Weekend, when the mares were recovering from the freedom romping on the road and what happens when turns are executed- at high speeds on MUST RIDE MONDAY ( or anytime)PARTNER called me.
She called me...then....she called me and called me...I finally conceded to a ride.

She brought her two steeds over and we planned to take A-LONG-RIDE.
Though Wa mare and I have done this ride, in 3 hours, trotting and cantering allot. We were not going to force the issue with her horses.
The day I went on Wa , last...she really asked me to go faster..not the other way around.
We had fun and she told me, about  half way up the mountain, as I pointed out the  red marker ribbions so she could follow them again with someone else, if she came back...
"You lost me about 3 turns ago"
 We both got a good laugh and knew, I would be leading her on this trip...should we come back again!
Fine with me...I love this loop!

As we neared the 2,000 ft mark , 900 feet up from where we started. We neared the viewpoints and lots more light at the top of the 10 mile "Stony Mountain" loop.
 I finally just let out a huge sigh, and profusely thanked  her for "Making me" come out and play!

Cazi Mustang showed me a fantastic ride...leading, following..and just plain taking care of me.

We took in the views and headed back down the Mountain...
We had about 40 minutes till dark...though "DARK" comes much earlier in the forests, I knew a short cut out of the woods and into the light, at the bottom of the hill and out of this forest we entered now.

The light on mosses always thrills me with it's colors and textures...I know I have a million photos- just like this one!

 Final 20 minutes, and to home...we hit our only road of the trip. It is a "No outlet" it remains quiet mostly. Only locals and us horse folk.

As we neared the creek, where I frequently spot bear tracks (fortunately, no bears yet) I deployed my 'Bear Bell"- for alerting the we come!

Then onto the final service road home...greeted by...
 Oh man, they were a serenading us, on our arrival back to our homelands!

Sweet Summer Sunsets~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bitless, Pantz style

                                Pantz  rather enjoys a  bitless bridle... I have noticed she fusses and pulls her lips
                 back less. She grits her teeth  too, with a bit . My sissy and I, may be the only riders use a  bitless on her.

                                    I have used "Dr. Cooks" with her, and of late, my own "Nurtural bitless bridle".
                      My sissy, the one that has 3 of everything ( I have 2) found this nice rolled nose band in her tack. It was on an- older than the hills- webbing headstall....I cringed some, who cares if it is frugal...I don't like the mixed mediums!
I took it upon myself to re- headstall it- upon the 3rd unused headstalls of my sissy's tack items she let me borrow it some 4 years ago, when she brought me my mare.

So, the healing of the mares and I, has kept on moving along. I rode Ms. Pantz mare yesterday...she was good and a bit out of shape..she had a tough time keeping up with the 26 yr old Morgan mare of the property! I am looking forward to her therapy apt. Plus...My sister and I are changing her diet...she is a tough keeper mare..worries alot, looses weight very easy.
We are going to start to give her "Senior Source" with her Senior feed and Timothy hay with supplimental Orchard grass. I hope this gives her some more weight...I may get some stabalised Flax meal for her as well...she WILL NOT eat the Source stuff...I am really goning to have to mix in well!

Here is someting to look forward to for me and one of the mares....
My Private barn owner and I have plans to go see our former ,local riding partner, James!!
He now lives in BEND OREGON. He moved there in the spring, from Texas. He disliked Texas so much, and yearned for the Oregon hillsides & dales he is renting a home and boarding for now...but come OCT. he will move his horses home, to a place he purchased and is working on ...readying it for the steeds and himself.
                                                     Since the accident of Washashe mare and Pantz last week...I was NOT going to go for the trip...not the fundage $ available, since the latest vet bill. Or -the sound horse ....but, I am considering taking Pantz mare.

                                              The mares recuperating in the fields this week

Me looking at foliage, walking back from the fields.
      Sorry,  pic is is from my new phone...trying to figure out how to make the images bigger still.
                                         Wa mare yesterday, after her therapy session-via me- stretching her and finding out that her "compensating" hind leg is out..maybe at the hip? So this Wednesday...they BOTH have an apt. with the therapist!
                                 I will see if it is a go for Wa or Pantz to take to Bend...I am leaning towards Pantz!

                           Here is where we shall be keeping the horses!! Click brochure pic, to see more.

                                     This gal TK, that owns the Eagle Bear Ranch lodging, says that we may ride right into the downtown of "Sisters",  hitch our horses up to many different sites, and have ourselves some lunch! I am so into well as riding the Pacific Crest  Trail- right out the back gate!
And one ride will be to MIRROR lake, that James rode to with a new riding friend, a few weeks ago.

                                                                 Here is his photo, from Mirror Lake !

I may be down from Blogging for a time...this post, I have been trying to post for over a week....the computer is really on the is 10 years old and I am going to have it serviced and such.

So until I can post and edit the way I need to...please be well friends and I will try and visit via my Cell phone.
There is soooooo MUCH to share right is killing me not to...but this hour to do a post maybe or maybe not for the birds!

 KK and the Mares~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is showing herself

My husband and I got to work on a project together of late... while we were gathering  up some Basalt stones, at the local Landscape supply, I looked up and spotted  my first glimpse of FALL!
The Oregon City Trolley, was appropriately colored to match.
Last week was super busy again..I only got to ride the weekend a little. It was the first riding I have done on my 3rd set of EASY WALKER horseshoes.
Plus=Wa mare had to heal up from the Hock injury.
So my sissy came, and we rode 3 days.
To my dismay...found that my shoer has really skipped town, in the professional department.
 At a suggestion of someone, I asked for the "clips" not to be applied to the EASY WALKER SHOES. WRONG...I should have watched the installation video again before I took that advise... and the E.W. Web site recommended shoer for the shoes,  should have too...
No clips at all =It is not recommended for the riding I do. The clips really help the stability of the shoes.Only the toe clip can be removed for breakover and the side clips should remain.
AND, since he does not use the recommended equipment (he seems to have an answer for all my queries on this issue too) he is unable to actually SET the nails into the shoes. what I got, after the first my great horror!
Raised nails!!

I have called the shoer man answer.
 I mean, I asked for the clips to be left off, he is not at fault that way...but not knowing why I should have them ON and Not bothering to call me back, totally inexcusable!
 I got advise from the dealers and have remedied the problem, as best I can. I have bell boots on the mare still...for the stupid unclenched nails are sharp.
He is so fired and reported too...called the Canadian dealer and will contact the American one.
He should NOT be on any recommendation list for the shoes.

So, that ill said...I was able to go out to the barn on Wednesday last, for a small ride on Pantz...and I ponied Wa mare.
We passed our herd on the way out.

It was such a refreshing little ride..the weather had given us a BLAST of HEAT WAVE I stayed to the forests.
I made for home, after about an hour and neared the neighbors pond. We stopped there.
 I took a relaxing deep breath, as I watched some ducks swim out to the middle of the pond with their babies...wondered if......... Pant.....z...z.z.zz.z.z......OH!!!
Pantz suddenly levitated south...I stayed north...I mean, it totally happened so fast,  it felt like someone pushed me off the horse!!
I flew in slow motion, the few feet to the ground...opening my hands breaking the fall...oops letting go of Wa mare too.
It took me, a minute to get off the ground.
I looked up the first time, to see the horses wondering what to do..but Wa was persuading Pantz to move away...the next time I looked up...they were gone!
 I called my Barn owner...she called her husband and said, " they'd come out to look for them."
I tracked the hoof prints back....oh! They missed the first turn home -up the trail....
Oh! They missed the second turn home, up the trail...and to my great dismay, the hoof prints got father apart and deeper...meaning= SPEED=
Yep...speed, and now going towards the road.....
My heart totally SANK...I prayed out loud for them and the situation.

I made it to the road...and saw the storey unfolding in the hoof skid marks....Wa knew it was a left turn..Pantz did I imagine them colliding...Wa got the worst of it...I saw herflesh and reddish- brown  hair, from one side of the road to the other, barely missing the wire fence on the other side.
My water container was smashed...and on the ground..tea bags here and there...lid...I looked up the road to the left and to the right...poop I see POOP!
Up  the right direction!
I had terrible walking boots on..made for riding..not walking!
I had a mind to take them off...I could barely get going up the paved hill..then, My Barn owner drove up and gave me a lift. WHEW'''
They were in the stalls...the barn owners husband- bless his heart- caught them, put them in. He was breathing hard and said not a word about the horses having injury.
(for some reason I think people look for injury, automatically-like I do)

For some reason, I was worried for Pantz more...I looked her over...she had one scrape and a skinned the looks of the reins...she did bite it, in the dirt...up by the attachment of the bit less...was embedded soil and brush.
She would not take and apple or carrot later.  checked her blood, all there.
 I decided to get back on and go back to reclaim that POND area! I took 10 minutes to do is close.

Getting back untacking....
I went into my mares stall to take her legs wraps off......OH HORROR!
I can't even share the photos I took with you  friends...Bloody mess of her knee and elbow, her Stifle had a   golf ball sized CHUNK- right out of it!
I don't know what I thought...not checking her too, right away.....I think now I thought the barn owner, that put her away, may have said SOMETHING! Guess he did not notice.

She was stomping and tossing her head..pawing in pain.
WA mare...I felt terrible...called the vet straight away.
Since it was late and he was on call...I took his advise and gave her Bute and no grain. I stayed for a couple hours to make sure she drank and did not go into shock.
I gave her Anica and Rescue Remedy in a handful of oats...As she was wondering,
"where is my grain?"!!!
I sprayed the wounds with a soothing cleaner, that numbs it a bit...but there was nothing in them at all..totally clean.
Small miracles..and answered prayers all the way around!
I thought of poor Teddy Pony...owned and loved by Olympic riders, the O'Connors. This wonderful eventing pony;  he had an unfortunate accident, right on site of his stable by getting away from the handlers.
 He had to be put down...that day, for the extent of the injuries.
I was thankful, Wa appeared to not even be lame...just SUPER SORE. Pantz too.

Next morning, I called the vet to come out...the skin around the areas needed to come off.
 Without sedation...there was NO-WAY I was touching it!
He came on out and sedated her, clipped off skin and hair from the 6 sites of injury...scrubbed the bacteria right out of them..and even with sedation, she managed to protest for pain...poor thing.
She is on SMZ's for 14 days...I am to wash the wounds, then put appropriate cream on them.
It has been  days now, and Wa mare has been wanting to go out to fields...but the stall and runs have given me a way to heal her dirt!
She sometimes gets a shaving or two, in the only remaining wet, open stifle wound. But allows me to pick them out..
She has bee SUPER GOOD PONY for all this!
I did let them out finally...for a few hours, in the nice grassy is not over grazed like the other turnouts.
She trotted and cantered a bit..tossed her head up in approval of green grass and movement that felt good to her!

So whew!!...I am super sore too. I actually had gone to the CHIRO, that morning...felt like a million ...
Now I go to  physical  therapy tomorrow, and will make another bone apt. soon.

All in freaked at how easy things can go fast trouble brews sometimes and amazed at how dangerious this horse back riding can be.

One thing I MUST do make a laminated " EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD"- for my horses saddle . If this ever happens, and I am not around when someone finds her..I want them to know WHO she is, WHERE she belongs, & her vet!
After these recent events and because,
I noticed a flyer on a telephone post recently....LOST HORSE- like 2 months ago...It is STILL lost, in some of the woods I have ridden in the area. How totally scarey!

So...with all this news of the downer sort...I do have some really cool news to share too~ Next Post!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Reflections dinner in the toaster

After the last few days of trauma and extra work( next post will explain)...this was my reward to myself! kind of meal...
Polenta with Pesto sauce on some..and Marsala sauce on the other.
Romaine leaf with Yellow peppers, apples, feta, dried blueberries, cucumber...topped with Paul's spray on Italian dressing.
And a cold one....the last of the "Mikes" hard  pink lemon aide".
The Toaster made it even more creative!

Join James and his Reflective friends, for the weekend of similar fun Photos!

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