Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Packed Post

Me, taking care of the mare. . . just loving on her~

First off...allow me to introduce you to Freyda. She is a rescue feline that my sister fostered. At 6 mo old Freyda had a littler, with only one surviving kitten.  That was 8 years ago. Now, as my sister(non horsey one) is becoming more active in marathon biking and running sometimes...she needed to re home her. Sooo- meet our new kitty!

She is a very LARGE cat weighing in at 20 -22 lbs. I had a very difficult time weighing her..she encompassed the scale, and to pick her up...really hard...but I did...but almost fell off the scale for leaning over, and  forward...to try to see the digits, around her mass!
She Is healthy, my sis went to many vets to see if she had a problem. NOPE. But yet... and I have a diet plan for her..(will go into later)

I have enjoyed her being at home, waiting for me as I open the door! These
 past 2 weeks, her waiting for me at home, has been a comfort to me!!

(all photo's  in this POST taken from my new phone-quality-eh--but I may send to my email and the computer does not object)

Weds evening,  (after my story below)....
Freyda cat...taking care of me!

(I started to write this story...last Weds)
So bear with me..it has gotten so much better..but this is how It began-

SHOCK...I am in shock.
In a series of three events...in a row, My mare had sustained another injury, as well as Pantz.
I pray this is the last for a LONG while!

I had to work Tuesday last....all day, all night. I told my PBO I would not be out. No problem, she takes care of my horses- feeds, waters, handles and brings them in at night now, as I asked for that, last week.
 I don't worry at all.
Wednesday was to be therapy for the mares, since the Road runner day, week before, and crash. Also..I was going to be packing for the BEND trip!!

I got to the barn Weds, after working the morning shift, and went out to the mares...again, they are standing in the extreme corner, at the gate...waiting to come in-at 1pm?!!
This has been the trend for them, the past 2 weeks..waiting to come in, not necessarily, at dinnertime.
 I notice theses things...as well as Pantz being extra cranky and getting more tucked up and slim looking .

 I  Notice, I have to, my sister trusts me with her horse, I am in charge of her now.... I have to notice.
I weight tape both mares on a monthly basis. It is one way I keep track of them and changes.
As I walked into the field..I doid notice Pantz's grain bowl...set aside and out of the way- so my mare could not eat her food. I looked into it..not only was there a quarter of grain left, not eaten...there was the rest of her morning meal...still in the baggie. OKAY...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?? Something is amiss.
I digress..

I got them in the barn and started to ready them for a Equine Therapy treatment.  Yea..I always feel excellent about having the specialist out to access their health-BELOW THE SURFACE!

OH! I noticed Pants first...
Pantz's hind legs were swollen up , solidly, from hock to pastern. HARD. I checked Pantz out...no heat but totally swollen hind legs! Then, I walked into my mare's stall and almost lost my breath- for what I saw...sinking, I felt like I was sinking.

These were so sore and hot/swollen..the mare would barely let me look at them very long, let alone touch!

Claw marks, spanning her back rib cage, to hip and over her rump! Funny too...I never thought anything other than CAT, meaning -COUGAR.- from the get go.
Some now think it could be a bear...but?
Though I have walked the field , several times now...looking for anything else it could be!!!

My sister came up from the coast too-emergency like- to check it all out.
 WE walked the mares near everything in the field, anything near that height. I had my  sissy, walking behind me and Wa mare, to see if it were possible to make those marks.
 NOPE...they are NOT on her side...they are in the curve area and up on top! IN straight lines.

Well, with  my Equine therapist was coming in 10 minutes, and having her Thermography camera  with her ...
Oh MY Wonderful GOD! Couldn't have planned that better...
It not only showed the marks on Wa mare that we saw...it showed another complete set of marks, full of heat, atop her upper rump!

(bad quality from my cell phone, yet the heat/trauma marks are still apparent)

It also showed marks on Pantz, as well, we couldn't even see .
I thought Pantz had gotten off, with no  more than swollen hind legs.
She too had scratch marks upon her upper rump area, the camera showed lines there, in bright red...Miriah, my Equine Therapist...gasped...walked over to Pantz and touched the area the camera showed..
OH! She shrunk away from her touching it!

She also found her Gaskins(that right?) her inner hind thigh area...heated and red on the camera too...running, I think running, and maybe kicking.
This technology is amazing!

I tried fanatically to reach my PBO...tried her husband too! I just  wanted to know WHEN this happened!!
DID it happen in the hours between -when you took them out to the field- that morning???
Did they get left outside Tuesday night?? I just needed to know!
Nothing from her.

I was in more than shock,  now.

I Could not think of that trip. I did NOT care about loosing the $105. bucks!

Back to horse...
I wondered if I should have the vet prescribe me antibiotics again...cats claws are so dirty...infection is my concern here.
I am having the mares in all the time, right  now..they have very large runs, attached to the open stalls. The Rains have begun ...It is a bit warm for blankets yet and they would want to be under cover...with none out there.

I have gone daily, since the attack anyway. so, the mares are getting out for walks and grooming and assesment. Funny thing too...I make sure to stay till dark time...and the first night, there was this screaming noise..yeowling in the woods across the street. The other horses were all huddled in the barn as well as mine...they all took off- out of the stalls...all except Wa mare.
 She bobbed her head up and down..and would NOT budge. In fact...tonight, Monday the 20th- almost a week later. She still will not come out of her stall -at dark. I tried to coax her out tonight with an apple, then a carrot and then ...a nice pepperminmt  treat from my shelf...no go!
interesting...she knows best for herself.

My sister and Nephew came out to the barn. a few days ago.

 We all took the horses for a nice walk, for a few hours. I got drenched, as we walked in the freshly rained  upon forests!
 My Nephew rode Pantz, with my bareback saddle.
When he thought about it...he took his helmet off for the pic..though a solarization one, and his COOL hair, did not really show up!

 It was a good walk and I found out that my mare is very much lame, from the hip.

 So, for now, I will cold hose and hand walk.
Since most of my friends have seen the photos...some say bear and some say Cougar.
The D.N.R. (Dept Of Natural Resources) thought Young or Smaller wild cat...since she was attacked from behind and not the throat, as an experienced, bigger wild cat would do.

My plans are for these for the mares.
 It is a terrible feeling, not trusting them outside right now...reading up on it on the web, has NOT helped either! Lots of photos and broad daylight attacks, all over the country. I just do not want them out longer than a few hours..and NOT close to DARK at all!
Rest and safety...it is happening...whew...I am so tired of injuries!

I am having the " Easy Walker Horses"shoes taken off next weekend. I have ridden on them twice..and, as some of you know, I think they are too small and the nails are NOT set. They are long and loose,coming out of her hooves. Her hoof wall sustained some damage since the animal attack. Miriah, the
therapist and my sister  too, found
 abnormal traveling patterns,  really close to the trees in the paddock they were in. Some rocks were up on end around the trees with deep soil  patterns with hoof prints. So Wa probably ran across the large rocks and chipped her the hooves that way...since I am not riding her.

Freyda hiding away in the yard...at first arrival to her -now home.

So, through all this stuff, I have been waiting to tell  my PBO about some "good news"....that did not seem to be so good, when I finally got to tell her a day ago. I have had so much happen in the past 3 weeks...whew my head is spinning.

It really is GOOD though.
 Something I have sought after, for 4 years of owning my mare....
A BALANCE= of Trails and Arena time-in ONE local- for boarding.

I have been on a list for almost 1 year and half now for a  wonderful PRIVATE FACILITY . The first time I was accepted...they had room for only ONE horse...I had 2, with Pantz.

 Last year, just after I was accepted into my friends barn, my current place.....  
They  called me  AGAIN, to offer me the spot..I was reeling from the disastrous ending from being dejected from a stable with all my friends there still.

I said," no, I just moved...but here is a gal you'll love, she just called me to get out of the same place!"
She DID move to the Private ,wonderful, smaller stable, over a year ago and has loved it, ever since...

Some of you know her from "EQUINEMINE" blog

 We have had some really good rides and adventures together!!

This Private stable, it is super duper clean- and the best manged facility, I have seen under $ 600. It's way under that...but my point is...some $600 facilities offer Muddy turn outs and dusty, or soggy, slippery arenas. And grass...um, it has been EXTINCT from the paddocks inn those high priced spots, since they opened...usually,  because of over horse population to try to make a buck outa boarding,  instead of service and quality.

The nicest places I have seen, have an acre per horse, and save room for rotation of fields.

Something my friend noticed right away, after having been there for months and returning to her old boarding barn for a clinic...her horse was sleek and shiny, shed out.... while the others were dull and thick coated.
She has something, at this wonderful stable she moved to, they can't even offer...
GRASS - omegas = anti- oxidants in it, really help!
Plus,  stalls are open to a covered breezeway,and a150 foot run- for each horse.
. PEACE of MIND for the horses!

SO YUPPERS, They RECENTLY called me up again....I was standing with my current PBO, talking...probably about BEND.
I met again with the owner, and looked at the contracts, met with the vet, got my horses fecal done for a 0  count after worming last time.  0 resistance to the program I am on. They manage the fields, grooming them. PLUS, they haul MANURE OUT -to a local nursery. I've only been one other place, long ago that did such a good job of managing manuer (and flies!).

I'm IN!!!
THIS IS HARD THOUGH...leaving Pantz mare.
BUT my sister said,  though she can't afford it right now, she assured me by the time she moves up here and gets a job, she will be able to then!

Ohhh...so much I am gonna miss...but, there is so much I am going to really enjoy, again...A COVERED ARENA, My sissy coming to give me lessons, NEW trails, New friends and friends reunited! A lovely Round pen. Riding in the rain..without getting wet!

Last year, I interviewed at a barn...about this time of year, knowing I would want an arena for winter. I got accepted to board there. I was currently taking lessons there, as well.
 I decided not to move, so I could pay off the trailer and be in one place for longer than a year.
 NOW....I've done my time, boarding and riding  in the outdoor conditions all year-

Pantz will remain at the country local. I won't miss the 26 mile drive...but will still make it, to take care of Pantz mare, until my sissy moves back to Portland.
 My New place is 18 miles from home.

Today...I conceeded to allow the mares out again... both really want to be out now.
At first they seemed to enjoy the stalls..eating hay all day.. ..but now, it's time..I must let them go out again.

 Was going to hand walk them  next door, yesterday...but when My mare reared up in her stall, as I got Pantz out..um..better let you blow off the steam on your own,  in the fields!
 I sat in the field, with them, for an hour.. they both came up to me sitting on the ground...sniffled me then they ran around,  rolled and played and ate lovely fall grasses.

Again..Rest and Safety...the goal!~


  1. YIKES!!!! What a scary thing to have happen to the mares. Have any other farms in the area had an issue? When will Wa Mare be moving to her new digs?

  2. Wow!I have never thought to worry too much about an animal attacking my horses down here in SoCal..I usually only see coyotes but never on my own property. So glad to hear the mares are ok!

  3. Laura~
    ~OCTOBER 1st is the move date...I am haing fitful sleep...waiting.
    I took the photos tom the vet and asked abou infection.
    At the Vets-
    They told me a FRIEGHTFUL story...closer to my home in the city, 26 mi away. A MARE and FOAL were attacked. The mare was KILLED by the Cougar and the foal survived, with deep claw marks. They can travel far, these cats.

    Last year, before I moved into the current place. The owner saw a Cougar, in her drive way..right next to the paddock my mare was attacked this year.

    Thanks, I am so happy it was as slieght as this... it definaltely could have been worse...looking on the internet, I have now seen worse, with Big cat attacks.

  4. Kacy, that was always one of my biggest fears in Western Washington, because cougars are a natural enemy of the horse and will not hesitate to attack. Bears will not attack a horse in its own field as far as I know.

    I've encountered bears several times out riding and it has never been an issue. The horses don't seem to worry either. A bear almost tripped my horse once as we trotted by, he wanted in front of us! But cougars are serious, I always listened to my horse and if he acted funny, I trusted that it might be a big cat.

    I was feeling so bad for you tonight as I left Baasha on the big field tonight for all-night grazing. I can't imagine how awful it would be to fear for his safety out there.

    Wa knows, she knows cats are nocturnal and she's not gonna let that happen again.

    Thank God you were not attacked as well. I hope the DNR takes it seriously and sets traps.

    I have to ask about that school in the photo - it seems so familiar - where is that?


  5. So sorry for all the scary injuries Kacy...how unsettling. Your mares are so well cared for, they know.

    Cats are a concern here in WI too. If only we could keep our horses from harm...all we can do is keep trying, right? Hope the cat moves on.

    Congrats on your pending move! A covered arena is a huge plus for bad weather.

  6. OMG, how scary!! Glad the mares are ok -- and hopefully you'll figure out what it was that attacked them. Will the county or state put the animal to sleep for attacking "livestock" if they find it??

  7. Bloody Hell!....Some Cat! I shall not worry now about our problems! I do hope that all heals well and the horses recover!xx

  8. That is very scary - glad both mares will be OK and hope they heal up quickly!

  9. What a disaster! So sorry to hear about the horses injuries. Glad you can move over to where Maddy is, but I worry about Pantz staying where she is now. Hope she can be moved soon.
    Please keep us posted.

  10. This is frightening, and I do think those are claw marks from a mountain lion. Wa has survived an attack - possibly from an immature cat. On a hike last week, we came upon mountain lion scat - has any been found near the paddock? I don't think a bear would attack - only a carnivore would hunt like this. Watch and take care!

  11. Lytha~
    Yea...I am rethinking the all night grazing thing now...not unless there are herd dogs that bark present or fensing that is tall and electrified!Maybe sensor lights? man. Well, the owner made this paddock so small...I am wondering if it made it so much easier to get to the horses!! If I stayed here..I would request the whole feild again...over the small paddock near the woods!

    That school...is in MANY of my photos...it is only a mile up the road and makes for great background shots!

    I'm sorry you too have to think of safety for your horses.
    A neighboring barn has two HUGE Newfoundland dogs, that live in the field with the horses and goats. I trail ride near the property and they hear me from sooo far off, it is amazing!! If I have land someday with forest(or not...that attack that killed a mare locally is ony less than 10 miles from me )I AM giong to get a Llama or Herd protector dogs like that...Their instincts of protection is great...and the dogs would alert us to the pending danger and hopefully, spook a cat off!

    They are sometimes weirdo about such occuraces...sometimes, if they don't find "a track" they won't even admmit to an attack!

    I watched a news segment, in California, on the net after this happened. I was shocked and so were the news people and barn owners..the D.N.R. wouldn't substanciate the most obvious Cougar attacks on a yearling horse...it's flanks all ripped up and deep, deep woulnds on the other side too. The Cougar could get itself all around the hind end of the narrow smaller horse!! My mare may have been moving out in terror..and is MUCH too large for one to get around...If it were big enough to do that...it would have gone for the throat!

    Cheyenne- Bloody heck is right! I am saying that alot lately!

    Kate..Hi!Thanks too.
    Yea, I am hoping that my mare heals..she has had an injury to both side of her hips now..she is not moving very well...but 1 month off...should do it, I pray!

    Lori- meeeee too..I hate to leave her behind. They DID have an opening for her, at the new place...but with 3 ton of hay paid for, and a pallet and a half of stall bedding too...the Private stable won't make deals... and my siss won't move without being compensated for her goods.
    ...I think she may be rethinking her stubborness NOW...as those things may be sold easily so!

    Oh, I hope it can go well for Pantz..I will be going out to check on her.
    The last 3 injuies of my mare...NO-ONE noticed...for like 2 days..it was always me that found the horses hurt.One potential injury happened..my mare got kicked by Pantz..and my PBO did not tell me for like 3 days or so...saying, "I figured you would have noticed if anyting was wrong". BLOODY heck!!! That is a heckofaway to do buissness.
    You sayn that once to me, and it is FACT now!
    THIS is my worry for Pantz.

  12. Oou BARB...that is a great idea, to be on the look out for Cougar cat scat...it rained for the first time..the night after, effectively washing away any tracks we could have found. I know what bear scat looks like...but I have been seeing a differnet kind, of late...look like hairballs in it ansd sometimes, whole bits of other animals...weird!
    Well, guess I will get on the web again...start looking for Cougar scat photos...

  13. That is just terrible! I am so glad the mares weren't hurt even worse. Thank God they are sensible mares, or they would have panicked and run through a fence. You must be very stressed. I am so sorry this happened.

  14. What a cute happy fat kitty you have there.
    WOW I can't believe the marks. That is crazy but good timing on your therapists part. Again with the easywalkers we don't use the nails they send with the shoes, they are simply too short to set right.
    We have used and been sucessful this summer with a) our own nails b) two side clips as suggested. We still set the nails with the nail setter tool as we bought our own so no matter what farrier we have they can put the shoes on. Make sure your farrier does not leave room for expansion like metal shoes. They WILL step on them and unlike metal shoes they spring back which loosens the nails instead of the horses other hoof slipping off the metal shoe. With the easywalkers they are flexible, theres no need for expansion room like a metal shoe.

    I hope you like it at your new barn. Indoor arenas and grass are sure nice.

  15. HOLY CRAP !!! Kacy oh my gosh.. I have no idea what I would do in your place. Sleep at the barn? Maybe! gosh... The most I have to worry about is coyote and ferel dogs (domestic dogs people let loose).

    I'm sorry you can't take Pantz with Wa... I know you and your sister are going to worry bad about her. How long until your sister moves?

    That cat is HUGE !!!! Maybe there is maine coon in her? but she sure looks sweet sitting pretty on the pillow =)

  16. Oh Kacy!! I am shocked at this news. I have seen 2 horses who've been attacked by a cat, and those are definitely cat claw marks. Dear God, I'd probably be sleeping in the barn. Thank God, they are going to be okay, but antibiotics are a must, and cold hose the wounds daily. God's meds are always the best! If you're seriously worried about Pantz, you could bring her here to our place for a while. We have an extra stall and could put her in a pasture separate from our horses. We're too close in to worry about cats, plus we have Merlin (our llama) and there are dogs all around including our own. This could have been so much worse, but sort of feels like a warning that something else bad could happen. Will keep you and your mares in my prayers. I can't believe your PBO did not notice, or at least inform you as soon as she did notice something. Inexcuseable!!!! Our horses are precious and depend on us for their care and well-being. I've never heard of bears attacking horses, but cats won't think twice. If he did it once, and didn't get hurt, he's probably still around. Do not go riding without a gun, you could get hurt too. Let me know if there's something I can do to help out. We're practically neighbors you know. Call me if you need to kay? 971-235-8284 Good grief, I'm still shocked to hear this has happened. Sorry I haven't been around for a while...

  17. I am speechless. About the cougar...and about your PBO! I am so thankful the injuries are not more..
    I thought worrying about coyotes was bad!

    I just am so very happy for you and your new feline :) What a wonderful home she has!Lucky you!!

    I do hope you have peaceful week!
    xo, misha

  18. oMG, Kacey, I am so sorry about your mares. How scary that must have been for you. And them. Sorry about your trip but good you were there for the horses.

    Your new place sounds great. Hope Pantz can join you soon.

    The CAT!! OMG, I love Frieda! I want a Frieda! She would keep my feet warm!

  19. Jeni..yea..I have stayed well past dark every night I can...observing them and THEY KNOW..whjatever wills to hurt and eat them..it HAS TO GO THROUGH ME first!

    Tammy!!! HAHAHA!
    We LOOOVVVE Freyda too...

    she is a whole lotta warm on your lap or down the side of you!!!

    Can't believe we put off hainvg her, as OURS, for all summer...but missing Elsie was hard and we did not want to try to replace her. We were totally busy all summer and gone..that is NOT the way to invite a new kitty into the home. In fact, my man says..do you think she is enjoying hainvg full attention?
    OH YEA...she, and her fat body is...she looks right at you, and practically smiles the joy!
    No PLACE IS PERFECT...but I do have high hopes for conscientious care and "Professionalism" where I go. It has gotten into a battle to ask for what I know to be true/right for my horses lately. More a personal problem over a professional atmoshpere I pay for. Too hard having freinds be buisness associates. ._.

    Misha dear,

    Well, Im sorry to admit it, but you actully hit it right on.
    My biggest fear right now is...the fact that my PBO doesn't notice blood dripping from my horses legs or swollen tendons the size and hardness of a baseball bat handle.
    I suppose it could have happend to them between 11 am and 1pm? The hay was still in tidy flakes on the ground, when I got there. Pantz did not eat her grain...at all either. I did NOT get a heads up to "your sisters horse is off".

    Fact is..being lead mare...she could not put her "head down" for what occured to them!!!

    So I do fear for them..sometimes moments of notice, at the right timing, is critical. a God has been sooo gracious to her, with her horses.. coldblooded/easykeepers as they are.
    Mine are a bit hotter blooded and react differently and faster to things!

  20. i wanted to share a website with you about cat nutrition.


    i disagree with her that all dry food is bad, but i do feed a grain-free food to my cat because she's not a horse and shouldn't eat so much corn (in most dry cat foods corn is the top ingredient).

    it's fun to read her case studies on two obese cats. the stories show how careful one must be because of liver disease (my old cat stopped eating when we went on a trip, and got fatty liver disease and had to be forcefed for weeks before he was healthy again).

    i find nutrition - horse and cat - fascinating!


  21. Ahhhh! That is frightening! Do they think it happened at night? Cougars are getting pretty bold in our neck of the woods as well although I haven't heard of them going after any horses recently.
    This is ine reason I like my horses coming in at night. I know lots of people complain it's not healthy, blah blah, but my mare gets into enough trouble when it;s daylight, I wouldn;t sleep well if she was out in the dark. But again, I know you mentioned in could have happened just as seaily during the day.
    I'm glad you're finding a good place to board. I wouldn't trade my barn for anything. There's a $600 (after you add up all the ridiculous extras that is included at my place) place where a lot of dressage riders board and they turn up their nose at my place because the barns have been around for forty years but there is actual turnout on big grassy fields, manure is hauled away every day, some of these are things that fancy place doesn't offer.
    Besides, I grew up in a 100 year old house, old structures don't bother me as long as they're safe:)

  22. Horsin horsemom!

    I do love the barn I am in now...its really old, but safe.the fences are not horse fences, yet, if there is a temp buffer fence, no problem between my horse and others.

    I just require consistant, conscientious horsecare. Routines see really good, and can be relied upon....for me as an owner-paying-and especially, for the captive animal depending on the care.
    A good visual "once over"....should be standard, any where you pay to be.
    Things will get better soon...for all involved, I pray.

  23. Kaci-I am glad that you were finally able to get all of this out. It is very therapeutic, right? From the looks of those marks, I would definitely say a young, inexperienced cat did it. Nasty and terrible. The poor mares. At least you found them and they have you to care for them. : )

  24. Horsemom,
    The vets office-20 miles away, said a mare and foal were attacked near there office, earlier this year, the mare was KILLED! She probably stood her ground, protecting her baby. So....Mountain lions, Pumas, Cougars....what ever you want to call them, they are around and cover a large territory.

    My mare had wounds on her, from the week before...made her smell weaker..in animal speak.

    Yea, its out and out now... All will work out too...saving my friendship is important, so the other barn offer comes at a good time.
    Maybe, I can have just a friendship again.We are both just doing our best...

  25. Kacy!!! What a post! Oh my goodness. Happy, happy day for you and your new, sweet kitty. She looks so fat and happy in her photo. We feed Noodlebug only meat, cheese, fish, eggs, and cooked vegetables! It is true. She eats well! We lost three cats to mouth problems, (teeth and cancer) so we gave up feeding anything from a factory. We don't eat meat, but Noodlebug does! She isn't fat either.
    About the Wa and Pantz. Oh, the poor babies have been through hell and back recently and are due for some good rest. Wa will get it soon at her new place - hooray! I hope Pantz mare will follow soon.
    Love to you all - I am taking a quick blogging break. I'll be back soon!

  26. Okay, so I already knew this, but still I'm horrified! So happy for you that you and Wa are moving, but I can imagine it is an extra worry and effort to go up to Pantz to check because you just HAVE to know if she's alright. Such a shame you can't just trust that she's well taken care of and okay.

    Your cat is HUGE! Hehe. But gorgeous. We used to have a cat that had exactly the same colours, only on a smaller surface ;-) Sadly he died. But Freyda reminds me of him. Cute cat. Wish you a wonderful time together ;-)

  27. What a scary incident. I'm so glad your horses are okay. How lucky that the massage therapist was there to do heat sensing. There's recent discussion that cougars are in our Province now and may have attacked horses (Nova Scotia). Here's the news story link of you are interested: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2010/08/25/ns-horses-attacked-cougar.html

  28. Oh my gosh what an awful thing to happen to your gorgeous horses. I hope they are not too stressed by it all. Your new barn sounds awesome and how nice to have some place to ride in the winter. I cant wait to see pictures when you move

  29. Wow! You're right...Power Packed to the hilt!

    I understand about being so busy. These past couple months have been crazy for me. I can't get caught up with anything, including blogs.

    Cougar attack???!!! Yikes! Those poor horses! I'm glad they are feeling better and more confident to be outdoors again.
    I often worry about cougars up here, but we have such high fencing and are separated from the National Forest and Open Space by many other houses, that I don't think it is worth it to the cougars to get kicked in the head by a horse.

    I'm sorry the rides won't work out now. I understand all too well. I've missed several rides due to my own health as well as this mysterious lameness that Apache has in her shoulder.

    The new barn sounds like such a luxury for horses and for their owners. Too bad it's so far from your current barn and you'll have to travel betwen the two. You're going to be very busy for a while.
    I can't imagine what it must be like to have real grass for horses. Grass is rare here in New Mexico and most horses are kept on dry lots or desert acreage. We have to fee hay all year long.

    Love the photo you took of your friend at EquineMine. How fun that the two of you will be at the same barn together.


  30. I just shot you an email. Didn't see that you left a comment for me until tonight, ooops!

  31. Hi y'all,
    Thanks for the kitty diet advise J.Will mail you for for info. I have other friends that do that too....too blame funny you are vegi, but the cat is a carnivore!

    Lytha, right now I do feed Freyda food that is called"B G" before grain. Thanks soooooo much for the help though...will look at the links.
    I love that you have kitties and we can share that too!!

    As for quiet horses....not so much yet.

    My PBO took the horses our to pasture Tues. First time since the incident. My mare spooked really badly upon leaving the barn.
    She said that it was nice that is taught her to respect the human's space....she was rearing and running around her. She had parked a truck just outside the barn doors....put a horse blanket over its tail gate to dry..it smelled funky and was cougar size....3 ft off the ground.

    Glad she hung onto my mare. Pantz may have gotten her ulcers back...she is re a lly worried..we were told , after a ride this , and we were talking to ourselves about how" "OFF PANTZ WAS" the PBO said...."oh, the first night I went to get them in, she fell hard"!

    G onna Try for a ride today..


  32. Thanks KK, this was very informative. I'm glad you are making the move. Prantz will be reunited with Wa in time. And what a reunion that will be.

    The cat is a pampered cat - I can tell. Big and beautiful :)

    Stay calm and peaceful. If I haven't told you before... you and your beloved horses are quite blessed to have each other.

    Patrina <")>><

  33. Hi there, I am from NZ and reading your blog about your mares being attacked is terrible, I just can't imagine how that must feel since we have no worries about anything like that here in NZ, I hope they come right soon and you never have to experience that again. I know it willtake time for you to get back out and explore some trails but you will get there. I am good friends with Sally (Ferngrove farm)who follows you and thats how I have come to see your blog. I recently visited Oregon and just loved it there, the mountain you have looks just like our Mt taranaki, we could have been in the same province looking at the mountain over there. Hang in there and just love your horse they will needs lots of love after that.

  34. OMG omg omg..I cant even fathom what I just read. A cougar?! For real???! Those claw marks on your poor Mare are FIERCE..she is so lucky to come out of that alive..holy F!! They totally must have smelled that cougar from a far!! FOR SURE!


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