Friday, July 30, 2010

Time to ride......

Well friends...It is finally time to ride camping tomorrow with my my good friend and "MUST RIDE MONDAY" partner.
We head off to Clackamas Lake; which  is a newly dedicated Equine camp at Timothy lake, Mt. Hood. 
I am excited to be some of the first to use it, in it's first summer open.

Before we embark upon the camp...we shall head to another location, on the way we've not ridden, in the name of discovery!  Frog lake.
Wa mare and I enjoy a cool time last year seen was 104 in Portland area...but up at Timothy Lake, it was only about 85!

P.S. offer still open for anyone that would like to join us...we have another site, with 4 horse stalls open. We are there from July 30th though August 2nd...Site 7 and 8. Hay-come for a day ride!
Be safe and be happy...will be praying for you all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's a Stick up!

When I got my truck finally last month, I had a friend say,"Okay...I will start looking for bumper stickers for it". 
That got me doing it...wanting it to be a Red/White/Blue theme, I went to "Cafe Press" bumper on page 500- I swear they have a million of them, I had only found 1. 
So I looked over the web site closer and found= YEP, I could make my own!
What do you think?? Pretty fun eh!
I actually go another one too...that is of Wa mare and I riding the beach. It reads, in R/W/B also, " Riding the beaches of life, with my mare".

Can you guess where  I put them on the truck? 
Do you like Bumper stickers or have ideas for some you'd like?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday School for Certo

For the past months, my sister has been considering moving back up to Portland area to live with our mother. And of course, that means Pantz, her  Registered Appy mare would be moving in with Washahshe.
We are giving it a go at my boarding barn, as my sissy had a little time off and her self care facility leaves her no option for being away...
Pantz is here!

I just love this mare my sister inherited for a dollar- (Yea $1) 4 years ago.

Sooo, we have been riding and riding the mares a day off in between ventures out and about. I have lots to share!!

Yesterday was the first time I was able to ride Pantz, my sissy left the day before.
I called our other boarder and said...lets train at the creek!!!

Since Our summer temps have been like most (save the humidity!) at around 100 degrees of late, we went out in the morning and into the shaded woods. Aiming to take Certo, the young 5 year old Sorraia/ Paint, to one or both creeks on the 80 acres next door.
 I can pony off Pantz...she is so good!
I went ahead and fit her for the Bitless Bridle (thanks Jules) I am borrowing still. I think she will enjoy that, I know Wa mare does!

Well, the first creek that has a bit of mud and a decent involved...Certo wanted nothing to do with. His owner dismounted to allow me to try without her firstly.
He tested me HARD- by  trying to get away, by ripping the rope out of my hands...or my arm of the two!
I decided, after getting a few calm steps toward the creek and praising, we'd go for the other creek and leave this one for another day...and going towards home next time!

We walked around and about- on the line- before attempting the creek. It was mostly dried up and rocky..but he could see the pond on one side and hear and see the water on the other.
I established my "ponying boundaries";  stay behind or at my shoulder, do not go in front,  halt when I ask, back also,  move away from us when we move into you, and if you balk...the pressure will build-till you take one step with us.

Young Certo was awesome- mostly...

He complied with all my standards willingly..then when it came to the creek..he started to balk again.
I told his owner to lightly toss pebbles or sticks at his hind..making it uncompfy from behind... just a second of that...he walked on!

As I neared the creek..I employed the "ONE STEP AT A TIME" routine I use on Wa mare, when she gets hesitant. One step, I stop us and praise.. another step- and so on...

Praising the sweet Certo~

We made it across, with no frantic leaping or any other hesitations!

I traversed the rocky creek with him several times, before his girl remounted and rode across herself!

We then went forth for a bit of a longer ride...but before we could leave the woods..there was a rather large, watery, muddy tracker rut  across the road, where the creek runs over it.
Certo again was fearful.
We reestablished the ponying line..and his rider and I attempted the muddy road...he did it..but before he could step out...I quickly turned around and we went into it again..then again and again! 
We stayed in the water and mud till he cared less!
 His cute rider said, " I feel like I have training wheels on!"

We had an excellent little hour and a half ride...going past the Old school...Perfect THEME for the day's events!

Then Certo lead the way for a time...back towards home again!

Stopping only in the meadow, for a sunny photo....

......and time to praise the young horse, and reflect on the efforts he made!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hay hay!

For many of my blogger friends that have their own properties, this hay routine every year, is old hat ! 
(like the one worn by the dude in the pic!)
 But for me, boarding, it is not.
Now that I have a truck, and the will to better my rounding of the Equine Management learning process, I decided to pick up a ton a hay... preferably..actually letting someone else "pick it up" and  I would point here and there... Well...sometimes haying is a very tricky business...the WEATHER playing a HUGE-O part in the processes of it!!
The man above,  is using a tool that measures moisture content. It tells him if it is ready or needs to be undone (too wet), or if I can have it and stack it on top when unloading  later. He is the husband of the woman selling premium locally grown Timothy/Orchard mix hay.
I was to get this hay a week ago...told that I had to pick it up, so that it did not sit on the ground and get moist
THAT- is something I did not know...if it sits on the ground in the field too begins to moisten, then can mold.

I had a team standing by for two days in a row, to help me and I was so happy!...then the woman called the first day..."Um, it's not ready...too'll have to be tomorrow now". Okay..I will pick it up tomorrow, cancelling my ride plans.
Tomorrow comes and I am sitting pretty..only have the hay to do that I wander around doing errands till...the woman calls me again, "Now it won't dry and needs another day"...she explains.
Now I have a one to help me at all! AND, I can only go 4 days from now...she is NOT happy, it will sit in the field too long..but...if I pay $15 dollars more..they will load it up , out of the field. Okay...plan established finally.

While I so appreciate her knowledge and skill in growing and testing for content, and making sure every bale is good...this has become tedious and I am wondering how Friday will pan out!

She calls me early Friday morning..and by now...each time she has called me..she revisits the whole story again verbally so, as if it were not happening to me as well... just her- and Wooo...I see her name on the phone, and I kinda cringe.
NOW...she tells me, " The folks that picked up a ton and a half this am...took an extra ton!" 
That was my ton!

So, as the story goes from there... Obviously..I got my ton of hay, as you can see for yourself.

I had to play a bit rough to do it though..rough for me is: "Well, lady( I did not say lady) I have been waiting patiently for your hay, and as you know, I cancelled other hay to come closer to get yours.
 Are you going to sell me hay, or letting me lump my efforts in being loyal  to take it off your hands? See she had to put the hay on Craig's List because someone backed out and left her in the lurch in the first place!
She came good...and took some hay out of her own barn, and made sure I got my hay!

They were nice enough to pick it up out of the fields too...load it and tie it down.
It is really nice hay and they are truly nice folks. I rarely stand up for myself in these situations..but something came over me . I am glad that I did. They treated me well, and I am on the"Permanent list" to receive 2 tons next year.
I will have the use of a flat bed trailer, and it'll go much easier than lifting it all into a truck!

I backed into the barn...unloaded it all myself ....33 bales of hay in the barn!

Then, met my Barn Owners's at the local restaurant in town for dinner...
and a nice cup-o-Java! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leading someone new

The mare and I have had the pleasure of showing a new boarder at our stable the trails.
This gal is bartering for board at our Private Barn, with her husbands talent with being a farrier.
Her husband did the hooves of the 3 Morgans at my facility, last mo.

This cute little 5 yr old horse, she started at her private arena nearby. Yet- she has no access to trails Hence- the perfect situation to barter for some experience riding trails here.
 He is a Iberian Warmblood (Sorraia cross Paint)
 His name is "Certain to Impress"-spelled in Portuguese. His human partner calls him "Certo".

I decided that Romeo would be a good horse for this new venture . . .  I thought wrong!

Romeo is so herd bound that he was nervous and barely would walk...but did a jerky jog/jiggy thing...ick!
 No matter what I did..he neighed constantly so, and would not walk...surprisingly...our first ride went okay...even though ~
Our only hitch was the gate to the service roads at the end of our no-outlet road. It has some darkened soil, mud almost dried up, that bothered him. He tried to skirt it dangerously, over a boulder. She dismounted and I tried to pony him (why I took Romeo in the first pony if things got weird.)
That too did not work, he kept trying to go over the boulder. We  then went to "unplanned C" go up the private driveway to the woods, and make a trail through it= quickly!
We were off and walking down the sunny road, soon!

We had a nice first ride...with just a few jumps off the trail, by Certo, to avoid mud...he definitely has an opinion of mud. Romeo gave me his worst ride to date on the way home...jolting and rough.

Since my mare has had her fly sheet in a wad, since this new little horse "Certo" arrived at our barn, and
she was recovering from her Trials on the Trails, over the weekend last...I decided going ahead of a newbie would not be a smart idea.
After that first ride on Romeo...I NEW I could TRUST my Little hot headed Thoroughbred mare  to be a better mount , up for the task of leading calmly.
 And, it is a training ride all the way keeping her calm and requiring her to be a lady in front of this new-to-the-trails 5 yr old.
Keeping a checked speed, stopping for nice calm "standing -waits", before walking on again, doing some  circling of the new horse,Clearing trees..all of this and MORE!

Our second trip out proved to be*** MORE exciting than the first!
We started out much better....Certo had had some ground training, the day before, at the gate. His human partner lead him to it,  sprinkled some grain treats on the ground he was afraid to tread upon. He stepped willingly upon the feared areas, nibbling as he did..till...he was all the way through it and had not a thing bad happen!! He forgot to spook, so that was that.

He was very good this day behind Wa mare...and she was not bad either, allowing me to tarry for the traditional photo op!

We had stopped some and I had cleared trees and branches and spider webs (not intensionally so!)...we began our downhill journey and I started to tell a story about a time while riding in this exact location, only once out of the previous year worth of rides , a small band of horses had run up to the fence, from the shadows, and it was a spooky thing...then they ran off.

As the words left my mouth...IT HAPPENED AGAIN-TO US, Right then!
***Whoosh and whoosh and I heard an "Oh  SH - Tttt!!"
My riding partners young mount thought he may be eaten and bolted, as well as Wa mare for 2 strides. Then  I turned her to look at her seemingly attackers...
while she stood still...Certo still went ahead with his bolt, wayyy too closely-on-past-our-hind end! She was good, not to kick out.
3 horses had come running up to a fence that was 10 feet away, out of no where!

This is what happened to me before with my mare, but since I was talking about voice masked the subtle -beginning noises -to our horses- of the other horses looming nearby!
My friend jumped off as soon As Certo stopped...he realized that Wa was not with him and his rider was asking for stop!
Whew...that over, we walked on the ground for a time to get all of our adrenaline down again!

No problems...soon we were on the horses again..riding towards home.
Bath time ensued our arrival at the stable.

I soon realized...after taking my saddle off...oou!
 I had an UNWELCOME (by me) stow away on my seat fleece..with his prey!

He totally freaked me out!..What kind of spider is this?!!
THANKS JENI..I think you are tight in identifying her!)
I am wearing longer sleeves...on my trails outings in the future!
He was not long for this world once I discovered and photographed him...ICK.

OUR third ride was really great...
we had left the horses in overnight. Washashe mare next to Certo..she was telling him what for the night we left... squealing and tossing her head, being aggressive.
When we arrived the next day...they stood quietly the outside gate, separating the paddocks.

I had decided to take a different that was calmer with no mud or running horses involved...up to the rock wall and creekside road we went!
This ride afforded me a training situation for my mare..side by side riding.
 She needs to get over herself and her personal Space issues!

I love this little Thoroughbred mare of mine...she does so well me hope!
She walked nicely by her young him a chance to experience the view of- almost leading.

I then asked his human partner to go ahead for a photo...(and not thinking of anything but that..she got him to lead the way and turn around willingly!)

Success, on many levels we achieved !
I had one riding challenge that the mare presented to me, a sort of STALE left over she learned from our Trail Trial last weekend...balk and get a pass to comply- NOT!
She asserted her will and evil eyed me, as she hopped up in the front end, as I asked her to go forth on up the trail. OH! I jumped off so fast..she new not what hit her!
 It was my crop-on-her-but!
 I circled her...then, since I had my bareback saddle and no stirrups...she had to comply going forward, and on up the trails...pulling me behind her with her tail...that was a good workout for the both of us!
All in excellent ride!

Until the 4th ride out , which will be leading the new horse to a creek,
goodnight sweet mare of mine~we begin again after a time of rest~

EASYWALKER shoe's on My mare from day one to week 6

Hooves before the fitting~ hoof tested for tenderness. 
Left front hoof- normal
Right front- a bit more tender..but nothing of serious note.

I did not trim her that the Farrier would see her growth of 3 weeks- and the flare she begins to get.
I thought he was good not to trim her heels off,  like another horseshoer had last year, when I simply wanted a trim. 
I got he impression that for "Steel Shoes", the shoer had to take the heel off?
My mare was lame for a week after that professional "Horseshoer's" trim.

The Easywalker horseshoer's trim before the EasyWalker horseshoes was slight. IN fact, I thought he should have taken a bit more off around the hoof wall...mainly on the RIGHT front.


The right side seemed to have sustained a bit more wear...the yellow tab at the inside heel was lifting.


"I wasn't surprised when he moved better, and I wasn't surprised when he jumped better. I wasn't even surprised when he stopped bruising his heels, but I was however surprised when he gained 3 degrees of nice solid heel growth, and also thicker stronger hoof walls after only two shoeings.
These were some of the reasons why I began using Easywalker, not to mention my customers were asking for them."

Curt DeAngelis,
Farrier for Olympic riders Anne Kursinski and Kevin Babington.
Right front, from day one seemed a bit high on the outside with the nails being somewhat uneven at the front
Wk 2
The yellow piece was gone from the low end of the shoe

AFTER only 3 weeks...the hoof growth on the Right Ft hoof was apparent..

Week 4
Right Ft. The nails became so sharp, sticking out from the hoof wall, I left Bell boots on her for fear the nails would somehow impale her other leg as she traveled.

Week 4...getting pretty worn!

I was having so much fun riding the mare in places I always she was able to FOCUS so much better. She gave me some really nice transitions and collection and laterals...with no pain, and also not- trying to stop- for the hoof boots, always bothered her.

By week growth on her and the wear of the shoes...there was NO-WAY we could reset them!
On the Rt Ft. the clips wore completely off from the toe and one side.

Her hooves, before trimming again, for a new set of Easy Walker Horseshoes
Wk 6
Some cracks had developed..that concerned me.

I discussed my concerns with the shoer man...he showed me why the right front hoof wore so differently...the heal recessed more on one side.

I asked why he did not make the recommended clip slots...he tried them this time...we shall see if that makes any difference. I did not like the gouge effect on her hoof!

All in all, I love the shoes...though more expensive to have the shoer buy I think I shall buy a box, and save a couple hundred dollars!
I love the fact that the mare seems willing now-to go anywhere!!!
 A HUGE difference from boots that rubbed and still did not give her relief, from the pressures of the rocks and terrains.
I love the fact that they SHOCK ABSORB so much better than steel set shoes.
 For wanting to be as close to barefoot as possible...the science of these to the Hoof/ Leg health,  is as close as I can get!

Thanks Wa mare, you deserve to travel as unhindered and pain free as possible!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Weekend In Black and White

While having  a visit to Historic Timberline Lodge on Mount hood , Oregon, I tarried seeing 
this Yoke . Now reconfigured and used to light a passageway in the building... previously, to come across the Oregon Trail.

Enjoy the weekend in BLACK and clicking the title!

Shadow Shot Sunday Flowery Equine

The mare and me often ride along with our "Shadow Rider".
This time, I looked to find our sunny friend and smiled...her horse was so soft and pretty- in wildflowers!

Please click the badge to visit others' summer and sunny views of unique, SHADOWY designs!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trials on the Trails!

Woo hoo...that was one long and hot day of Trail Trials last wkend!
I know My mare hates to ride alone in the trailer and weaves fiercely- as we travel...I can feel the truck being rocked to and fro, when she does it. So I enlisted the help of "Daily Calm" it is a Springtime Inc. Natural Product- to help soothe nerves and make transitions easier for the horse to handle...
basically= A horsey downer!

I dosed her up the night before and some the morning of...and man! She was very smooth and calm handling and riding in the trailer..on the freeway for an hour and 1/2~ I do think it caused some memory loss though..she seemed a bit out of order...she normally pees upon my arrival...seemingly to ready herself for a ride!
She did fact, she did not urinate the entire time- all day...which made the ride home like a child in the car that really had-to-go! Yea, the ride home was her pushing the truck most of the way..I felt badly to  for her.. knowing she would not go in the trailer...she never has. And you should have seen the river that came out of her when we did get home to the bedded bliss of her stall!!! No splashing.

Okay, here is the disappointment for me and you both...I felt it was unfair to take photo's knowing there were 10 folks participating in the T.T. behind me. I did have the camera with me on the saddle...and MAN-Ooulala! Theses lands were so pretty..and the farm equipment and the outbuildings and such...I have never seen the like. NEXT year....I am going to be dead I may take some photo's!

So, there were 4 rows of trailers...some spots were vacated and then refilled by the time I was ready to ride... hence, the 10 riders behind me! I bet they had over 100 riders altogether that day! Someone said they hold this event there every year. I imagine it was a joint offering of lands of 4-5 had creeks and bridges and such cool outbuildings..some looked to be little rental cottages and some of the barns were fabulous.

I will list all the Obstacles...and how we did under. I wanted the "Schooling Ride" but they told me that it was not offered...maybe because of the volume of riders...they got finished after  5 pm as it was.
1) Steep downhill
I am sure we got a 0 (no points against us) on this one. The mare felt slighted somewhat...that she had to go downhill...but she did it!

2)Mudd Bog
 This one was a glorified muddy tractor rut...and it would have been fine...but it was next to a New Zealand Wire Fence...and you can hear those..I am sure my mare felt it too! There was NO-WAY she was getting closer to it and going through the mudd!
It made me upset that  I asked something unfair of her.

3) Creek
I could tell she was on sensory override...she actually balked at this creek...and it was shallow and no rocks. We could see the horse ahead...way above us, on the hill, and she kept looking up to them.
I seriously think, if I had the time to allow her to look around, and go around the chosen obstacle a bit...instead of heading right for the obstacle...the times would have been very different.
She did comply, eventually so. I decided to apply for the " one step at a time " routine..asking her to halt after each step, then praising her accordingly so..and it became redundant for her and  finally, she walked right in as we neared the creekbed.

4) Steep uphill climb
No problem, she and I used our butt muscles, me standing up and forward, she powering up the hill!

5) Gate 
NOW THIS WAS THE ONE...obstacle, I thought we'd fail on...she hates to slow down the do minute movements, while I am leaning....well>> it was an excellent gate.
TALL and with a rope to simply lift over the post. It also was level. She complied with my sidestep right...2 step forward, turn on the forehand, 2 step forward again, and sidestep right again, to loop the rope back over the post!
 Wa rock!

6)Railroad tie sidepass

To me, this was another unfair obstacle.
It was a 4 foot piece of railroad  rails...metal rails and all...set into the ground and the ground fell away on the right side...we were to sidepass the entire length...well, she gave it a go...but kept slipping off behind and I finally said.."I am done asking her for this one". The judge said everyone had a problem with it".

7)Windmill + hoolahoop

This was a working windmill! Gorgeous thing of beauty!
Wa mare did not notice the mills hovering/rotating above her at all...making the creaking noises they make as the wind turns them this way and that.
She was en-rapt with the "flag banners" flapping in the same the base!!!
We were to go to the base and pick up the Hoola Hoop and then walk it over to an item to place it over...
This was timed...and we timed out...right before I could get to the Hoola Hoop!
Oh well!
I must add here....the obstacles were really nicely spread apart...I rode quietly through trails and wooded areas,  some huge fields too, following flag markers like the ones I place for myself to get home when I go out. It was truly scenic and lovely to ride these folks farmlands in WOODLAND WASHINGTON.
8) Breadbasket + stair stepping

We rocked with this one!
Grab a basket from a post top...ride with one hand up a set of 5 stairs set in the you go, drop bread crumbs/from basket in your other hand, on the steps... continue up to a cottage and go around it, then come back down the steps and replace the basket to the post top.

Again, the mare and me rocked on this one!

9) Metal Grate step

this little metal grate was only 2 feet my mares eye..something to simply step over, and move along little doggie!
I got her to touch it once with a front hoof...but they wanted 2 hooves to touch it.
Another-oh well-

10) Tetter Totter ramp

This ramp was a bit narrow for the mare...she did get on it with the fronts moved and she stepped off..I tried several times before, I could tell she was getting fried with it all!

11) Water trot + embankment drop
Having to quit some previous obstacles...I feared something was occurring now in the mare's mind-
We took the cup of water...trotted slowly so towards and embankment...we were to either trot over it and or walk on down over it, hand the water to the judge.
She got to it..and truly...her brain was so fried..she litterally turn her little head and placed her nose on my if asking to be released form some terrible trouble. I asked once more and she tossed her head up ...THAT she has NEVER done before.
The sympathetic gal and I said..not worth it...she was over stimulated to follow through !

12) Beheading the poles with a bat

Wa mare simply and easily allowed me to pole bend through the 5- 7 foot poles and hit the rubber human heads off each, as we passed...then we placed the rubberized bat in a sleeve on a tree= we completed the task and left smiling!

13) 3 sided enclosure with ribbon and bucket drop

Now this looked so ominous to me...the mare shocked and surprised me with her willingness to seemingly...walk into something that was clearly...a hole and dead end!
WOW...she balked slightly...then I did the "ONE STEP AT A TIME " routine again...she walked straight into the 10X10 3 sided enclosure...stopped, sidestepped to the left. I plucked a ribbon from a fake princesses head. We backed  straight out- and I plunked the ribbon into a bucket.
YEA! We did it!  
The judge commended us for "our steady persistence" till we completed the task. Me cooing -with a step forward and growling -for one back!

14)Downed tree stumps and ravine
Again..this very deep woods shady obstacle..made my mare nervous...she totally refused to go through the Stumps to a rather hole drop off looking ravine.
We were to go into the ravine/turn left/ back up the entire length of the ravine lined with 2 downed LARGE tree trunks/ about 20 feet. And there was a jog at the end of 4 feet left then right..all at back up.
But then...the judge said, you may step over the large tree trunk and comply that way...Okay!!!
We did it..she was excellent backing the entire thing and never stepped out!

15)Bridge crossing
This was more a human bridge...and she new was narrow and the rails were as tall as she was...boards gave way and bent as we stepped on...she refused!
I was allowed to dismount and cross...tarring 10 seconds -counted out loud- in the middle.
I got her to come across...but when i looked back to tell her to stop...she was COMING FAST!
I abandoned standing in front of her and got across myself, as she whooshed over it too!

16) Dark barn corner with Geese and goats
It was HOT outside..and all these obstacles had taken us about 2 hours...yea, hard to tell reading about it= that the land we covered was pretty vast!

She was a pretty fried little Thoroughbred!!!! I heard about 5 judges on the radio saying..."there is a BIG BAY Horse coming your way!" TO THE NEXT JUDGE. Ha ha!
She is really not big...but big presence!
The barn with white geese ,a flapping their  wings...was a bit overwhelming for Washashe the third -straight legged-snort..I yelled up to the judges..."for safety sake..the mare and I are forgoing this one!"
The mare and her official number-retired- and she enjoyed some fresh hay, in her safe stall!

Now..I have some complaining  to do...but, will end the post now...and fill you in later..

All in all, I am so proud of the mare...but next time...No TRIALS FOR US..unless we may train during it!
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