Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday School for Certo

For the past months, my sister has been considering moving back up to Portland area to live with our mother. And of course, that means Pantz, her  Registered Appy mare would be moving in with Washahshe.
We are giving it a go at my boarding barn, as my sissy had a little time off and her self care facility leaves her no option for being away...
Pantz is here!

I just love this mare my sister inherited for a dollar- (Yea $1) 4 years ago.

Sooo, we have been riding and riding the mares a day off in between ventures out and about. I have lots to share!!

Yesterday was the first time I was able to ride Pantz, my sissy left the day before.
I called our other boarder and said...lets train at the creek!!!

Since Our summer temps have been like most (save the humidity!) at around 100 degrees of late, we went out in the morning and into the shaded woods. Aiming to take Certo, the young 5 year old Sorraia/ Paint, to one or both creeks on the 80 acres next door.
 I can pony off Pantz...she is so good!
I went ahead and fit her for the Bitless Bridle (thanks Jules) I am borrowing still. I think she will enjoy that, I know Wa mare does!

Well, the first creek that has a bit of mud and a decent involved...Certo wanted nothing to do with. His owner dismounted to allow me to try without her firstly.
He tested me HARD- by  trying to get away, by ripping the rope out of my hands...or my arm of the two!
I decided, after getting a few calm steps toward the creek and praising, we'd go for the other creek and leave this one for another day...and going towards home next time!

We walked around and about- on the line- before attempting the creek. It was mostly dried up and rocky..but he could see the pond on one side and hear and see the water on the other.
I established my "ponying boundaries";  stay behind or at my shoulder, do not go in front,  halt when I ask, back also,  move away from us when we move into you, and if you balk...the pressure will build-till you take one step with us.

Young Certo was awesome- mostly...

He complied with all my standards willingly..then when it came to the creek..he started to balk again.
I told his owner to lightly toss pebbles or sticks at his hind..making it uncompfy from behind... just a second of that...he walked on!

As I neared the creek..I employed the "ONE STEP AT A TIME" routine I use on Wa mare, when she gets hesitant. One step, I stop us and praise.. another step- and so on...

Praising the sweet Certo~

We made it across, with no frantic leaping or any other hesitations!

I traversed the rocky creek with him several times, before his girl remounted and rode across herself!

We then went forth for a bit of a longer ride...but before we could leave the woods..there was a rather large, watery, muddy tracker rut  across the road, where the creek runs over it.
Certo again was fearful.
We reestablished the ponying line..and his rider and I attempted the muddy road...he did it..but before he could step out...I quickly turned around and we went into it again..then again and again! 
We stayed in the water and mud till he cared less!
 His cute rider said, " I feel like I have training wheels on!"

We had an excellent little hour and a half ride...going past the Old school...Perfect THEME for the day's events!

Then Certo lead the way for a time...back towards home again!

Stopping only in the meadow, for a sunny photo....

......and time to praise the young horse, and reflect on the efforts he made!


  1. I could sure use you as my mentor trail rider.

  2. What a cute mare Pantz is . I love ponying. It's a very useful tool.

  3. Yeah, Certo! Maddie's proud of you!
    Glad the Wa mare has her cute little buddy visiting for a bit (maybe "home" for longer!).

  4. Ha! I knew that was Pantz in your header the other!! I just figured that you put up an old picture.

    That is great that they have come back to you. : )

    And you are spot on with your training of Certo. There is nothing like ponying a young or inexperienced horse through areas that could potentially be dangerous to both them and their rider.

    You might want to use a western saddle next time though...easier on the arms...teeheehee! : )

  5. Great job with the young guy - he and Pantz are both very cute!

  6. What an awesome sounding ride! And the pictures with the schoolhouse are absolutely perfect.

  7. Both horses are beautiful. We don't see many coloured like that over here.

    You're doing great work with the young horse. Isn't it great to be working with horses?

    We've been teaching our 1 year old Evie to walk at our shoulder or slightly behind and stopping, going back, things like that, from day 2 actually. Yesterday we had some horsey friends over and we went to get the horses from the meadow. We asked friend to take Evie and she was suitably impressed by how sweet Evie is to handle. We are proud 'parents'.

  8. Val~
    Hi! Well, I sure love to do things kinds of training things...having Pantz makes it all possible!
    You do fine...whaddya mean mentor? Well, it would be good starting Yalla...but who knows by that time who will be available to help you!

    Yea, ponying, it is fun too. That was Pantz's first time "Bitless"..I rather think she enjoyed it! I know I felt good about it.

    I did think of Maddie mare and the water! He REALLY put up a fuss the first time...and will try to jump over dark spots..irrationally so. But having Pantz guide him, made it a calmer trip.

    I did think use my sissy's western saddle...but, I do not think it wise..he may have pulled Pantz on over!
    He really tried..I just made sure not to let NOT want to teach him that he can get away!


    They are cute together..paint and spots!

    Yippie , it was fun!

    haha! Good to see you..I really need to come and catch up with you both!

    Excellent! Bet that Filly is getting pretty...please post some photo's!!

  9. I'm so glad to hear Pantz is with you and your mare. It will be so nice to have your sister around too.

    Pantz is adorably cute and what a good girl. Ponying is a great way to teach young horses. Certo is also adorable. Good luck and have fun.

  10. I like the look of Pantz. Is Wa jealous when you don't choose her for the ride - or does she like the break? I am beginning to think horses and children are much alike - praise and slow moving toward a goal often do the trick! Once again - I totally enjoyed the photos of your ride.

  11. Beautiful pictures and progress too.

  12. Grey Horse Matters~
    I know..I am glad..though she is a hard keeper..very nervous sort of mare..she has Thoroughbred and Arabian in pick the hottest!
    Yea, having sissy around is a good thing..she is the best teacher..can't wait till she is up here all the time..we will be jumping and learning the ropes of cross country!

    Hi there dear!
    Um, I rather think Wa mare loves the break..she has been cranky this summer..she actually likes her stall and now she is out 24/7 in a huge field..she misses the stall, I think..I hope she settles and uncrank-ifies herself..for now, Pantz and I are well suited to ride..happy to go we are!

    Thanks Gail~

  13. Oh Kacey!!!! I want a riding partner just like you!!!! You instill so much confidence !

    Instead I ride with people who run up your rear, or race down trails... drives me NUTS!

  14. I'm so impressed! Did someone teach you how to Pony, or did you have a mentor who ponied your horse and helped you along?

    I wish we lived closer. I would love to ride with you. I think Apache and I could help you and Wa and I know you would be a great help for me...just in your confidence, patience and kindness.

    The photos were wonderful. You look really great on Pantz. She's the perfect size for you.
    What a lovely mare, too. And so smart and patient to show Certo the ropes. I love Certo's markings. Gorgeous...reminds me of my Apache. What a nice, willing horse he is, too.
    My Apache learns the same way... one step, lots of praise, two step, more praise. :)

    I'm glad you're having so much fun with your sister and her mare as well as getting to ride some great trails with friends, too.


  15. Jeni~
    Awwwe... thanks girlie!
    I love to help others with their own riding confidence.
    Patience and a gentle demeanor towards all things horse, is the goal-It makes my life rich to see others connect and really understand horses...and in turn = themselves, much more.

    That was simply the sweetest thing you could have said..and did say! I so want to meet you and so many others and ride. I think my favorite riding partners are ones that have a strong desire for learning the right approaches with each individual horse. We are individuals and so are they. You get that, and also have a desire for loose abandon like some riders I have been with/seen.

    I have learned everything I know from my sissy Kelli. She was the rider in the home, after my mothers own heart. She, to this day, is my favorite trainer...she's ultra fair and really understands the horse's mind...and as you ride..yours too.

    I desire slow progresses using correct aides and fairness to the horse..they are like husbands..they CAN NOT read our minds...we must spell it out for them simply and with gentleness and loving intent to please.
    Most times they just need a firm, constant and just leader.
    I love Pantz mare..she is not as comfortable to ride as Wa..but her size is perfect for me...I hope she may stay..though..she is such a hard keeper..very high strung mare.

  16. Yay for Pantz! She's so cute!

  17. What a great ride you had, beautiful horses and lovely pics!

  18. So good to see my favorite Appy. She looks so great. That mare has a special place in my heart.

  19. Kacy! You are amazing. Soft and slow with Certo. You and sweet Pantz could train the world! I bet Certo's owner is glad she moved to your barn. Lovely photos too as usual. If you only knew how much you make me wish we lived in your part of the country - your photos make it look like a horse rider's wonderland!

  20. a wee commment on paying a $1 for a horse.....sometimes this is no reflection on the horses worth. if you have a horse on loan the owner can take it back: if you give a horse to somebody they can give it back. buying for any amount of cash, I believe with a witness or a reciept, the horse is yours. I was 'given' a pony, many years ago, and she asked for £1 for him in front of a witness -- she said so I couldn't take him back to her he was now mine......he was a bit naughty sometimes......
    I paid less than 'market value' for Abbey, they wanted a good home for her and took it on trust I was not immediatley going to turn round and sell her for a profit....which they could have done nothing about. I did suggest they give her to me for nothing or a few pounds but they did not accept that offer!!


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