Sunday, July 18, 2010

Leading someone new

The mare and I have had the pleasure of showing a new boarder at our stable the trails.
This gal is bartering for board at our Private Barn, with her husbands talent with being a farrier.
Her husband did the hooves of the 3 Morgans at my facility, last mo.

This cute little 5 yr old horse, she started at her private arena nearby. Yet- she has no access to trails Hence- the perfect situation to barter for some experience riding trails here.
 He is a Iberian Warmblood (Sorraia cross Paint)
 His name is "Certain to Impress"-spelled in Portuguese. His human partner calls him "Certo".

I decided that Romeo would be a good horse for this new venture . . .  I thought wrong!

Romeo is so herd bound that he was nervous and barely would walk...but did a jerky jog/jiggy thing...ick!
 No matter what I did..he neighed constantly so, and would not walk...surprisingly...our first ride went okay...even though ~
Our only hitch was the gate to the service roads at the end of our no-outlet road. It has some darkened soil, mud almost dried up, that bothered him. He tried to skirt it dangerously, over a boulder. She dismounted and I tried to pony him (why I took Romeo in the first pony if things got weird.)
That too did not work, he kept trying to go over the boulder. We  then went to "unplanned C" go up the private driveway to the woods, and make a trail through it= quickly!
We were off and walking down the sunny road, soon!

We had a nice first ride...with just a few jumps off the trail, by Certo, to avoid mud...he definitely has an opinion of mud. Romeo gave me his worst ride to date on the way home...jolting and rough.

Since my mare has had her fly sheet in a wad, since this new little horse "Certo" arrived at our barn, and
she was recovering from her Trials on the Trails, over the weekend last...I decided going ahead of a newbie would not be a smart idea.
After that first ride on Romeo...I NEW I could TRUST my Little hot headed Thoroughbred mare  to be a better mount , up for the task of leading calmly.
 And, it is a training ride all the way keeping her calm and requiring her to be a lady in front of this new-to-the-trails 5 yr old.
Keeping a checked speed, stopping for nice calm "standing -waits", before walking on again, doing some  circling of the new horse,Clearing trees..all of this and MORE!

Our second trip out proved to be*** MORE exciting than the first!
We started out much better....Certo had had some ground training, the day before, at the gate. His human partner lead him to it,  sprinkled some grain treats on the ground he was afraid to tread upon. He stepped willingly upon the feared areas, nibbling as he did..till...he was all the way through it and had not a thing bad happen!! He forgot to spook, so that was that.

He was very good this day behind Wa mare...and she was not bad either, allowing me to tarry for the traditional photo op!

We had stopped some and I had cleared trees and branches and spider webs (not intensionally so!)...we began our downhill journey and I started to tell a story about a time while riding in this exact location, only once out of the previous year worth of rides , a small band of horses had run up to the fence, from the shadows, and it was a spooky thing...then they ran off.

As the words left my mouth...IT HAPPENED AGAIN-TO US, Right then!
***Whoosh and whoosh and I heard an "Oh  SH - Tttt!!"
My riding partners young mount thought he may be eaten and bolted, as well as Wa mare for 2 strides. Then  I turned her to look at her seemingly attackers...
while she stood still...Certo still went ahead with his bolt, wayyy too closely-on-past-our-hind end! She was good, not to kick out.
3 horses had come running up to a fence that was 10 feet away, out of no where!

This is what happened to me before with my mare, but since I was talking about voice masked the subtle -beginning noises -to our horses- of the other horses looming nearby!
My friend jumped off as soon As Certo stopped...he realized that Wa was not with him and his rider was asking for stop!
Whew...that over, we walked on the ground for a time to get all of our adrenaline down again!

No problems...soon we were on the horses again..riding towards home.
Bath time ensued our arrival at the stable.

I soon realized...after taking my saddle off...oou!
 I had an UNWELCOME (by me) stow away on my seat fleece..with his prey!

He totally freaked me out!..What kind of spider is this?!!
THANKS JENI..I think you are tight in identifying her!)
I am wearing longer sleeves...on my trails outings in the future!
He was not long for this world once I discovered and photographed him...ICK.

OUR third ride was really great...
we had left the horses in overnight. Washashe mare next to Certo..she was telling him what for the night we left... squealing and tossing her head, being aggressive.
When we arrived the next day...they stood quietly the outside gate, separating the paddocks.

I had decided to take a different that was calmer with no mud or running horses involved...up to the rock wall and creekside road we went!
This ride afforded me a training situation for my mare..side by side riding.
 She needs to get over herself and her personal Space issues!

I love this little Thoroughbred mare of mine...she does so well me hope!
She walked nicely by her young him a chance to experience the view of- almost leading.

I then asked his human partner to go ahead for a photo...(and not thinking of anything but that..she got him to lead the way and turn around willingly!)

Success, on many levels we achieved !
I had one riding challenge that the mare presented to me, a sort of STALE left over she learned from our Trail Trial last weekend...balk and get a pass to comply- NOT!
She asserted her will and evil eyed me, as she hopped up in the front end, as I asked her to go forth on up the trail. OH! I jumped off so fast..she new not what hit her!
 It was my crop-on-her-but!
 I circled her...then, since I had my bareback saddle and no stirrups...she had to comply going forward, and on up the trails...pulling me behind her with her tail...that was a good workout for the both of us!
All in excellent ride!

Until the 4th ride out , which will be leading the new horse to a creek,
goodnight sweet mare of mine~we begin again after a time of rest~


  1. She certainly showing what she can do! Certo is very cute - is that a sidepull she's riding him in? And his owner seems nice too - beautiful smile!

  2. sounds like you are having some interesting challenges. Good traing for all.

  3. It sounds like Wa-mare is maturing.... What fun to have a new trail partner though!!

    And I believe your spider is this:

    btw I HATE spiders! They make scream like a girl involuntarily LOL


  4. Kate~
    Yes this new gal is really a sweet gal, beautiful inside and out! I am liking riding with her tons... she has good horse sense and Certo is sensible. he is sometimes nervious and she is a bit more fearful than her horse but, all in all it is so wonderful to be able to train as we go.
    She, like me loves to ride quietly, and most times enjoys a lone ride most. So until that time...we go together. is a sidepull, for reasons of his teeth have not been done yet...but, she will find, he loves the bit less riding and he does respond well to it.

    Yea..this summer is all new it seems...I am liking the quieter times..with(and seeking more) riding partners that want and desire a calmer, controlled ride. I like my mare to be responsive and attentive to me and not concerned with others taking off..or running up behind her!

  5. Certo is such a cutie! And bitless too!
    Your lucky to have riding buddies.

  6. That last photo is fabulous. I am always amazed at your need to "read" the horses and use psychology on them. It is a learning experience for me - exciting, too!

  7. I absolutely can make you something for your bridle out of wa's hair with beads.

    Talk to Zoe about getting a V brow band out of the beta. The man who makes them is local to them and might be able to make you a beta browband. I personally LOVE my beta bridles I have. You never have to worry about breaking them in, cleaning them or having them crack or rot. They feel supple no matter what the weather.

    Oh and a tip for the easywalkers. I haven't used the clips this year and found I did not need them. I would however put them in and clip off the piece that sticks out so theres not a hollow spot. When you go to re-set the shoes put them in a bucket of hot water wile your farrier trims the horses feet. The shoes kind of bow in a little bit and if you put them in the hot water they pop back into place.

  8. If you need a job done, get a mare! lol to go Wa. Although my nice steady mare would freak if horses came running up to her too. Sounds like over all things went really well!

  9. Hi Beth!
    Yea, it was REALLY GOOD for Certo to take in that Wa mare "steadily stood her ground" to check out if the danger was real...instead of wasting energy on a long trail ride! MARES ROCK!

  10. Your new riding friend seems nice, fun smile, and her horse is very cute. Wa sounds a lot like Naloma ;-) And that's why we love our mares. Never a dull moment.
    Scary spider!

  11. You've had a lot of nice training sessions out there on the trails. You're such a sweet girl to take someone new out and show them the ropes. Certo is adorable. Of course, Wa mare is so smart showing him how it's done. She's the perfect teacher.Well almost...

  12. Barb~
    Well, they do not think like humans thinking like a horse does not come naturally so for us humans..we have to remind ourselves..they are individuals and prey animals..comfort/food/ the main line of thinking for them..not ness in that order!

    Yea...sometimes I think I'd try a gelding..but I like the unaltered. Even though it is dicey sometimes when hormones run is ever changing!

    Grey Horse~
    Almost perfect..she has come soo far!
    Well I am really enjoying- a slower pace- this summer, as last summer was all about discovering new places and finding out new issues.
    Maybe a new session will begin for us come fall..I am feeling the need for some lessons~now that I may travel for them!

  13. Cool that you got a new trail riding buddy....Weird that Romeo has been so flighty...he seemed like such a good trail horse. We tried out this trail course on cool. You will have to join us next time...

  14. Jules!
    Well, I do think that all our the horses can get a bit weirdo..around home..herd bound stuff, ya know..he is better a bit away from home..but sorry to say..his bad habits go unchecked by his human partner and therefore..he is trained this way.

    Neato...talked to T last night too..getting the saddle back and do you need your Nurtural B back yet? I want to order one...I LOVE IT. + there may be hope there...T and I had a goodie talk..though a gelding is what she wants for systems running smoothly...a mare might have to do.
    She can not find too many people like to be out there all alone-
    ( Insert my arm waving up in the air HERE!)

  15. Kacy! Another great post. I always feel like I am riding right with you. Sounds like you have a wonderful new riding partner. That one photo you took of Certo and her (when you were on Wa) is so wonderful. She must love it! How bout your Wa mare coming through right when you needed her to?! She is the best! As always, I am jealous of your riding adventures and trails. Not your spiders!!!! LOL- my word verification is "wings" - not bad, huh? On Wa's wings you go!

  16. Sounds like you had some exciting, learning rides! How fun. I love taking a new horse out on the trails to see how they respond/react. It can tell you a lot about their overall personalities.

    Happy trails!

  17. Wow! Such exciting adventures you've been on down the trails.
    Nice surprise realizing that Wa mare can be better behaved than Romeo, too. You're smart to be putting her in many different situations to make her an even better equine partner and balanced riding companion.


  18. Hello All,
    I want to thank you for all the wonderful comments on Certo and myself, too. He has such a wonderful temperament. A real ham. I have since sold him to a wonderful couple using him for wilderness packing. He just had such a strong herd instinct, that it just wasn't fair to try and use him as a solo horse. My husband is still his farrier, so he gets to see him regularly. A little bit about myself: I grew up as a teen doing the hunter/jumper thing. Also, rode drill and 4-H and those long, long trail rides. Sommersaulted with a horse doing the "rodeo run" so it has taken it's toll on my being incredibly careful now. In my 20's I studied Dressage and got into breeding Paints and starting young horses. In my 30's I got into "natural horsemanship", a huge turning point in my horse life. I also started breeding Iberian Warmbloods and got my babies going under saddle, hence Certo being one of them. Now in my 40's, I currently have a few young mules to start and an older one to help teach them the ropes. Yes, I'm opening up to the long ears thing and loving every minute. These equines just keep teaching us. I'm hoping these mules will be my life long trail buddies. Wishing all of you best and many happy equine adventures.


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