Wednesday, July 7, 2010

R and R Trip

A Sign as we entered Bend, Oregon

Our trip to BEND was really, really nice. Though going originally for a Wedding, we got to see and stay with my riding bud James, that had moved away to Texas last year. 
He was sorely disappointed with the arrangements, once in Texas, and took the second job offer, in Bend Oregon...he moved in May this year.

 It has been a painfully long time since my husband and I did anything careers, schedules and schooling...have effectively diminished our times together. And it does make me it worth it? That is the primary question in my mind...feeling life is short and all...the quest for a career and the times gone without each other...huh. Well, looming stuff in the spirit I have. 
This sign may need one more word added....

We started the trip behind a group of Old fashioned cars...jaunting down the road slowly.....It set the pace for the trip nicely.

I loved it, truly!

Once we got to Sisters, Oregon, we stopped for a bite of grub. 
The place we found had apparently gotten the award last year, for the best Bar-B-Q we treated ourselves- to "Slick's Que Co". Oh YEA! GOOD GRUB! 
Nicely styled atmosphere too~
These Cowboy hats were adorable on the lights, as shades.

We were totally satisfied and did a walk about the town's antique stores. After a time we headed to Bend, some 15 minutes away to see James, our host. It was definitely hotter than we had been experiencing at home. The 1st day of summer had been more like spring  in our and no sun yet.This 5th day...more like summer now...and we had to travel South to get it!

These signs were everywhere...I loved it!

We got to our destination and we were handed a cool drink and an afternoon sit on the deck over looking the Descutes River ....

a gorgeous Snow capped mountain.

while being serenaded by doves!

OH! It was so lovely, having the breeze of summer cool us from the river, while we caught up on each others lives again.

My man had some work to do though....School assignments. 
James had Wi-Fi our totally cool honeymoon suite- downstairs from the main floor!

We soon had to ready for the wedding at the high end golf course...that is what James said it was. He said it was private, but the the economy being what it was these past years...they opened it up to the public. It certainly was spectacular..though- the sun was right in our faces and the wedding pending..I did not have the time to be creative. We arrived at seating time, and sat in an entirely bad spot for photos too!

I did get the first Kiss and the first glance at the guests; as a young and handsome married couple!

The communion table, with the Golf course background caught my eye as well.

We enjoyed the brief time there and forwent the appetizer reception..and made our exit to be with our host.
We called him and he was out of it..he has been on the go looking for a house and property since March...making trips from Texas to Bend. He had looked at 2 that day before we arrived. So, He stayed in and we went into town and found a little sidewalk restaurant to sit and eat at.
The next day we had planned on Riding!...But again, James was wiped out...and I was totally disappointed, but understanding. 
We did go visit his 2 horses though.

And the place had this huge mural..seemingly painted of his welcome!

We just Chill-laxed...back at his place again...Q, his rather large Black and Tan Hound...stole my attention !

He'd talk to his beloved owner and then go up to the yard for a roll .

And look at me, while I snapped away!

He has always been a dog that was more people like...he looks right at you..and is not the typical dog that takes offense- with you looking at him back!

James really lucked out with this is a vacation rental...fully furnished..kinda cabin like and cluttery, but heck...he did not have to unpack anything! 

See you later Q hound...

The next move with James...will be the last, hopefully so.

Our drive home was delightful and we stopped at one Of Oregon's premier Ski resorts. Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood. (NextPost)


  1. Oooh! That's too bad you didn't get the opportunity to ride. I bet the horse signs all the way there were giving you so much motivation and excitement leading up to a potential ride. I know it would for me, too!

    Oh well. Your visit seemed very nice. How wonderful that you were able to spend time with your dear friend, James. Too bad that hubby still had to work on....and in your honeymoon suite no less. lol! The young couple you photographed were so beautiful. Such a beautiful photo. You captured their special moment perfectly.


  2. I love love love Sisters. I went camping there as a kid. I hope it is still as it once was and not too touched by "progress." Looks like you had a great time, and brought back dome lovely photos:)

  3. Yep, 'been there, done that'-feeling again. Haha. And I loved it. Had a very relaxing time. Loved the 'honeymoon suite'. Although it was a little too snug perhaps with the three of us in there LOL

    Your photos are beautiful. You have a very good eye. I like the new blog background.

  4. Hi Kacy what a good trip you had.. did you and hubby ride motorcycle?

    Its too bad you didn't get to ride, maybe next time though.

    Have fun at the trail trial!

  5. It sounds like you and your hubby had a nice, relaxing vacation, and were able to spend some quality time with each other. : )

    Oh, and thanks for your encouraging words, Kacy, they mean a lot. : )

  6. Sounds like a great trip! I definitely hope to go to Oregon next spring - I want to drive the coast, but we do have young friends in Bend. I love the pics of the dog.

  7. Wow, we were just in many of those same places! I did notice all the Horsey signs and read that Oregon has a huge equestrian community.

    You had slightly better weather than we did, too, but our trip was also nice and relaxing.

    It is definitely good to spend time with just your significant other and away from all the other pressures of life.

  8. Kacy! I love the new background. I am going to read this post slowly tomorrow morning and comment properly then! It is late here and I am beat!

  9. Lovely pics KK and sounds an excellent trip. Love the 'new' look, still haven't got mine just how I want but yours looks great.

  10. So sorry you didn't get to ride, but it sounds like you had a relaxing time anyway. I am off to read your next post now...


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