Friday, July 9, 2010

The mare and me...we are going to try....

It is finally summer here-and with vengeance on us, it seems...100's are a tad too hot for doing much. I wanted to try something new with the mare on Wednesday...but getting to the barn after noon, proved to be unbearable to think of tacking up. Once in the woods it is cooler normally so, but that thought of- preparing to go there, had me in a sweat!
I must prepare for a NEW ADVENTURE the mare and I are to en devour tomorrow...

I took my mare into the vet Tuesday before work, and he did a series of tests on her and asked me questions about her recent health. It took all of 20 minutes and I saved $51 bucks by driving her there myself. YUP...catch that..I drove her there myself! 
 I am soo loving my truck and hooking up to my trailer and going whenever and where ever I wish!
And WHY- did I go to the vet and get this certificate?  You may ponder...'bout now...
I must cross state lines to go to my first ever
I am nervous and excited all at the same time!

Today...EARLY- beating the heat, drove to the end of our road down from the barn and parked the the 2 tarps out and the rope...and walked up the Trail to place those tarps on the trails...and tie the rope to a log, so we could drag it.
The mare...she did so well!
I have never ridden over a tarp before, and on the ground, she has never allowed me to get her toes on one either...Today, she walked across both of them...after hard investigation and snorting..she willingly went right through  the middle!
And the Log went equally as well. I had tied the rope around a I could side step on over, and grab it. She allowed me that and then I made sure she was okay with the rope all over her head,neck and romp too. I then faced the log and made the rope taunt...pulling it towards prob..I then asked her to back with the log following us-no problem!
Only I turned and the log came closer to her then before, did she wince and side step away making me drop the rope -on purpose- to let her have a lack of pressure from the thing. I got off and picked the rope up again..and dragged it all over before tying the rope on the tree again for some other time.

Wish me luck and say some prayers please....though I attempted to enlist some moral support one has stepped up to accompany me...wa! I go it alone and they don't have a "Schooling ride, I found out!
All for FUN, I say...We can do it!

Have a wonderful weekend in the summer time all!


  1. Good luck and I hope you have a great time!!

  2. Can't wait to read how this goes. You have a lot of experience and it should go well. I miss my horse trailer so much!

  3. Good luck !!! I know you two will be fine!

  4. Wow, you lucky girl! You have your "own" truck and trailer....I have neither, Gilly says he won't go anyway! LOL
    Wa was a good girl for you, can't wait to hear about your fun time!!!

  5. Where? When? INFO, please!
    If you're crossing state lines, are you coming into Washington (where the WA mare should have a namesake advantage)? Are you going to one of the Happ's trials? (If I remember right, they have a great description of some of their obstacles on their website, so you can approximate them at home for practice.)
    I want to get to one of those before the end of the summer, but Kate been standing around while I get Maddie and Beth ready for the Rodeo City Equine Rescue's sale next weekend.

  6. p.s. Like the new background--the tie dye made my eyes cross. ;o)

  7. Enjoy the experience! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  8. Are you coming to Calif? Red and I have just started doing trail trials. Talk about fun! I know Region 5 is having one in Round Valley this weekend. Looking forward to the tale.

  9. Good for you! You'll do fine. The best of luck.

    I really like your new design.

  10. Oooh, congratulations! I bet you two will do just fine at the trail trials. Drive safe and let us know how it went!

  11. It sounds very exciting ;-) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your gorgeous, clever mare, that everything goes smoothly. Life is never dull with you two is it? Great stuff!

  12. Good Luck to you - I'm sending wishes for calm nerves and lots of bravery for the mare (you, too!). Just have FUN!

  13. Oooh! Yay! Will you be trying an ACTHA ride next? Good for you getting in some practice time first. I think horses (and riders) do so much better if they have an idea what to expect before attending one of these trail events.
    I know that my Apache mare seemed so confidant and happy to please me when she saw the familiar challenges at the ACTHA CTCs.
    And even the obstacles we'd not tried at home, she was more willing to try because she knew I would help her through it and show her how. There is something to be said for that connection and trust that happens when you spend time doing these obstacle trail rides.

    Have a great time with your Wa mare. Tell us all about it, with photos, please, when you return! :)


  14. Trying to get here to you all to tell you the interesting news and results for us....been slammed with scheduling stuff...haying, work, taxes,yard..and just plain wiped out...plaining to come tonight to try to was so incredible this place!

  15. Sounds exciting! Your Wa mare is the best. She did so well with your tarps and log work. What a good girl. I can't wait to hear the details. I feel guilty that I can't even comment because I am tired and you are out there doing these wild Trail Trials with your sweet girl! Lazy me and the boys...we just walk!lol! Get some good rest and then tell us all about it!

  16. YEA! That is cool! Jackson and I have done a bit of that, and the more I push him, obviously, the better he does! I am going camping for two days with friends and my horsey club this weekend, I am LOOKING forward to getting away. Yes, it is still a rough time. A very rough summer, no lie. A few prayers to the big guy on my behalf, would be appreciated, if you feel inclined! Moving to FL so I am packing and haven't been blogging! Will try to take pics and recap when I can. My son leaves with his father today, so let me get off of here and bother him! I love to hear from you, it always makes me smile!
    Hope it is a ball. (I would have come with you!!!:)

  17. Are you coming up to WA???? If so, I would love to come watch you and Wa mare. : )

    If you are already back from your competition, I hope all went well, and I cannot wait to read all about it!


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