Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet Tommy and Bonnie our stable kitties

These two sibling kitties are the sweetest things...Tommy or otherwise known as Clyde sits on and in anything you put down. He liked the shelter of my saddle this time. They are about 5 mo old now and they are fluffy ,cuddly, and purr instantly upon hearing your voice!
Very hard to they never stop moving and running around...except when they sleep!

Tommy is very adventurous and finds cubby ways through the outdoor boulders.
They are well loved by all..except, of late, we seem to have many more dogs they hide themselves well! Smart kittens!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving..a horse tale

When I think of the events leading up to having my mare Washashe given to me by my sister all has to do with my friend Gemma. This is she and I with our husbands at her Beach House. When you see me on my mare with friends on the beach...this is where we stay! An Awesome Equestrian Retreat in Tillimook, Oregon Coast. CHECK IT OUT...MAKING PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR SOON!

Gemma had offered me to ride a spare horse one spring getaway 4 years ago, after I had mentioned to her, that;"I used to ride."
I had tried this the year before, but she did not take the bait of me mentioning it that time! I mean, you don't just say, "hay..I ride well and I want to come along. Wanna take a chance on me?!" I was so exited that I cancelled all my clients within an hour and off to ride a horse after 25 years on the ground.

I looked ridiculous!!! I went to get some breaches..and the mostly western shop had only these almost white ones. I did not have a helmet or proper riding I wore my cowboy boots. They all thought I was from outer space and held their breath as I rode this little spry Morgan mare with her own plans to go her own way usually.
I did okay and they all relaxed after aout 15 minutes.

So, after riding Panna mare for a year or so...I kept calling my sissy about horse related questions and she finally said.."You need this mare". It was a mare she had bred from my mom's filly out of her brood mare. She had been started and also had been sent to some very harsh training that I am, to this day, still trying to overcome with her. When I got her, she had been out to pasture for almost 7 years. my sister did not have the time or the place to ride. Thanksgiving time Mare came to me in 2004. She was full of fire and a friend had taken her in for me..and I would go and brush her there was no place to ride or even lunge. She trailered us out once a week to ride(me taking my life and putting it n Wa's hooves)
I call this "Two Fatties Meet"...... Gemma took the photo. It was the very first time I had seen her. It was the day before Thanksgiving.

I made up a song about her. I would sing it on the way two and fro to see her .
Sung to the tune of "here we come a wassailing"
Here she comes the Wassail mare, among the leaves so green
here she comes a wandering', the fairest mare be seen
Love and Joy come to you and to you A Wassail mare too
And God send you a Wassail mare too!

Me and the mare now~ Gemma and her Gelding Romeo~

full of lovely memories of past joys and kindnesses that spill over and out of your hearts to the present times with those you love and all around you.
I am thankful for all of you here in bloggertown..sharing our times with our equines.
Praise God! It is great to be alive!

Monday, November 24, 2008


It was soo foggy today, driving out to the stable to Trim Washsahse's Hooves. The fence had no visible ending, also the fields, they dissapeared about- 10 feet in!

Washashe is pretty good about me trimming her hooves. Sometimes she will sit back when I have her in the normal"hoof picking" today, I had a baggie of oats, over to the side, and I would frequently put her hoof down before she had the incling to do it herself and give her a bite. She seemed more willing to go longer inbetween while chewing. Today was so warm and nice out again...the nights are the upper 30's. Thought I would put the heavier blanket on her. I rethought that as I am not able to get there and take it off if it like today...all warm. So she will go a bit longer with the rain wieght with neck cover.

I like how she seems to be participating in the whole me tips for how she likes to travel on them well balanced!
Good job Wa!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intrepid road Riders

Today's ride we set out to build up the hind -end-muscle, for my friend's mount is low on hind end strenght. She wants to race up all hills and won't walk.
So we planned to just ride the local roads, less mudd and more dry surface area. Sometimes the slip- factor makes the horses want to get a run at things we took that factor out.
We were joined by another boarder today, which was fun, I haven't ridden with 3 horses for some time.

About half way down the roads..we could hear motors coming....and it always makes your heart race some, wondering if they will stop in time and if they WILL STOP at all! So far, the guys I have run into out there...have been nice enough to cut the engines off...when I make the cut sign across my throat. There were so many of them this was wild...about 10 it seemed..on various vehicles. They waited nicely for us to pass and get a distance away and then roared off, up the hills, on the Wonderfully sunny November day!

The last hill before home...she knew there was something ahead...and the horses ahead knew that something was coming....I saw them kinda spooking as I came into view.

The only hitch in the day for me was when my friend's forgot why I had been riding ALONE for month's and only with one other rider at a time...My mare is soooooooooooo
competitive! I hate to fight with her face for control and us being in back =with others taking off in front...well, it makes for a messy and sometimes dangerous situation for me. Washashe can't handle it and I am not going to make her anymore. Either we trot together...or you let me go first. And maybe my friend thought it would be okay, as she could trot ahead of me when there was two of us. But dynamics do change things there was three and I was last!
I was not happy. And I know I need to be more up-front, before I ride again with others.
It was a darned nice riding day though!
Cool out and grazing in the "Gloaming Hours"

Jsut look at this mare's gorgeous Velveteen cooler!

Our shadows on Wa ~

All in all , it was a nice ride..just got to get it through to my people....lets take care of each other!

Oh my mare...what a pill =that I love!

Intrepid Riders

This is the scene I see always, with the exception of a clothing and gear change according to seasonal needs. My friend with the ponies "Ready to Load-Up", I am walking back to her to take my mare into the trailer..I just moved the rig around.
Today was a bit cooler-hence the coolers for trailering.
My friend with her new Australian Oilskin Duster on. She knew= I would be riding in what ever weather the Heavens threw down on us and...fortunately for us, Wonderful November sunshine with intermittent clouds .There was a touch of brisk down by the river as we neared it, so the layers were handy.
It was a lovely ride in a well known local horse hunters or motorized vehicles!
Have a wonderful day ya'll!

Thursday, November 20, 2008's kinda true

The above blog is a goodie...and today she posted a REALLY
FUN link...a "writing" definer...based on your blogs name, and what it could mean, the way you wrote it.
I can't believe it...but mine is pretty darned accurate!
Go and Check it out!
The analysis indicates that the author
is of the type:
ESFP - The Performers

The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves. The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I fooled her!

She tends to look at me if we tarry for too long! She is funny that way..hoping for a treat... thinking,"maybe that girl is just getting one out..that is why she has me waiting!" Today was a work day...getting the trailer ready for the detailing/ bearings and electrical checkup it goes for on Wednesday...everything OUT!
The trailer guy also said..."uh, we don't want any manuer to deal with, so scrub that stuff out for us..." Whimp! I was thinking today...the hay that the cow he eats for dinner, probably has horse manuer as a fertillizer for it!
So one more thing to do Wedsnesday before I drive 70 miles...yea, my sisters Trailer so it is her pick of the place too.

After I got that was about 65-68 degrees here today again, with SUN!!! SO I had to go to the trails for a the warm up, before the arena... YEPPERS> the ARENA<>
I need to proove to myself that she knows exactly what I see, she has been just so violent in the all think I love the trails ..and>I DO> I DO<>

So since it had dried out enough to go faster than a walk..I trotted up the main trail and over the three jumps..very nice and relaxed..starting to foam some white her jaw was relaxed. I walked back down the middle trail.she did not even look towards home. Good sign.
We trotted again, from standing...nice trot departure with power and then up to the new fallen tree, we jumped, and I made sure that I did not sit as we came down, but remained in two point. We took the second trail towards the tree grove..practicing half halts to sitting trot and down to walk and halt.
A couple turns on the forehand to change it up.
Then in the tree grove, which has many wonderful alleys that run between a track that goes around the entire grove on the outside. It is quite lovely to ride in and practice Outdoor dressage.
So I took the first lane two point, as it is the steepest alley. I remained trotting, and practiced Renvers then leg yield, back and forth a few times while posting. I went down a lane
in a sitting trot asking her to take my fingers in her lips lightly so...she did very nicely.

Once we got to the bottom..I let he have long reins to the ground for three or so strides then
slowly picked them up for contact and leg yeilded to the right and then to the left. And as I did to the left I slightly picked up my left hand and squeezed her with my leg there too..YES! She picked up the left lead canter from a nice walk! NO problem...I practicaly thought it to be!
I half halted to trot and back down to walk..leg yield left then to the right and I thought and did the motions for the right lead and>she was awesome!
I was thrilled...and thought to myse lf Who needs the arena!!! But..I knew..I would go there anyway I had to...I was to meet my friend Alicia, so she could jump.

We went on in the was jsut Alicia and I. Wa was relaxed...but I decided something...
I was going to introduce her to a new pattern tonight...only walking.
Plus, there was a multitude of polls set up and things to have to look at and manuver.

We did our patterns, and up the quarter lines with three leg yields in and three out and bak to straight.
And also, we did loose rein serpentines, my favorite, with her being soo sensitive to my weight shift from the inside stirrup to the outside stirrup. I never have to use the reins at all usually..unless she gets it in her to head home and then she ignors me all together!I like to do lines through the arena with my arms stretched like an airplane..turning them the direction I am to go..she does well with this too.

So, she tried to trot twice...but I assured her, we are walking. I think she fully anticipated me asking her for the trot..and maybe she wanted to...but, Tonight was about a good ending and I had all my wonderful transition rearing, no evil eyes, or boltling .

I fooled her..the arena was so calm and she was blowing her nose in relaxation..foaming her white lipstick! Only Walking!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Volume was sure up!

I was not up on current events in our fair city this past weekend, but I am fairly sure
I DID NOT miss HEARING it from afar.
Friday evening from the time we laid our heads on the pillow, till the wee hours of the morning, the "Hells Angels", I am sure, were in our town!
I am not joking..the noise level of those "Choppers" was amazing from where I laid my head- in my house.

Then, Saturday, right out the back forty to 100 acres...more motorized vehicles. I know, It is November and the rain has been at bay now for a few days...but how did they rally themselves to the proportion it got to, in our back woods?!!
And it seemed..they were being filmed as well...from the there was a Helicopter hanging around at the same time....very loud, and annoying for a day needing the silent woods for a head to be cleared. MINE!

So today, I planned on going to a place I have never run into the motorized vehicles, though evidence can be seen at times.Wa and I set out...we asked a few folks about riding, but all had plans already, it seemed.

This is what it looked like if you could see the sounds.... Again, Aerial Copter included....It must have been filming the new motorized things that I was shocked I could hear reverberating around me ..Wa and I were wondering which direction they would come from...they seemed looming and loud as if to come out from around the next ridge.

So, Wa and I headed quickly away and down the trails. Though, it was terribly loud, and I was praying the entire time just about, that we'd be spared the crash event of meeting in an inopportune place on any trails. Wa and I had ourselves a fair trail experience. We decided to get to the "Safe Zone"...near the entrance to the entire area is a lovely trail that has so many downed tree trunks and larger rocks. The mare walks over them easily so, but a fat thing, like this above motorized job..well, they need wide birth of soft enough foliage that they can mash it away. NOT this trail!

The first part was the it was quiet!!!

I like the diverse terrains with stuff to go over and through...Wa normally does not like things touching her and close in trails with scrubby undergrowth..but, the more I think about it..that is where we need to be to avoid the all terrain vehicles...out of sight on narrow scrubby paths!

We had some water crossings today too..the video makes it looks much smaller than it took the entire trail up and there was no way around it!

Then, there was this obscure path I spied on the way back, not for the faint of heart, was the dooosey of a creek it took us to. The creek lay in the bottom of a 3 foot or so, drop. It looked doable, but I decided with it being late on the ride..not to chance it may be a twice done jump as I know not where the trail goes . Maybe tomorrow!

Washashe was a really good girl today and I think maybe one more day out there on the trails of Sun, then we'll get to work inside for the winter.

Lessons for Jumping and flat start in Dec. With my eventing trainer. I cancelled them due to my surprize, last minute "NO" on lesser board at the stable...but with gaining 65 clients from my husbands 21 year old barbering base of clients...I think that was the boost I needed for the go ahead to invest in Us for the future of riding! I will remake them all tomorrow. My husband is giving up barbaring now, and going into nursing.

Untill we meet again, happy trails!

Give me a break!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two in a row

I know, I's only a Horse Statue...on a horse related blog... but I had to thank you all for the well wishing on our Anniversary!! P.F. Changs is where this was taken ...massive horses in front of the building and massively good food inside!

I saw this hand painting while driving yesterday...just mounted upon a telephone post! It is an oil on canvas...wonder how long it'll last out in the inclement weather?? Well the sentiments for family will last much longer, and I am glad that I saw it on our day!
Our feature film of choice, that we had free tickets to =also was a marriage boost for yesterday. "Fireproof" .....YYEOWSA..I married the right man! He could have starred as the main actor!
Thanks again for the wonderful sentiments here and see you after my Intrepid Trail ride today!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today~ Clean the house or horse??!!

Today~ Is our 19Th Wedding Anniversary and I have opted to........Clean the House this time!
Then, after Bruce gets home...we have Movie tickets and dinner plans(somewhere with 2 horses at the entrance) what fun!

On our 20Th, next year we always have intended to go somewhere fantastic..Sky car Railway trip through Canada is on the top. Visiting the Grand Lodges there; hiking to some, riding by horse back to others.(that'll be the day..B man on a horse longer than 30 seconds..will share that shot with you another time..funny!)

The other place on our list to visit is one, I know Bruce will enjoy, for his love of Vast Country, Stone Walls, History, Brick + Stone >>for the Vast Country I may gallop on in, Stone Walls I may jump over, A long Fox Hunting History, Brick Barns with wood interiors, Draft/warmblood Breeds galore.............
can you guess?

I leave you with a current pic from recent years Christmas Party..someone actually "Caught the moment" with us in it!! Too bad I can't remember just what we were hooting over! It was fun though~
I better get with it =as I have opted for the stall and horse cleaning -far too many times this month already!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Double "Toast Tag"

I have to say, that I am pleased to accept this honor(for the second time) to my great joy, from Stacy
She has re-Toasted to me...I am pleased to pass the Toast along to(second time around..I make the rules) A someone...someone that has won my heart with pure hard work and some wonderful documentation of a life well lived!
Please give a hand and a viewing to....:
MY TOAST to you Gail dear: I lift my canteen and say, I'm glad to know you here and If I could hike on over to your house, I'd be there by morning! I would Give you a hug and we'd do some work together.Have some grub and I'd be on my way ..and happy!

So here are the "Toast Tag" rules:
1. Display the "toast tag" logo in your blog.
2. State your "toast".
3. Put a note into Adventure Girl's comment section about your toast. ( )
4. Include your link and invite her and her readers to view your toast.
5. Then "tag" 3 other unsuspecting bloggers. Tell them that they must notify Adventure Girl of the toast as well as the blogger who "tagged" them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A " TOAST TAG" to my Friends

Saddle Mountain Rider
Nominated me for this "TOAST TAG"..thanks a whole big sip!

My Toast is for the many wonderful horsefriends I have here and at home. I sip from my water bottle...I raise it to YOU :

The hydration YOU give to me, is in the SOUL! YOU support me when I am down and out and cheer with me as I accomplish feats I never imagined with my mare!
This sip is for YOU, my lovely horse face friends!!! CHEERS!

I would LOVE to pass this " TOAST TAG" on to:

Marvel, my new found friend
Marvel, you astound me with your compassion and heart! I Toast you~

Stacy with her Percheron mare, I Toast you and your desire for correct training and Equine developmant~

Jewel, My Jewel of a Friend!
I toast YOU For your your heart for the Horse, riding correctness with growth at all times. The fact that True relationships are your passion . You encourage me to grow in both~

TAG~ You are it, for the good!!!

So here are the "Toast Tag" rules:

1. Display the "toast tag" logo in your blog.

2. State your "toast".

3. Put a note into Adventure Girl's comment section about your toast. ( )

4. Include your link and invite her and her readers to view your toast.

5. Then "tag" 3 other unsuspecting bloggers. Tell them that they must notify Adventure Girl of the toast as well as the blogger who "tagged" them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A bit Fugly

Okay..this is ME!

I DON'T post rantings here..lots of reasons and one of them may show up and read this too...but, my opinion is MINE, I get to vent. NO harm in getting it all out once in awhile with caring horsey friends...since I choose to not gossip at the barn...and my poor husband just moans the day , each time it is a horsey complaint! SO you guys are my outlet...well today you are!

I had a wonderful plan yesterday of showing up on the normal Monday, trainers day off, so I can count on riding in the arena without bothering anyone with my mare....if I choose to go in there.
She can have outbursts of frenzy. It freaks the normal dressage folk out for her to do what she does. So I am VERY CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS, I stay away from making them uncomfortable with anything. I ask before I do and I also just don't do- if there is not the right person there . It is the way I am I like to AVOID conflict!

I do believe my mare's disdain for the arena came from her past of being abused and all tied down and made to be falsely collected without being in shape for it and without any consideration for her mind. Ridden for 30 days straight, with a western saddle that did not fit, by a very large man(I hear) that had tons of leverage. The saddle got put back on her every day over open sores with cellophane over the raw spots.... She was abused and it just pops out sometimes...during lunging, and riding..only in the arena though. Also, my sister that bred her Dam and started her(then sent her to that ill man) had her out to pasture for near 7 years. her work ethic is nill. I do think all that has something to do with the mare I inherited!

She is perfect on the trails as far as response to me asking for anything. She just has an affliction to circles and anything that makes her all tight and tied into frame. And with me getting back into riding with, the combo has been very enlightening. We have made huge strides in mutual understanding!

I have gotten a lot of progress in the last 3 years ...5 saddles...7 trainers, teeth, back, feet, neck, hocks...
all part of the makeover that has gotten me here.
Only 2 trainers have done right by the mare and I. Most just tell me that she needs some apparatus to MAKE her do what I want, or they just take my money and waste my time trying to make us fit into some lesson plan that excludes her and I..Not creative and NOT trying to help US!

The fact is I can't afford lessons now. You know, changing jobs and "economy happens" stuff.

My last trainer really did us a disservice BUT-through some of our clinics at my current facility with Colleen Reid I have come to realise my mare does have potential, but I do need direction from someone like her. Until I find that someone...I have come to the fact that the only time I ever knew the mare liked the arena; is when It was an outdoor one- don't have that where I am- or when she was doing ground polls and jumping.

She loves to focus on something and really is perky when she does.

Though her expression here does not show her enthusiasm! I think we had just begun the lesson and she was thinking Arena thoughts!
She did very well last year, jumping over at another stable I found, quite unusually so. I met the owner in the hospital! I was visiting a friend whose horse had run her down while she was ground training him..broke her leg, and this owner was in the hospital room with her.

Any who.... all this to say, yesterday, I show up at the barn and all my friends are there grooming, readying themselves for a ride. me too...I was actually going to ride in the arena for the 3rd time since a huge blowout with the mare this summer. I pulled the draw reins out of retirement and was putting them on her.(more for weight than use) She went well years ago when I did use was just hard having double reins.
All of a sudden, the BM comes over and tells me that the owner and the trainer wish to speak with me....bad timing folks...have a time limit and the horse it tacked up, and Everyone is now looking at me..I am getting "called into the office". I hate things like that!

They proceed to explain to me that I am not going to be allowed to jump in the arena.


I think I have a training plan for the mare and whoooshhit, Stomp! Something about insurance, safety, knowledge.

Blow it out both sides- it was coming !

I said,..."this feels like control and fear to me". "No, it is the insurance and your knowledge"...then I am asked to give an oratory on jumping procedure and spacing get my point. I sure as Heck don't remember this on my boarding agreement(NO JUMPING IN THIS EQUINE FACILITY- you may hurt yourself!)

My newly arrived friend ,with her green Thoroughbred is going to be allowed to jump. And When did my friend do her oral or otherwise jumping test for approval?

Funny thing was ..She was jumping as we spoke! WHY does the insurance cover her?

SO -when I said, "she and I planned on being accountable with each other during our arena jumping times." "NO! Absolutely not, she is not an instructor" Then,( puffs of smoke rising up) they tell me the reason why she can jump is that she used to teach jumping. ( Oh, so she WON'T GET HURT, I see!)

I signed all the release forms to my life when I came to that barn too.
Let me explain something here:

When I say I want to jump...I mean cavalettiis forever...then ground polls(*though we DON"T have safe ones at our barn, nothing to secure them with!)
Lots and lots of ground polls....then maybe a cross rail on blocks, appropriately spaced, after the GP! You know how long it'll take ME to get to the point to jump?? Being safe and sound like I like...A very long time!
So since I have never jumped in my current facilities arena and never was told I could not,
till last night, for varying and seemingly backpedaling reasons, as I confronted the negative...

I feel very singled out! And to tell you the truth, I lost it...cried for the seeming-singled out feeling, and they were upset, I was upset, made some consessions..I actually can't remember now!
And..I just remembered, I was lunging a perfectly(how that happened ?) relaxed and even tempo'd- white froth coming outa her mouth- mare ...and I see them coming into the arena towards me....AND, I can't remember what they said, again now...
and My mare just lost it after that...bolting, fearful, and I couldn't even ride or ask her to canter on the lunge. She READS ME TOO WELL for trying too much when down.

So folks...I may be absent for a time..this is really- REALLY -depressing me right now.

I may have a plan though..not sleeping last night helped with coming up with a plan.
AND it does include jumping..Lots and Lots of jumping~

I leave you with my first ever jumping experience on Washashe. We had done it a few times before she I let her go after the third time. Until a later well~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elsie Button Boo

This is Elsie Button Boo~
She got her name from a woman at church I volunteered for one summer. This woman was the sweetest thing I'd ever met and she had a cat named K.C. (Kitty Cat).

Bruce and I had been trying to figure out what to name this little bundle of fire kitten for two weeks. Then one morning I looked down upon her, and she started to purr instantly. That was it! Elsie! Because she was just soo sweet!
because she had this incredible thing she would do with her them so wide, they looked like teddy bears "Button Eyes"!

because...this is what she was most the time...scared!

I just took this one for you, she sits behind us while we are on the computer and yowls..till we pet her so we placed a table with a pillow on it for her to be close enough to reach and pet!

She thinks she'd like to go on all out trips with suit cases......

carpet bags.........

and mens duffles!

Bruce just loves his kitten, though she is 18 now!

I leave you all with the "Crap-Happy-Kick" that Elsie does after she... guessed her..goes crap! Manx's have a problem typically with this..they get constipated easily and often. SO when she does must feel pretty lightening to her...she runs for her leopard pillow..and kicks the crap outa it! This is NOT the best video to show this daily event..she was distracted by her mouse.
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