Saturday, June 26, 2010

A visiting we go~

Last year, our friend James and his two horses and dog Q, moved to Texas.
It was bitter sweet all the way around.
Well, it really did NOT work out there at all for him .....soooooo-
He moved BACK TO OREGON! Yippie yeahoowee! 
Tomorrow my husband and I travel  to attend a wedding of a former young client of mine..that found true love and is living in Bend, Oregon.
Guess where James Lives...A-HUH, Bend!
I am taking  my favorite clothes...semi dressy for the wedding, lounging and riding!
Catch you Hopefully, when I return...this flitting here and there and sometimes off really making me tired.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking into a venture

When I found my new truck and got the loan for it,
( I almost said "her" there) I felt strangely confident. Promptly I came on home, got the the computer, and found the Secretary of States Business address and registered/ paid for- a business license for the name "Equine View Photography". 

Recently, I ordered some window decals, with the above photo on them, and a slightly different format with my "Allhorsestuff" blog spot as a way to reach me. 
The decal did not cost very much, so if I decide to change the contact info I may easily so. I just don't want weirdo's to call my cell, cause they saw me get out of my truck somewhere .

So, I am looking to create a photo journal, and or an Etsy site, or both- that may be reached from my Blog here. Just dabbling...and if you have how to's or suggestions...PLEASE....I am all interested in them~!

Back to the truck..and the way I almost called it- a 'Her". 
Do any of you name your vehicles?

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Harrowing Time

I went back to the beach last wkend with my riding buddies from a former boarding stable, T.A.T. 
 It stands for "Two's A Team". 
 The Weather was lovely nice!
The horses had arrived the day before and all had been ridden on the beach- some for the first Tessorro here. He is a Gorgeous 5 yr old Kiger Mustang. His momma, above, drove herself and I Friday afternoon to join the horsin' party that had gotten started the day before.

We decided to take a Sunset ride...but only on the Bay side, as Tessorro's mom needed to build connect/confidence, before she tackled the beach.

Hoof boots...uggg~

And as we set off.....into the beautiful bay view...I mentioned that a helmet had been forgotten!

You can't make someone do what you know is right...prepare for something- No One wants to think, could happen to them.

This gal had a brand new saddle made by "Tucker Saddle Co." it was gorgeous...and sat her -so nicely balanced- in its cushy padded seat! I had saddle envy going on!

 We strode down the on a borrowed horse named Diesel. He is a large Paint I have ridden, just indoors for lessons. He had an attitude this night..which surprised me some, testing me and testing me on my resolve for standing and also leading. 
I mostly remained, in the back.

It was relaxing and calm with the bay on the right...then we turned around, a short time after, and headed home... bay on the left.

This was the last shot...
before the ride went shockingly awry!

And as much as we have stewed over it now..and recounted happened very fast!

We were all walking calmly and I had begun some leg yields on get more control of his body...he was great, as we traversed the road...back and forth with straight thrown in for good measure.
I was simply doing that then...he mistook my aim and LEAP FORWARD- over a rather large water puddle...into nothing but brush..not even a place to land! 
But, I was left behind his motion, so he landed in the scrub without me abroad.
I had been jettisoned at the onset of the big leap! I had no stirrups to help me out...was on the bareback saddle.
I laughed as he leap..almost in disbelief...and the girls looked back to see mid air...he in mid air...then me crumple backwards...over my  right shoulder.
My mount was calm for a moment..then, I may have stumbled as I got to my feet, or he saw the saddle sideways( I did try to stay on apparently..squeezing, and the saddle went my direction.) 
He lost it and bolted towards his Young, Grey pasture mate...and then the second rider was flipped off, as her Grey mount twirled around and ran away....which leads me to the third horse....Who must have thought, " OH MY..THE LIONS ARE ABOUT!",
 he leapt into the scrub brush too...but.... OH!!!
A DROP into the Bog awaited them!
 Must have been 6 feet they were no longer seen by us!
I heard , "Help, Help, Help" ! We rushed, as well as we could to try and find them...and what happened next was amazing.
Tessorro the Mustang, poor baby, his head appeared- AT OUR FEET.....that is far down the drop was!
 We got out of the way as he extended his two legs onto the ground we stood upon...and hurled, pulled and contorted himself, back up to the solid ground of the road.
That accomplished...we set out down the road to find the loose horses.
My friend, had fallen on her helmet-less head and I saw blood and a cut...she was doing okay..knew her zip code and husbands name. 
For now...I jogged on ahead...and got to a turning point..and then heard...cathump,cathump, came Diesel horse...looking scared and then relieved...he ran right to me!
The young Grey Arabian, "Chief", stood patiently by... just down the road...waiting for us to come to him.

We all convened..and walked the mile back to the trailer.
Once back to the house, and after taking account of the horses...we then set out for the hospital, after I inspected my friends head wound, but was still bleeding.
3 staples is all she got off with- PRAISE GOD!
 Boy did I pray and pray, as we were going for the horses earlier.
It could have been SO much worse!!

So, the rest of the weekend consisted of sleeping and healing/resting. Families came to see the two women and encourage them.
I, of course, took more photo's having more time!

We assessed the horses again, in the morning... Tessorro had a bulge in his swelling or heat though. He also did not change his gait at all.

We  noticed Chief telling us things about his bothers me here....

And here....

He had gotten the rope around his pasterns and burned some skin right off, while running.
Nothing a little 'Sore No More" did not fact I used it too...on me!

The rest of the time...I just shot the horses and ate too much food.
They looked so beautiful...being of diverse coloring!

And Tessoro's ears..they were all fluffy and Carmel colored, as I looked down.

Then, he looked down on me! Made me laugh too!

Chief, the gorgeous Arabian 

And Diesel...saying, enough with the photos...feed me and get on with it!

We did get on with it by concurring....we would be a bit more prepared by doing what we could next time...
A helmet was on the short list! 
And for me...saddle with stirrups, on a borrowed horse!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Away with the mare and friends 2nd day

Though the day, our first whole day at the beach, was somewhat windy and grey sometimes.....
we liked it all the same! 
The morning was lovely...looking over the bay through the Calla Lillis.

 Then the riders started to groom and ready the mounts, for another time on the sandy shores.

It was a unique day for all of us riding. Jules and I, being veteran beach riders...know of the difficulties and sometimes, unusual behaviors our horse partners may display.
Like Rolling...horses sometimes find the deep, soft sand overwhelmingly inviting and are overcome with the erg to go down in it = and ROLL!
For our little 5 yr old paint, Willow, she really was uppity at times, like all our horses can be when they get their adrenaline going. Her human partner decided to not fight, but to do ground work on the way to the beach. It was more effective .

Other behaviors are a strong sense of  the-will- to-not- move -when confronted with the VAST VIEW OF THE OCEAN! You come over the top of the large, hilly sand dune- that is blowing with POP..a huge view of rolling movements and multi colors of blue white and green water far as the eye can see!

Big Sky here got "the stops" with the Maddy mare lead the way down the hill.

Once we hit the was nice to just chill out and stand. Jules enjoyed her mares willingness to do just we trotted and cantered in circles and patterns around  and about her, for a time.

I had my mare's pissy "I'm not going to focus attitude" I calmly  kept at it, till I could get a round bending circle and some serpentines. I just refused to look at her. She does feel my focus and the dead body stance of a- stare- at -the-head- rider. I chose not  react.. just tons of praise with the slightest effort and forward movement and ear stance. 
More movements for misbehaving and less for a willing mare!

The worse, in my opinion, issue on the beach though...Is The horse that gets dizzy in the waves!
This is not a chosen willfulness, by the horse, just a certain problem that many do have.
Willow Here...rocked somewhat sideways, as I looked on her and her rider once...

.... I have found that heading into the oncoming waves/and likewise, as they retreat, become vertical with them, by facing the direction they travel. Remaining Perpendicular...can mean...
 "Horse and Rider down" FAST. 
I have seen it happen, a few times, without damage...but a certain loss of confidence in both horse and rider will ensue.

We headed up the beach..I found it easier to stay a way
s away from the excited my mare so much that going towards the water was my training technique this soothed her and trotting in the moving waters made her think and have to work it out. It felt so neat to be so buoyant as well, her lifting her legs higher.
Jules had her Video cam camera on so maybe sometime...I will get to see us in and moving pictures too!
They began to canter up the beach, so I joined them, from where I was. 
I quickly got my camera out, and got them in a row!
After spending about an hour down at the beach, then went back for our delicious brunch.
 It works out nicely to take turns at the main meals on these trips. I made dinner Saturday eve.
We gave the horses a much needed break and brunch delight after ours, as well!

My mare just loves this beach grass

We also did something I had NEVER done...we watched

I found it quite hilarious for the terms and slogans they used..that were all true! Hours had passed and we werte a bit lulled and tired ..but rallied for a Sunset ride.
We  made a quick dinner and decided to have it on the beach-picnik style....
We rode out near sunset...the horses were in TOTAL and utter disbelief! It was cold and windy and we ate as fast as we could...

Jules stayed aboard Maddy mare and forwent the dinner...till later...we were all quite tired and dismounting just was not appealing to her.

 Wa mare..stood nicely near Willow, a new mare to her..too tired to fuss really.

We headed away and back towards was Coooolddddd, in the partially clouded sunset.

I decided then...that was all my mare would have to do this beach trip, instead of trying to ride before we left the next day.
Maddy and Jules...riding in the sunset of the Oregon Coast

Thanks Jules, for coming along for my special treat, making it even more special! 
Nice to ride with a group of dedicated, and devoted horsewomen too!
I look forward to meeting you on the trails this summer...yea

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Away with the mare and friends

After a harrowing week, involving a colic at my barn and coming off weeks of record rainfall...the forecast looked
 for getting away and enjoying some beach time with equines!

This shot was taken by my friend Jules, and I shot it as we watched it on the TV slideshow~
She looks like my little Indian Pony with her feathered mane!

I joined up with my gal friend Julie, a fellow boarder and her stable owner. 
My PBO had given me 2 free nights at her equine rental facility at the beach, for boarding with her 1 year. Love ya Gem!

We arrived and allowed the horses to settle and get their land legs back,  after traveling the 90 minute drive to the Oregon Coast.
We then went out for a nice ride in the sunshine!!! Yes..we actually got to see the blue skies a bit!
I rode on my bareback saddle and  in the"Nutural Bitless Bridle"- Jules is allowing me to borrow.  Aside from her very demonstrative-"Give me my space" gestures...The Wa mare was so good...the new company had her in wonderment.

It was somewhat we had jackets for a time..then the sunspots would get hot, and we'd peel it off again!
I loved this photo...everyone is beaming  smiles of delight...had no idea till I put it on the computer! I know they were happy..but it also could be= my saddle contortions, to turn around and shoot the shot!

As we rode...someone said.."hey, may we get to that sandy spot down there?" was the Bay side and I had never tried before...we found a spot to enter, after trying a few different places.
It was so neat!
I thought of Lisa And APACHE MARE doing her Trail challenge course...we too had some challenges...
WATER =was this BIG Handsome Paint, named Sky, nemesis.
He see it and try and try to bypass it.

This little 5 year old mare's challenge was keeping her she is young yet. Her human partner was really patient and true to her~ making sure to assure her, of her good efforts, often.

 The three amigo's

We traveled on down the road, towards the jetty at the Ocean, and came upon these colorful challenge for any of our horses, today!

These logs were everywhere on our road...and my mare chose to look on them, each time, with a suspect eye!
My friend to the north at WET REINS  on her OTTB -Jasper- would handle them no problem!
I kept telling Wa, "take a good look now".....for the day will come when you have to decide to fly over them!

I bid the riders adieu...and rode back the bay side, from which we came...I felt a bit tired and the wide open beach- bitless & bareback- was something I had no energy for...not to mention, going towards home!

Another photo off the TV slideshow~

That we supped and I was about to break open a bottle of wine...I noticed...a grand design was in the makings..something extra special!
 I was invited to try...after I had shot "the making of Lemon Drops".

They were dangerously good!!! 
And soon, after a few sips, became a sort of laughing tonic!

I leave you, for now, with one more shot and a look at Jules new Toy!!!

See you soon , for the rest of the fun and to catch up , if I can...with all of you..
am nursing a sick body...had too much fun.
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