Friday, June 11, 2010

A time for rest. . . . .

  . . . .an that will be over tomorrow! 
The mare and I have had some fabulous rides out during short intervals of dry the past 10 days. We have had some record rainfall the first 6 days of June... normally, we get about an 1 inch and 1/2 of rain for maybe the entire month...well, last Sunday...we got that! And the first 6 days...3 inches!
THAT is soon to Of tonight..I saw STARS!!! No, I did not hit my head...I looked out the window! Cool!
We leave for the beach is supposed to hit the 80's in we shall hopefully have 70's!

Okay...a very awesome note to end on here...riding for an hour today, I wanted to focus on transitions and leads for the canter. I decided to wear my Waterford bit. I have been bitless, for about a month with the mare, and I love does she! But, I wanted to try something...and WOW...she was so cool..I wanted to do laterals back and forth, down the  graveled  service road. 
She really gave me that bend around my leg towards the direction we went...WOW. AND..I was asking for a lateral canter to avoid a brushy tree...and I got a flying lead change- POP! 
It is funny...everything I ask outside, I get easily..but put us in an arena..and I get explosions. It is like girthing the mare up...I go so slow..I massage the area firstly, and stretch her legs forward...If I take her outside...she does not even bat an ear...but if I stand in the tacking area...massive -evil- looks with threat of mouth!
I just think what we do, needs to be in the open- jumping, outdoor dressage, trails. She just reacts to enclosed anything.

Well, the mare will enjoy going to the beach with her friend Maddy mare..Maddy's mom of EQUINEMINE and I are planning a bitless/bareback saddle ride.. to start the wkend off right!

I look forward to THIS fabulous I feed my mare tomorrow morn!

Have fun and catch you next week!


  1. Happy beach riding with your buddy

  2. One thing bitless does is makes a horse a lot more responsive to seat. With a bit you use a lot more hands. We get stories all the time of a horse being bitless then switching back to a bit for a short time only to find their horse responds to their leg and seat excellently where before they would ignore it.

  3. Still green with envy over here, all those beautiful trails, and beaches!!!!...

  4. You and your mare are on cloud nine. Have a great time at the beach...another beautiful opportunity I am jealous of. Give my best to your pal from Equine Mine.

  5. That looks like a gorgeous place to ride your horse. No wonder she is much happier outside than in an arena ;-) If my mare and I have achieved some cool moves I'm walking on clouds for a whole day. Or even longer. ;-) Hope you've had a really good ride on that gorgeous beach.

  6. I am jealous! You two have a great time. Say hi to Maddie's mom, haven't heard from her for a while.
    Did I mention I'm jealous?! :-)

  7. As a kid in McMinnville, we went "to the coast". When we moved to CA, we went "to the beach". lol

    We used to go to Lincoln City, or maybe Depoe bay. Had to always visit Pixiland. Shoot, now I am grasping at childhood memories. A small amusement park on the highway on the way, that closed, and then the store, eattery in Lincoln City that had salt water taffy. lol Wow, had not thought of that in a long time!

  8. What - you are taking the Mare to the beach? What a lucky gal! I think she's claustrophobic - I can sympathize. I really like the new Header.

  9. Beautiful~ I hope you have beautiful weather!

  10. Lucky girl you are Kacy! Ride, ride, ride and have great fun!
    No riding here, horrid humidity, rain and body isn't cooperating, could be why Gilly isn't either.

    I just got back and In-MY-NEW-TRUCK TOO!Fresh from the mechanic's and pampering! YEA!!!

    Be here sometime soon...I am wiped out!

  12. Kac-Left a post for you under "Remembering a Heartbeat" on my blog. Glad you had a great time on your trip. Trips anywhere involving horses are so great!

  13. Oh so jealous!!!! I was just responding to a comment you left me about riding the beach and here you are,off for a beach ride. Lucky dog!
    Our mares must be seperated at birth or something, they sound like two peas in a pod.
    Have a joyous ride for me!

  14. Such beauty all around you. Enjoy.

  15. I hope one day to be able to ride on the beach, too. It's always been a dream of mine. I do believe my Apache mare would help me live my dream, too. She is such a willing, sweet girl.

    My heart horse.

    I hope your rain stops for good soon. We've not had any rain and we sure could use it here. It hasn't rained since last summer!


  16. Hey Kacy! Am wondering how Wa did in the Coverall arena? Its so bright and open w high ceilings. Hope you are well.I've been out on the trails a bunch and have about 10 horse camping trips planned if you wanna go.


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