Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trail Blazers

With Near a month of rains and grey skies...boo, waa, and blast...am going crazy with it all...after I poured coffee BEANS into the filter yesterday, (with out grinding them) I realized...I am still in hibernation mode.
With NO Sunlight to help my body clock get going and energise me at all...I am hurting for certain. So I dug out a documentation of a favorite time of last year. Meeting my best riding partner ever, horsecamping and just playing in the sun.

  I am dreaming of those times....got them scheduled for times coming up but, ... just am having a difficult time thinking it ever get sunny or bright here, as more grey is forecasted with rains storms.
TAKE ME AWAY good memories!


  1. OK, so there IS a downside to living in beautiful Oregon. Love the video... can I come out there for a trail ride some day? *sigh*

  2. Nothing like looking at the world through a horse's ears. And, you sure have a beautiful world to look at. Don't worry, sunny riding days will come again.

  3. Kac - rain for you that does suck. It makes trails dangerous and yucky. We are already in the upper 80's low 90's with high humidity in Southern Ohio.... this weather is crazy!!!

    Happy Week!!!

  4. So sorry about your icky weather. I know the sun is on its way to you! You all have such nice riding trails and gorgeous views. I guess there is good and not so good everywhere. We have sun, and our trails are pretty, but they aren't too long!
    Thinking sunny thoughts for you!

  5. You can have our sun we need rain another time then heat. Rain is a good thing when you have crops to grow.

  6. Close your eyes. Can you feel it? Yellow, white, warm and cozy? I'm sending you sunshine!!! :-)
    Hope it shows up for real soon.

  7. Oh K I totally hear you! I am so sick of the yucky weather! I have trails to blaze ! Rivers to Cross,pictures to take!

    Praying BIG for some sunshine!

  8. Love you all...smiles today-through the rain drop and knowing that it IS GREEN here, because of them!
    My willpower is being tested for sure- in another direction...the diet. No activity means blubbery me...gonna try new things, since activity is not available yet.
    Wish me willpower..K?

  9. You weather is why it is so beautiful there. I'd love to send you some sunshine from Texas.

    We moved to Oregon (McMinnville) when I was just 2 (many, many MANY years ago). My mom said she cried the whole first year until she got "web feet". lol

  10. Awwww....the music, pictures/video were beautiful! I loved it so much!

    We do have to live through the snows each year for several months, but the reward is we have sunny skies all summer long.
    Even during our monsoon season in August, we will often get rain every day but only for an hour or so and then the sun is back out again. It's glorious!

    I don't think I could live somewhere that we got rains for days and weeks. I'd go nuts.
    But sometimes I wish we had all your green grass and flowers as it's just to dry here for that. And we have to feed hay all year long, too.
    But we don't have tick, mosquito or fly problems and we can ride just about every day all summer long...so I suppose it's all a trade-off.

    I sure hope it dries out soon for you!


  11. A small price for the beauty that surrounds you.

  12. Thanks for the support all..yes, all trades offs and I'm just a being a whiner...at least I am working through most of it, and own stock in most of the horsey clothing Co. rain gear!!! S*I*GH

  13. Sending some sun your way now. Great video, loved the shadow shots of both of you on your horses. It looks sooooo relaxed. You lucky girl (and horse)!

    On the activity subject: we've bought a Wii with balance board just before Christmas last year. The balance board helps with better horseriding (at least that was my excuse ;-)), because it makes you realise how your body is balanced out. It really works. And you can do all sorts of sports without leaving the house. And yoga, if you need to relax (I don't do yoga, I do skiing and cycling, golf, tennis, etc. I love it!) I know it's quite an investment, that is the only downpoint. It was on special offer at the time we bought it.

    Diet is always a struggle. Especially when it rains. Good luck! Otherwise you won't fit into all that rain gear anymore ;-)

  14. Am sending you sunny sunshine thoughts .....we too are having wet wet weather so am soooooo with you on the 'yukky rain go away' thoughts

  15. When the skies finally clear up and the sun comes out, just think about how happy you will be. As for sitting around and looking for an activity, why don't you do a 'sun dance', it may not work but it might get you in a better mood. Enjoyed your video very much.

  16. you and steph are exactly alike! only she poured WATER into where the coffee beans go in the ancient espresso machine!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  17. Wow, Kacy, dear! You have some gorgeous places to ride, beautiful slide show too.
    Rainy here today, supposed to be nice for the next two days, hoping!


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