Monday, May 31, 2010

Some Mondays...are more Monday than others

Ooops... This morning, I accidentally poured the coffee beans-right-into-the-filter!
I am just having a more Monday blogger friend Gail's was yesterday, with the toilet roll-
want a good laugh and weigh in on your preferred way-see Gails day HERE!


  1. You wanted me to stop back and tell you about the horse whose picture is my avatar. Well, that was my Hannoverian mare, Hennessy. She was, without a doubt, the best horse that I ever owned. She had a powerful, yet floating, trot that ate up the distance.

    But what I liked best about her was that she was MY horse. She was one of those mares who took a long time to trust a person, but, once that trust was given, she would do anything for her person, and that person was me.

    I was told when I got her that there were certain performance barriers that no one would ever be able to break, that she would always be a lower level horse. It took a long time, but we broke those barriers, because we trusted each other. Not that she ever became an upper level horse, but that was due to my limitations, not hers'.

    I lost her to torsion colic, many years ago, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her.

    It is because of her, and a little bay Thoroughbred mare named Promise, that I love mares so. Looks like, from this blog, that you will know why.

  2. Thanks Louise,
    I really enjoyed hearing the love in your words for your mare's, and the great joy in your heart from knowing them.
    Horses enrich our lives and cause us to go further, than even we thought possible~
    I know that to be true with my mare now.
    The little mare that could..has turned me into= the girl that would~

  3. You mean the beans don't work like that?

    Hope your day is better. Maybe you got the worse over with first.

    It is a honor that you noted me in your blog. Thanks

  4. HaHa!! I've had Friday's like your Monday!

  5. I hope your Monday sorted itself out. My husband, Brian, is notorious for pouring orange juice in his coffee. Dear little Maizie wasn't paying attention the other evening and poured cranberry juice in her popcorn! We all have crazy days!

  6. I drank sour milk this morning. It had been sitting on my bedroom side table for two days. I forgot to take it downstairs to the kitchen and thought I had brought up a nice fresh cup of milk for myself......Yuk! It was nasty!

    At least you didn't brew your coffee beans like that. lol!


  7. LOL

    I'm off to visit Gail now ;-)


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