Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday Stills

This weekend for Sunday Stills, ED our host, choose COMPANY or CORPORATION Logos for us to display in photography. 
The above is my Horse's popular therapist's Logo...this was on her shirt as she worked her magic on my mare.

Our local paper

And my favorite...been waiting to share this one. My Must Ride Monday's partners husband works here...they just remodeled a building I went to as a child for the doctor-  into-our City Hall!

Please do click the TITLE to see others captures of Co. and CORP logos today!


  1. I really like this header...and the logos, good job.

  2. Great photos, Kac.

    Love the post over at Lisa's about the poster. You are such an AMAZING FRIEND!!!!! Thanks for everything! Smiles on this Sunday morning - glorious sunshine here - hope you and the Wa mare get to go out on lovely trails today!!!!

  3. Good pictures, love the last one. The new banner is beautiful, reflecting and resting.
    I can almost smell the pines and feel the cool breezes blowing across the mountains as you rest with your Wa mare.
    Jane and Gilly

  4. I love your new header picture!
    So what was the deal with the blue ribbones and the orange string?

    We are going down to the Sandy River today, should be interesting. Star loves the water a little "too much"

    Must work on that!Hope to see you soon!

  5. I like companies that use horses in their logos. That last one is very cool.


  6. Those where really neat. I was not nearly as creative.

  7. Great header photo, very relaxed

    Really like the horsemassage one. Love the little hands on the horses.

  8. Your header photo to me says it all about why we ride. It's mostly that wonderful bond between horse and rider. Great capture ... you're a lucky twosome! Happy Trails...

  9. Last is my favorite. :)

  10. Some very nice local logo's here. Great job!

  11. I like the Team Construction logo. Nice job.

  12. well done, i loved the last one, there is nothing much better to say about team efforts. great shotz!!


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