Monday, May 24, 2010


This was amazing...
My mare  has NEVER been able to really gallop well, with the much clunk to them . This gallop...was so different. Really smooth and even jumped a log!


  1. I can't see the video, KK. It says it's a private video and something about accepting the sender's request. I'd really like to see it though! I'm excited to learn more about your new shoes!

    Also, to learn about your new farrier!

    I emailed you, btw.

  2. Yeah, I can't see it either! I have a youtube account, if you can figure out how to invite me - it's VikingKitten1 . I'm so glad she likes the new shoes! I've decided it's all about the climate, so yay for whatever works best for your climate.

  3. I couldn't see the video either. Bitless Riding has those on at least one of her horses I think. They look really cool. I wonder if they have them in mini sizes. lol

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am so happy to be riding again. I have only been doing twice a month, and then driving twice a month with my training, but I am thinking of maybe doing 3 times riding and 1 time driving. Jane S is one of my all time favorite riders. I just get so much out of her books and what not.

    And nice new breeches! Fancy! :)

  4. Can't see the video either.

    (Your riding gear looks great. Love those detailed pockets. And the shoes look like something out of space. Great!)

  5. OOOPS!!!!
    We are good now...both video's are available.

    The Easywalkershorseshoes were recommended by Sydney- from The Bit-less horse blog. The color of the boots were for the football team-Greenbay packers! haha...or in my case Oregon Ducks(now)!

  6. Eeeeee, what fun! I felt like I was right there with you giggling ;)

  7. Yea Funder...WET OREGON...though I have no mudd in the pastures or grasses also make for softer hooves...can't win here..but love the antioxidents of the grasses and flowers too! In the hight of a dry summer...Wa's hooves do get pretty hard...
    ...but even the mustangs i ride with stone bruises where we ride....service rodes for the forest ranges are graveled and it is like small boulders!

    I did give it the best shot for 4 years...glad to have this neat innovation for a choice!

  8. I LOVE it!!! You and Wa seemed to be having so much fun and I just love your laugh :)

    Yay for the new easy walker shoes!!

    it sure must feel nice to not have to worry about the boots all the time as well as feeling her confidence up! A good, good thing!

  9. Woweeee! I've never been on a galloping horse before. Wa is fast!
    That was fun!

    I loved your little giggle when you guys went over the jump, too. hehe!

    Girl, you must have a velcro butt to be able to hold your camera still while galloping and jumping. I'm amazed!


  10. My man also said something like..."how did you keep the camera so still"?

    The trick is NOT to have your butt in the saddle! 2 point baby! That is why we are so far up on Wa's neck for a view.
    I love to let this mare gallop...and now..finally we don't have to wait for the beach...(only place we could go bootless) now-we may do it at home sometimes!!!


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