Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday Stills Controls

Cordless Clipper power on
Lamp chain pulls

Toast settings

Curling Iron temps

                             All some of the controls and settings I used recently here, at work and the stable~

Ed makes the week go by with Sundays Stills in the mind...where and how and what am I going to try for..and the challenge is on!
Please Visit His Site HERE for more Sunday Stills.


  1. very nice photos kacy :)

  2. The first photo, is it a cat or a dog that you are grooming?

  3. :C My clippers died, I only have the BIIIIG pair now which Indigo, Sheba and the pony regard with much suspicion. I need a new pair of lightweight ones for bridle paths.

  4. Great shots..I like the horse clippers! :)

  5. Great shots. Stuff that never occurred to me. Second set of clippers I've seen for the challenge. Do horse folks think alike, or what?!

  6. Great shots - I chose to use clippers too! Great Hey, I love your header photo too. I was just thinking today about how much I love when Tiny's forelock flops behind her ears!

  7. Wonderfully creative in your selections and photography, Kacy!


  8. Great take on the theme, nice shots.


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