Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The sights seen on a Spring ride

Ant Hills....that seem ALIVE catch my mare's attention!

Then, noises from the trail ahead, in the shadows....

These extra nice bicyclists> get the award< for being truly great at horse/ trail etiquette!
(They should come to my barn and teach the latest renters how to do it!)

Then, something large with something larger comes from the shadows ahead

They reported seeing a bear ahead and it made them all turn back!
My mare thought this could be it in disguise!

We moved on ahead... whistling as we rode, "bear mace" with in reach!

I turned around and saw....my slim riding partner working on her figure again!

Then.....we came upon a cabin, not a log cabin, but one called "Annie's cabin".

My mare took a fancy to what she saw!

We came to a resting place with a view of the river below, in the canyon.

In fact- 
My riding partner was taken back to her young married life with her husband and daughters...she told me the sweet story of swimming around these boulders in the river ...right down there!

The mare and I sat for a spell and looked on, and relaxed in God's Green earth ~

We spied some folks below....way, way, below!

We tethered the horses, and pondered the sights of the day... this one was really cute..my mare keeping tabs on me

Then, as I sat with my Riding partner and her steed....I saw her in his eye, and snapped my shutter to find the sweetest sight of all!!

We readied ourselves for the ride back...my partner had brought her hoof boots and applied them.

She heard me chuckle.... saw my camera, and took the opportunity to look cute!

The one thing we heard most of the day was water....this area is called Hardy Creek...we thought it should have an (S) on the name...Hardy CreekS! We counted at least 5 coming down the mountains we rode...

Just a great day for a ride...We were filled to the brim with the sights!

Have a great week everyone....hope your times with equines and those you love are filling you to the brim this spring!


  1. Oh, I'm sooooo envious of all those gorgeous trails you can ride with your beautiful mare. Thanks for posting those wonderful photos. I've actually got a very relaxed smile on my face now thanks to this post. As if I've joined you there with Naloma (who can also be a very cool horse at times. Once a duck flew up from a ditch along a narrow road, just where I'd stopped to let a car pass. She didn't even flicker an eyelid.)

  2. Beautiful trails. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  3. I LOVE the picture of Wa looking into the window of that little cabin!!!!

    What a great ride you had! Our trails are closed because of water levels... very high.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. beautiful trails ! I would love to come and go with you sometime!

    Tonight is a blooger meet up at OLD Spagh Factory in Calackamas at 7 :)

  5. What a fantastic ride! Your neck of the woods (literally, haha!) is just stunning. I could ride forever there! Your photographs are great too; you really capture the mood of each ride!

  6. Those are great photographs! Thanks for sharing your exciting little ride with us. I love the picture of your friend in her horse's eye.


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