Monday, May 10, 2010

Calmed down now. . . .

Well where to start...this is not one of those posts with photo's or much good to say.. cause, I am freaked out a bit.

I helped a friend move furniture and place it in her new home, most of the day. Then, off to the stable for a ride and make grain packets up for the  next 2 weeks...simple right...
well, my PBO left hurriedly to Bible study and I was alone in the stable with the classical music playing..all normal.
I for some reason, decided to groom while my mare ate some hay in her stall, and tack up there too.
Then, I start to groom my mare, and some big bald guy walks into the barn, all authority like...ooou...I say, "HELLO, can I help you?" he proceeds yo tell me how "PISSED OFF "he is that I spoke to his 17 year old son about the Private Property trails at the end of the road".... ( thinking-You must live in the rented home, next door, that my PBO owns(!).

I said, to him calmly" G ( my PBO and THEIR PROPERTY MANAGER/OWNER) was with me, and as I spoke to them about reading the sign about motorized vehicles being prohibited on the Private Property. I told him," his landlord spoke up suddenly and said outloud, "I already spoke to them".
I then apologized that she did not tell me, that she had already spoken to them, or I would NOT have".

So those little 17 yr old kids told him I threatened them...and he believes them! Ha. He also has the " My good boys always tell the truth syndrome"...he told me, they said, " that they NEVER ride down the street that way (left towards the Private Property lands)." 
Oh, I guess those photo's I took were backwards somehow, and I am the Liar. Whatever! 
Any who...I started to shake and tremble..he really freaked me out, by leaning into my stall...which NOW, I think was divine intervention for my safety and comfort -that I was behind a stall I believe he would have stood wayyy too close to me- to get his Pissed off Point across!

He then proceeded to tell me to not walk in " HIS yard"..I said, You please talk to your Property owner about that", he said no- I want to tell you to stay off!
Hate to tell ya's a horse property and sometimes we fence the lower yard off for grazing . And all summer there will be trailers and horses all over, as the Property owner reserves the right to use her property by her fences and near your(her) yard.
I simply txt'd my PBO to tell her  his comments to me, and  about the no horse rule he has for her property, and Requested her to inform him  Not to approach me again without her present.
Men like that scare me! I felt very cornered and will be carrying mace on my belt, in the barn, from now on...I usually carry it for animal predators on the trail- not human ones, in the barn!

Praying all the way home and then,
- after coming home and using blogs as A diversion...I am calmed down now...tomorrow is another day.The war is won already!


  1. Oh wow how scary for you. I hope you dont have to deal with that crazy so an so again. Good idea to carry mace!!

  2. Ugh - Nasty! Glad you're feeling better - hope your BO takes care of that situation pronto.

  3. Same old same old with people who love to lie about what their kids did not do. It used to happen when I was teaching too...the kid lies and the parent swears to it. He may get a surprise this summer when the property owner uses her own property.
    Too bad you can't send him a couple of pictures.

  4. Oh, Kacy, so sorry this happened to you! I do not like confrontations like that, scary too! The man sounds like a real jerk and the kids are unruly brats, glad we don't have any thing like that going on here.
    Hope things get straightened out, hope Mr. Bigmouth gets put in his place or better yet, moves somewhere else!!!
    Glad you are feeling better! :-D
    Gilly and Pokey send kisses!

  5. Just smile very big and say "No Speak English" It works for many others.

  6. Very scary. I hope your PBO takes appropriate action. He can't come into her business and threaten her clients.

  7. I hate bullies! Carry your cell phone. If he comes near you tell him you will call 911. I would give the photos to the barn owner, he should see them but you shouldn't have to do it.

  8. So sorry that this has happened to you. I definitely think that the barn/property owner should see that this blowhard gets a copy of the photos that you took! Hopefully this incident is an isolated one and things will get back to normal at the barn again very soon.

  9. When did this guy move in? Seems like you had such a peaceful environment until that happened. I understand what your saying about parent's and their blind spots where their offspring are concerned. I learned many years ago to never say "not my kid." Instead they need to be thinking "why not my kid?"

  10. uh? so he has a landlord, but the PBO owns the house?

    Carry Mace and a cell phone.

  11. Thanks all..I was shocked to have 10 friendly nickers by 9 am!

    The PBO owns the 10 acres he lives on, and the next door 10 as well. She uses the yard by the paddock fence for grooming during the summer.He will be unamused by this. The inside barn does not afford room for more than 2 horses at a time.
    And, we are move horses to the hay fields through the "Man gate" at the bottom of the yard all summer. It is safe for us to not try to go- through- the other horses paddock. He also will not be happy with this; since he has effectively claimed that for himself with no easement to me...but for his Landlord?

    We shall see how this turns out...
    In the mean time- I shall have my handy mace on my belt- in case he decides to approach me again.
    My Barn owner tends to be a bit passive- but she must keep the peace here for us. I pray.

    I am a peaceable and direct KNOW where you stand with me...and if you are wrong and want to bend know where you stand with me, if it effects me.

    Oh and -GAIL..YOU CRACK ME UP!!

  12. That is insane! If that guy does that again call the cops. Threats do not have to be verbal, body language does the exact thing. If you feel threatened by the way he used his body language I would seriously do something about it. Then again I am the skinny girl with too much attitude for her own good. I would have told him to get the f- out of the barn and talk to the barn owner about it because you have evidence. Keep those photo's you have and report the kids to the authorities. Not like you have to tell who tipped off the police with the photo's ;)

  13. Thanks for your support Sydney,
    I was also wondering about the vehicle laws/age laws of riding those four track vehicles on public roads. They have no License that I know of.
    Am calling around...maybe just call the P.D.- they'd know!

  14. Wilsonc~ The family of four moved in sometime in March (1 year that I'd boarded there)...wanting to get a better school system, cause the boys had probs.
    Hummm..maybe not so much with the school! ?

    A diplomatic Approach to a problem is half the solved issue. I did apologize for saying anything( for the lack of communication with my PBO)...but in his ANGER..he kept speaking at me, searingly.

    Somehow we parted with me telling him that he did an excellent job of keeping the place up..the peacemaker in me, I guess.

  15. What a jackass. I think I would have called the cops...sounds pretty creepy Kac. Stay safe...get that mace!

  16. Ugh - i hate confrontations like that. yea, keep your eyes open for him!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  17. man that would just burn me up!! That is a great idea witht the mace...its always better to be safe than sorry!

  18. Oy! How horribly terribly scary. I'm the same way about aggressive, angry confrontationl people. I would have been shaking...and probably using the alarm button on my vehicle! To call for help and to warn him to stay away!

    He could have just spoken with you politely and maturely, asking nicely if what his sons said was true. Why would you lie? You have nothing at all to gain?

    Why would his son lie? Because he has everything to lose.


  19. I know that shake, the combination of anger and fear. I've done that many times too with men who are big and intimidating. I don't know if I've conquered that fear or not. I didn't have issues like that with my truck drivers in Alaska. They loved and respected me. Or, maybe knowing that, I couldn't be intimidated then?

    I am very glad you are ok and I'm very sorry you had a run in with a first class jerk!

  20. I have been trying to upload the photo's to the computer for 2 avail-
    My PBO divided the lawn with temp stakes...and will put fencing tape in them soon.
    She DID NOT ASK HIM( I asked Her) She is making it clear that walking/ grooming her horses or mine near the fence and going to the gate are ACCEPTABLE on her property!!
    It ruins it NOT..that was what he told ruined it and he wants to keep it up nicely. BULLY..I think he wants me to stay away..his way of getting back at me.

    I have had 2 quiet and lovely days in the country, since his confrontation...very vindicated I am- since my PBO told me that what he did was- like me walking into their home to tell him off. I pay for the Barn Space- he leases the home...the commons areas we MUST SHARE! But he can't come into the barn anymore.

    I bet his wife told him off when she found out...for some reason, I don't think he told her he talked to me "all pissed off like"..he just had to come up with a reason the yard was staked off!


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