Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is lurking in the woods?

The mare and I have not been out too much in the past week... just once or twice. The last ride was to a friends arena for some reviewing and testing of the Nurtural Bitless Bridle, my friend Jules EQUINEMINE lent me to try out.
But, the time before that...I wanted to try out the New EasyWalker Shoes on the trails...slick, mucky riding as they are, with torrential rains the Pacific NW is having still! tired of cold, grey wet!
( I know...somebody call the WA-mbulence!)

We geared up in the Bitless and I finally got a girth that fit the  "Western Converters" I got for the
 "Cashel Soft Saddle" is nice to use on wet rides, instead of leather -though I do own a Cashel Saddle shield

 The Latigo always made the SoftSaddle twist( no tree) to the side I was cinching..and the mare hated that! This way, I may cinch the saddle on either side, making the girth equal lengths. are saying 'bout now...I could own stock in that Co! 
I just love gadgets that help make riding easier and more comfortable!

The mare was very happy and walked out to the service roads with ease still...with her new shoes. Once on a straight away, the mare was responsive to my thought for a forward trot, nicely  relaxed and low, we  trotted all the way to the first hill. I asked for a bit of lateral movements as we trotted. I am loving the fact that she is not hindered now by foot pain, should she hit a always kept her hollow instead of relaxed.

 Wanting to practice canter departs now, since the mare is alot more focused and forward .. I started thinking about it, at the walk. I  did a lateral pass to the right, and then started to think lateral to the left and "Thought CANTER"> And She offered it= as- I -was -thinking- about it!  WOW! I was thrilled, as the left lead is much harder for her normally .  She being a very sensitive sort...My sissy taught me to just think something before a formal action..and it does work your body mimics your thoughts and any more action would be yelling- for this mare!

We made it to the woods and took the rear hoof boots off and ditched them in the ferns. I  Found a log to remount, (no stirrups) jumped on, and we went off...but..snorting ensued- and the mare looking around alot!

What is it, Wa mare?!! 
I tried to do my "Trail Opera" singing..but this was different.....
I noticed more markers on the trails...BLUE RIBBONS on short stakes or branches....

 I finally saw what the SPOOKY culprit was!
LOOK AGAIN AT THE TOP PHOTO! See the Orange Thread???

Whoa...I am getting older, yes, and My vision is starting to go...but man, those were so hard to see! My mare obviously had walked through 1 or 2 of them before I noticed the Precursor Signs of the Blue markers! 
I laughed heartily... thinking of the PRINCESS BRIDE movie and the Fire Swamp hazards....the "POPPING NOISE" always preceded the Fire blasts!

So these stakes with Blue Ribbon  were our sign for the incredible-elastic-spider-web-like-string!
I would take my long dressage whip and fling it back to me, and then break it...but getting it OFF MY GLOVES was a trick!

Wa mare always stopped and snorted..pointing to the string with her nose!

So, it was an interesting ride to be sure...slow going, as I had to watch for the signs and clear the way of the Orange elastic strings!
The EW Shoes made the day excellent slipping!

On the way home, I noticed our little backwoods country road was freshly covered with Asphalt over the pot holes!
Wa mare looking at me like.."now what?!"

I got the chance to thank the workers too...on the BEST KEPT Country road I have ever driven on!!!
They told me that I have the Secretary of transportation to thank...she lives on our little road and has built a fabulous house(I have noticed it before- more like a mansion!)
I picked a good road to board on! 
Never a pot hole goes more than a Mo!

I am now hunting a good truck down= to BUY= to be able to trailer out to ride this summer..those strings mean our forest will be closed for tree cutting soon!

Have an excellent time with your families and of course, Your horses this wkend!


  1. Was is a smart cookie! Love your header shot.

  2. Good girl Wa! I'm glad it wasn't an Elk or mountain lion instead.

    So what is the purpose of using such sticky string...and why across the trai like that?

    Will someone be irked that you and Wa 'removed' them? hehe!


  3. I agree about the new header photo--Nice Shot!
    And Wa's last look--priceless!
    I'm curious about the string too? What possible use is it hidden out there? And will there be repercussions for you "accidentally" bustin' it up?

  4. Now you must explain the blue markers and the orange string - what and why? Your Mare is very observant and cautious - probably a good thing! I like the way she turns her head to really give something the eye!

  5. Love the header photo, Kacy!

    Is it silly string? Are you brave or what - cantering around the woods without stirrups. How in the world do you get back on. Do you search for a log forever? I can never get back on!!!
    Sounds like the shoes are great.
    I am sad if you are losing your woods and have to trailer out all the time.
    I love Wa. She really is the best!

  6. Wow, that header photo is gorgeous!
    Love it!

    I guess the markings mean it is time to begin logging! Always makes me so sad! Glad you had a great ride! Isn't it wonderful when horse and rider *really* come together!
    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!
    I will be emailing you back soon!
    xo, misha

  7. My friends!
    Oh, you certainly made me laugh with your remarks...Ya, Wa mare ALWAYS gives me "The LOOK" when we stop. It does make me laugh too. I try to have treat for her...cause it pains her so- sometimes to tarry on the trail!

    Well, these ORANGE sticky, marker strings with the Blue ribbons and oragne sprya painted rings on the trees are the signs of Logging about to happen- it has been 20 or so years..and the trees are RIPE for the harvesting. We were riding on nearby trails, 2 Mo. ago, and the Sticky String was there..... shortly after- my blogger friend EQUINEMINE posted about "where did our trails/forest go"?!
    So, I know that the loggers are coming soon!!!

    Um...well, I am not sure if someone will be mad...I mean, if they wanted to make sure it remained...Across a clearly- VERY WELL USED trail- they should post a sign- "Trails Closed"! They did that last year for the fire danger times...I stayed out for awhile!

    I don't feel so badly now, that I know that I may trailer myself OUT soon is what has to be; for the privilege of riding these thousands of awesome, managed, forests in the pacific NW.

    Juliette~ I NEVER get off- before I know I can get back ON(with a stump or boulder) with the bareback saddle! I have had to walk plenty of times... just trying to find a place to mount!
    !HAHA! It is good for me though!

  8. Oh yea...the header shot- I do love too. Thanks!!
    She was such a good girl that day!
    Last day for booted ride too!

  9. Glad you are enjoying the Nurtural and the easywalker shoes. I need some to come in for Indigo. Shes getting sore.

  10. We watched The Princess Bride the other night. One of my all-time faves.

  11. was curious about the orange string too ....glad you explained that odd finding. Am keen to try out a bitless bridle one day. How do you find them?. I'm sad to hear your riding trail is going to be cut down for logs .....I guess they get it replanted pretty quickly though

  12. Ok...I get that about preparing for logging...but why do they spread that sticky string across the trails? What is it purpose?


  13. SALLY~
    I now have a "PHOTO-LINK" on my sidebar that goes to INFO on Nurtural-Bitless-Bridles!

  14. Liss,
    I think it has to do with measuring distances for? machines or the tree fall or? Funny how I ride there, all-the-time...miss a day and miss all of that kind of activity...!

  15. Sper pics KK, especially the header.

    Did I miss a write up on the nurtural? I'm behind with reading blogs at the moment.

  16. That should read SUPER pics, must stop rushing

  17. Is the string meant to stop you going that way? Or is it to find out the wildlife in that area or something? How odd...


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