Saturday, May 8, 2010

Camera Critters Cat and Pony show

(click to enlarge ..his eyes match my vest!)

This cat Charlie. . .  he has stolen my heart! 
I was about to embark on a quick little ride-in between HAIL storms and he decided he wanted to go along...he hoped up (from his moms shoulders) to my mare and settled in. We took a stroll down the lane and back..he had no worries...neither did my mare!


  1. That is wonderful.

    My horses do very well with cats but so far none of the cats have wanted a ride...that I know about.

  2. Kacy, how wonderful the kitty went for a ride! Love the picture, cute!!!

  3. Oh Kacy!!! What a cutie! Do you think you are going to take him with you and Wa on all your adventures this summer? Love the photo!

  4. What a cute picture Kacy! Wa looks asleep and the cat very comfortable.

  5. cute. I love it when I see cats sleeping on the backs of horses. Life is good.

  6. What we don't do for our pets! That is just the cutest picture of all of you!

  7. I think he's testing you to see if you're ready for another cat... keep your heart open and one might wander in soon! Your Wa mare is an amazing creature, I just love her attitude.

  8. Gail~
    Wa mare has gotten used to him wandering in and around her stall...he greeted us the very first time we arrived to board there..he was our welcoming feline committee!

    Thanks dear!! Teehehe!

    Well...if I knew he'd stay on for a certain amount of time...yea..!

    Yea...Wa was having a sleepy face..she gets quite bored when the camera comes into play...a nice break maybe for her? And Charlie..he is soooo sweet a feline!

    Your comment made me laugh...well- GOOD- on this blog, maybe you'll see that and love it all you can!He has gotten on the horse a few time now.

    mrscravitz~ kinda happened- though his mom said..wonder if he'd like to go for longer?

    You know..though I am still broken up from loosing I was coming into the yard the other day...I heard something and thought of -CAT- and prayed..Lord if we are to have'll have to appear and choose us.
    Charlie adores attention and I love to give it to him...he liked the ride very much...cause he was in my lap!

    Wa, of the MANY facets of HER ATTITUDE! hahaha!

  9. Nice photo, love your header. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. I think cats and horses often make happy stable mates - the cats keep the rodents away and the horses provide warmth and company ;-)


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