Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lone Riders

This sunny day was about as perfect as you could get...upper 70's and in the shade-oou la la!
My PBO and I  had gotten going earlier than we thought possible start-on the road by 8:30ish  with our horses, to get the C.T.R.F. customary "foot in the stirrup by 10am." It was a planned  ride through O.E.T. (Oregon Equestrian Trails) and C.T.R.F.( Christian Trail Riders Fellowship) as well.

( this gal had the European Brender up trailer)
We knew  this scheduled ride in Howard's Horse Camp at Silver Creek Falls State Park, would be hopping with horses ......
We embarked to find- only-1 other horse the appointed  foot in the stirrup time!
My PBO  and I were a bit keen to the fact this little gal and her Grulla mare were looking lost...heck, we were a bit baffled one else was showing up for this beautiful Saturday afternoon scheduled ride!  We befriended her, as we all tacked up, and found this was her VERY FIRST ride with O.E.T. and also her first time to this  equine friendly State park!

I immediately  started my photo journal for the day by introducing myself and mare and snapping some "hello's" of her sweet Mustang Maggie. She is a Kiger. 
I really love the dorsal stripe!

I thought the other blue stripe on her halter was perfect..I am into details  and she just seemed to fit that blue tone.

We all were ready to go...but still no one showed. We invited her to ride with us and I am so glad that she did!
I took the lead, which is customary for the mare and least at first.
Later we traded by doing leap frog with the positioning. Very good for all involved
(I have photo's to prove it-tehe!)

The mare and I know these trails to have some we booted up with the Hoof hopes they would stay on! Just 2 more days till my EASY WALKERS are applied!

We got down the trail just a little ways and had a little prayer of thanksgiving for the exquisite day, continued safety and our new riding friend!
My PBO was riding her 20 year old Morgan mare Panna.
 Panna  gave me my start back into horses 6 years ago.

Romeo had an unexplained illness earlier in the week that had my PBO upset. She called at 10:30 pm...I  listened , told her I th9ought she should call the vet, then quickly dressed and drove out to the stable support her. I would hate to be alone should my mare be ill! Romes  was really weak and lethargic, not wanting his hay or grain(NOT NORMAL)...she took his temp and it was 102.2. He would lay down..not trashing at all..then get up, after a time. he did not appear to have colic from the signs we looked for and the vet said to give him some Bute. That helped within an hour and he wanted hay...but I suggested she (vet as well) make a HAY TEA and try for moisture feeding..needed to make sure he was drinking.
He urinated  very brownish...and that scared me...kidneys? I cleaned a jar up and  told her to carry it with get a Urine sample...she got one! She took it in the next day. Nothing but health from that-whew- he steadily got better and the vet said that he may have had a toxin or virus. Huh...I am suspect of a few things.
So...all that to say Romeo out and Danny out for riding...
the mares it was- for this day!

Our new friend and her mare fell in behind me~ as we started out

About an  hour riding, then the boots just would not stay on...too much debris and mudd! So I got off (took the boots off and toted them on the saddle)we rested the horses some- ate some snacks...or tried to!

That for me??!!

We mounted up the sunshiny day.
This was as close as I could get with my mare, to the new mare...oh..she made all kinds of faces and gestures!

Panna, on the other very good about business, she stays indifferent

Down the trail again...but not before reading the map!

These trails are pretty well marked -on site- as you go, as well as offering a paper trail map, when you come into the park.

see here... trading places...

A wonderful thing about my she knows not to take liberties with new horses- too staying behind Maggie was with out fighting!
We had a  bitless bridle on, and that always makes for a smoother ride, as well. She just relaxes so much more.
We came to a lovely creek and watered the horses some...

With out her boots mare did not make a fuss about all the horses coming in behind her to the creek!

On down the last part of the trail...

We did all get off, during an extreme hilly areas.
 I always do it for my mare..she hates the saddle moving and I need the  exercise  too...she allows me to walk on the aside of her while I steady myself with the stirrup leather..I love how she has gotten used to this and never runs me into the brush or goes faster than I can.
It was kinda neat...Our new little riding friend decided to follow suit, and dismount as well.
I hope we imparted some loving kindness towards our horsey partners to her...we do it for them... definitely not for us. 
Not many riders will dismount to spare the horse.

We sat around, after the ride, in  the grassy shade of the day...

It was perfect!!! 
New friends and sweet horses to boot! I am gathering some nice horses to ride seems to make a huge difference to my mares attitude and ability to remain calm...she takes her cue, from the others!


  1. All three horses were good! Three ingredients for a good day.

  2. I love that new mare she is beautiful. Panna and Washashe were very good too. I guess it was a mare's day all around. You have such wonderful trails to ride, if I had that here I would be out everyday. I know you're going to have a wonderful summer with lots of new friends and horses to share it with.

  3. Waa sounds so much like my Windy. She is very cautious around new horses and asks that her bubble be respected. LOL! Sounds like you had a great day.

    I was in Portland last Thur & Fri. I was told those days were the nicest they had to date. Glad I could bring it in for them. But I missed the nice days at home!

  4. Yes! I was there... and I thought about you! I would have rather been riding in Oregon than sitting in contract meetings! We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Portland. Arrived before 9 AM Thursday & wheels up heading home by noon on Friday. We were on our corporate jet, so no chance to expand my trip. If it ever happens I am back & flying commercial - which is normally the case - I will extend my stay and give you a call. Promise!

  5. Oh Kacy, this ride sounds just lovely!! Trails look in pretty good we've had rain, rain and some more rain, with a bunch of wind too! Unusual spring...can't wait for dry, warmer days. Am dying to get out in the woods on my Harley...most anxious to see how we do with me knowing he's almost blind. I shudder when I think of some of the places we've been and he hasn't seen!!! Good grief!! At least I am thankful for his trust (awesome!), God's protection of a fool (me!) and my anxiety over what usually wouldn't even have bothered me. I think my guardian angel was trying to tell me something and I thought I was just paranoid. :) So glad you had such a good time!! Hopefully soon I'll be posting something very similar. Love you, KK girl...blessings from Him whom we love!!!

  6. That looks like a great ride. What a lovely coloured horse has/is your new friend.

  7. It sounds like you had a great ride, I'm envious, I miss riding out with friends!!! Beautiful countryside, lovely pics.

  8. Great pictures and post. Always good to have more horsey friends. how nice of you to invite her to come along for the ride. Wonder why others didn't show up for the ride? Looked like the perfect day for one.
    Love Mustang Maggie's coloring, and the strip so nice!

    I had to copy your post on my blog and put it on myself Google must have deleted it somehow! I clicked to post it but it never showed up, Dusty Devoe's either??? Strange???

  9. Kacy - It sounds like a lovely day, an amazing ride and a new friend! Perfect. As always, I am so envious of your lovely trails out there, but gleefully happy for you and Wa that you get to enjoy them!!! Thanks for sharing your ride!

  10. What a wonderful ride, gorgeous trails, lovely day. Did you ever find out why noone else showed up?

    That Kiger is stunning! And looks very calm and perfect for the trails. You can see the rider/horse bond.

    I did have to laugh just a little at your comment about sparing the horse and dismounting on hilly parts. If we did that here, we'd never ride, as all our trails are very hilly. hehe!
    We live in the mountains, above 7,000ft elevation and riding over steep and hilly trails are the norm.


  11. I've never heard of 'Kiger' before. She looks just like a slim mouse dun Highland Pony. Your trails are stunning.


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