Saturday, May 1, 2010

CTRF Hardy Creek

~Which stands for Christian Trail Riders Fellowship~

I have been riding bareback all April on my cushy "SoftSaddle" . I think of Esther in Africa...when I look down upon my socks only, with out half chaps!

Since My mare got pressure marks from my favorite Jump Saddle, now retired, I thought to heal the marks by applying "Calm Coat" oil and massage, and just keep riding treeless for awhile. This means stirrup less too- with this saddle.

CTRF has scheduled rides twice a month and my PBO handles the newsletter and some organization of these rides.

I asked her if we could take my trailer and she approved .She normally offers any and all of her horses to others to ride, and takes her trailer.
 I lucked out this time..her trailer was unavailable!
I normally don't ride in groups with my Thoroughbred mare...way too much energy she gets from the perceived competition of so many. I ride alone so much though...I knew I could break off at any time and meet back up later on.

Romeo keeps tabs on where Wa mare is~

There were about 8 or 9 of us this rainy Saturday with intermittent sun breaks.
After praying- we head out~

Romeo took the lead... and just as soon as Wa mare saw him Move...she literally SPRUNG forth- Into action...making sure her trail- boss- hoss  place in front was hers!
It is something that is a problem with riding with hardbound horses...I wonder , and sometime when I have my own truck to haul out solo like I used to, what it will be like to ride a group, where she knows none of the horses. I look forward to this day.

HIGH energy was going to be the days venue...after not riding for a week. We trotted some, ahead of the group and cantered...I heard my friend giggling behind me as we allowed the horses to blow off energies in a controlled fashion.

WIND BLOWN fore lock from Cantering~

I told my friend  to go back to the group if she wanted and I would ride alone...but she said she would like to keep riding with off we went- exploring some new roads at Hardy Creek.

We came upon some cowboy's, ponying a horse with 2 dogs....

I can honestly say...NEVER did I think I would see this breed of dog on the trails!
A Corgi...almost felt bad for him...waddling along on very short legs!

We had our own dog  running to and fro (though it is in the newsletters to keep them at home for theses rides).
Some one had brought it and since we had taken the tagged along.
It was zipping here and there... annoying my mare until she realized- it was not paying any attention to she began to ignore it too.
It ran so fast up and back...this was the view I had of it always...barely could get a shot of it!
It's ears would turn inside out with the speed it was at- all the time!
I thought it looked and acted like the dog I want when I have a riding dog- energetic and kept with us..though, I would want my dog to heal the horse if I asked it to.
It looked like a Wire haired Pointing Griffon.

We traveled the roads up to a large view point I had never been to before was so cool- with hitching' rails for the horses~

It also had a places for us to rest and take in the rather spectacular view of the Mollala River and valley below~

My mare did not appreciate the view as much as I did!

She perked up as we headed to the end of the road and saw the freshly graveled path into the woods, at the end of it.
Most of the trails into the woods are closed for horses right now, due to the soggy nature of the weather. OET and the park help save themselves toil and gravel, by inhibiting 1,000 pounds of hooves making muddy messes of them till it drys out.

 We hit the jack pot with this trial...ponds and creek water falls galore...very beautiful, and only 7 miles out. Our moving average this day was 6.5 miles per hour...we were cruising!

We again came upon a resting point for horses and humans~

More neat hitching rails! And out house in back there....

 A covered patio with fire pit and  I spied some fire gloves atop it...ready to go!
Next time...we'll bring some lunch!!

We allowed the horses to graze while we had a simple granola bar...true lunch was back at the truck.
The high energy dog was still running around...we figured if we will have ridden 14 miles he ran at least 50!
There he goes...down another road we saw as we much to go explore-when we come again!

I caught him when he ran by...almost!

Munch munch!

On the way back Romeo really was tired...we had cantered and trotted so much and his toes were over due for a trim...he tripped once an almost went to the ground- but caught himself, thank goodness!
We got off and walked the last mile home with the is something I do all the time down hills, but my freind decided to, as her Romeo- kept tripping.

We got back and the owner must have been waiting there, for at least an hour for her pooch! He hopped into her truck and they were gone...before we even got to the parking lot!

We hasda small trailer fiasco...due to a "Trailer Design Flaw" I have discovered mine has and my friends too...but she hired someone to remedy it, in her trailer.
 I MUST too... and soon! ( Will show in Next Post)

Have a fabulous time doing springtime things all! 


  1. What a great day you had. I need to really seriously explore finding a riding group here. I love to trail ride but not so much alone. I get lost very easily so unless the trail is a circle I'm kinda screwed....

  2. Love your photos and your mare and your ride. As always, they places your ride are just spectacular!!! Poor tired Romeo. You really were moving fast. When Wa grazes like that, are you holding the lead or is she tied? Like exactly how would you ever eat lunch? Pie and Sovey would NEVER stand while I ate lunch? LOL!
    I love the foretop to the side after cantering photo too!

  3. Jeni~ Yes,
    you should find a local chapter of riding group and trail maintenance folks. And before that...go get some clothes pins and plastic ribbon. I choose red for the term "Red Right Upon Return". I place the markers, at any intersection on a branch, on the inside of the trail I came from- Left side...that WILL be "RIGHT on Return"

    I loved the forelock all windblown too!
    Well..usually we just hold the horses where ever grass is- and eat then too. But..with these new destinations and the hitchin' rails...that would be an option too!

  4. I have been on horses 3 times, on those once in a blue moon type. Once it was a 3 hour from hills to river to see.

    Each time I get a horse that refuses to move. I am not exactly a fat person, 60-65 kilos. That last time, they had a girl pull the rope to guide the horse, and I left half way.

    My husband tease that I was too fat. They say may be I am nervous. Which I was looking down at the ravine. $60 just like that.

  5. OH Ann! Yea...horses can feel anything you THINK!
    Sorry for the loss of the $$!

  6. Oh you're so blessed to have these types of riding groups in your area.
    That was interesting energetic wirey dog that stuck with your group. You would be surprised, though at how fast and how much endurance the breed of Corgi dog has. They surprise even me!

    I loved the photo of Wa's toupe from cantering. hehe!
    Gorgeous horse friendly trails you have there, too.

    So what was the trailer fiasco issue?


    word verification: novel

    (I hope I didn't write a novel with this comment. lol!)

  7. HAHA Novel comments.. bet I have the corner market on those!
    LISS~ Thanks..Yea...Clackamas County is the largest Horse populated Co. In Oregon...hence the many groups and developed trails we have available.
    I would have thought it unwise to take a corgi on such travels..with the long back and all...but I am thinking of the ultimate problems they we all do from our passions!
    I am working on the trailer situation now for a post...thanks for reminding me!

    Yea Wa's Toupee! It got to be the header -cause I remembered how fun it was to get it styled!

  8. Oh that looks fun! You want a hyper dog that will run twice as many miles as you ride just get an Aussie Shepherd. We have a male that's about 1 1/2 years old he is SO full of energy! He chases birds when I go ride, just zooming back and forth. Insane.


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