Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming in

Nice weather has kept us on the trails. 70's in October!
Hello all!!!
 I know that this unexplained break from Bloggerville had some wondering about us. Thankyou for seeking me out via email and comments. I am sorry for such a long blogger break...totally did not realize that I'd get to ride in such FABULOUS conditions from June till now! Just  3 days of rain in 3 months, and 2 little storms in September.

I did start a Summertime post , about mid way through it...but so much was going on and the computer does give us fits, from time to time (it is from the dark ages) it freezes up and won't do a thing I ask!  I  couldn't make myself sit inside!  
So while there is so much to write about ( hospital visits, Arachnophobia bouts, Pescatarian lifestyle changes)..... I have to wait for a day that MAKES me stay put! Plus, there is so much neat-o news from you all to read about and catch up on!

Today, coming inside from the greater outdoors , is still tough 
( Been Race training for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5 K...) has been in the 70's and sunny for the better part of October!   So, just like that, I shall leave you again. Gotta work sometimes. All the while wistfully yearning to be OUT in this BRIGHT, Sunny day  today.  And the next two days off...ride plans!
Say you missed US a little, and I will come back sooner!

Pond view , from atop my mare Wa

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