Friday, July 31, 2009

Meeting "horsecrazy"Lytha and her man.....

. . . .was a pleasure and joy!

We met in downtown Oregon City, after they had spent a full day of fun(in the heat) looking for, and finding Geo Cache's. They went to the very first site ever, nearby, off of Redland Road! I do believe that the Cache's allowed me to even get to meet them! The raging heat wave we have had here in the Pacific Northwest, has really been suffocatingly stifling and they had gone to the beach with family just the day before, and found sweet relief!

If it were not for the "draw" of the prize and thrill of the first G.C. ..the drive back, to the too-hot-city may not have occurred and I would be stuck writing to her, instead of hugging her in a sweet greeting!

After out dinner and spirited conversations ranging from G. C. info, Endurance riding, a new small business I plan on getting in on and my "Boarding Expose'" blog she wants to join in, to vent with me about weirdo BO's -that are stuck on themselves, instead of stuck on service to clients and agreements...we headed out to find one more local cache. There are several kinds, and this, I did not know.

Getting the location, from GPS.

Being around them does remind me of my man and I, when we go out sometimes, we get mistaken for newly year 20 of marriage! It is as it should be, I say.
That was totally fun and I quickly bid them "Adieu" the heat was on still and the beach + family beckoned them back! They are to adorable and I enjoyed seeing the two in love ...
it is no wonder..Lytha is a beautiful hearted girl!

Good bye sweet friends, maybe see you tomorrow and if I can arrange...see you back at your place in Germany too!
XO always

Friday, July 24, 2009

Conquering the fears

Conquering or even facing some of our fears, has become a challenge for me. I faced some yesterday. The mare and I have the same ones, sometimes, because of past history of falling in certain conditions. I know that she can pay attention, but, I also know she can become rushy when irritated because of rocks, steep hills and pain of traveling those.
She desires a smooth terrain.

That is not always available.

We returned to the site of our Fall ,and her speedy get away after I came off, running all the way home.

She was willing to leave the property yesterday with a slight balk at the trail head. After that one..she was all ears forward and go. I had her front hoof boots on and that helps for few rocky roads ,when we head out that direction..

She was meandering through the trail..half there, half looking back, and she tripped and groaned- as it hurt and it gave me that sick adrenaline rush too...I got mad at her, but it helped in the long run. I quickly said, "Wake Up!" and smacked her behind..she took no offense and she DID pay attention after that. I don't smack her often and I have never for an accident..but she was being very wishy wahsy in her commitment.

We went to our feared destination and I got off to survey the had gotten a bit worse for the wear of many I will always get off at that location now. She kinda looked at me, but did follow eventually. I remounted, the next fear to conquer was the bog...all dried up now. She really-REALLY-did not want to enter the creek. I did not have to touch her with the whip..but just show it to her- and as she took just one step towards the creek...PRAISES were sung and she felt my hand on her withers in a soothing ,thankful touch.

She went in and the sight of the rocky bog area made her stop again...but she went on..we made it through..just some mud now. Then we turned around and she and I crossed the dreaded area again . She was a bit rushy -whaich is what got us on the ground last time! I made her halt many times and wait.

After we recrossed the creek, I dismounted and decided to send her up ahead of me and try for the nice TEAMWORK of having her pull me up the trail again. AWESOME..she walked and took care of me as we went up the entire steep trail together!!!

I now feel Like I can continue to ride that "Shangrila" trail area..(the other side of the boogy man trail)now that we've done that work!

Have a goodie weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Teamwork and Trusting

This picture depicts a first for us...are ya wonderin' what the dickens is going on there??!!

It was a nice day to be alone with the mare last Sunday. The day before we had gone up to Stony Mountain, and it was a very LONG ride, with a fairly new horse friend to Wa. She was in rare form.
She took a negative exception to this young horse. She kept reminding him - she was the "TRAIL BOSS HOSS"! Ooou, some very flat, pinned ears was not all either, she took a couple lunges at him as we passed or if we tried to "parade walk" side by just was not going to be done that day. She was having NOTHING to do with him! That story will come after this one.

I found these nice leg wraps in the perfect color at our local Wilco store> The brand name letters are Washashe's nick name- Wonder Wa!

So, even though I thought to walk her mostly and take it easy on her. I wrapped her up incase it got hairy on the trail. We had a lot of hills the day before and It was warm out. I did not want to put her hoof boots on again after getting off several times(day before)to untwist the right hind boot. And finally, to just take the blame thing OFF!

I told her that we'd just go for a walk to see what was down a certain trail, not too far away.
Seeming to understand we tacked up and we were off! No hesitation whatsoever. Good girl.
We have to get off twice for gates..I did try to open the gate from atop of WA, but can not get to the bungee. It is down too far on the fence . The owner of the property has it really tight and angled to keep the 3 cows in. I guess they have tested it and if it is looser that what he does(and I cant' from astride WA) the cows get loose!
So no prob...she is awesome standing for me..I always use a log or mound or ease the wither torquing..I am a bit over weight right now.

We made it to our destination and I dismounted. She ain't NO mountain pony ....I have proven this a couple of painful times now. I like to share the adventure with her dismounted ,more and more these days too. It is good for my weight reduction efforts!

Down we went, one corner-narrow trail. 2 corners, even steeper. She was following wonderfully and keeping off me. I turned the third corner, and though I could hear the sounds throughout the Upper" Clear Creek Canyon"of bubbling water, I saw how very narrow the next stint was and how there would be no turning around. I did decide to take my chance now to turn around. She was great, stepping one step at a time and stopping precisely as I asked her to.

We got turned around but I would be near impossible for me to walk ahead of her with out getting stepped on. So...I thought..humm, I have her halter bridle on and have her lead attached in a chain knot(as Gentle John's Owner suggested) I undid the knot and shimmied behind her...twisted her long black tail around my hand and asked her to "walk up".. she second thoughts. about 12 feet up..I tested her and said, "Easy... AND...Whoa". She stopped and looked slightly back at me. We continued the whole way after that, with out stopping again.

I love this mare..unrehearsed trail ...mastering it together in a new way!

Coming home we took a side trail that we had never before and we almost got lost...but I remembered that the light behind the tree ridge was on the right of me as we went into the canyon and so it should be to the left coming problem is a part of the trial system I ride, that is between 2 roads and three private properties..can't do much getting lost but can do alot of doubling backs and red ribbons helped me to return.

On the last leg of trails across the street from the tree farm, we were crossing the creek near one of the road. I have always relaxed in the fact that passing car engines don't affect Wa, unless they rev loudly, suddenly, and then she get a bit nervous. She tends to want to cross faster on the way home, then going out...I was asking her to lower her head and to walk, when a car was passing(normally, no problem) But this car either THREW OUT/HIT/ Or? a paint can- as they zipped on the made a terrible crashing scrapping noise and Whhooooa...she bolted forward and up the trail at canter-as she had no idea what terrible thing was about!
By this terribly blurry picture, it is hard to see the paint can, plus large strip of wet, spilled paint on the road. Wa did NOT want to stand by there either. We never tarry near roads..ususally cross them after listening. So she was wanting to get on with it!

It took some convincing..but we went back over the creek a few times and to investigate and prove that it was safe again.
Then-finally-we returned to traveling homeward, at dusk now.

What a day..I was soo elated by the teamwork we had and also, that she'd go somewhere clearly scary for her, because I asked, and she trusted me.
Getting home at 9pm..there was just enough light to clean tack and give her a brace wash and feed as we listened to the Coyote's howl! We missed the deer parade of earlier in the eve.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday with a horse

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to an interesting and beautiful location the other day. My new HorseLovin' friend treated me to a ride at Timothy Lake, Oregon. It is in the Mount Hood National forest lands.

This was the highlight of my day, near the water. This view and Mustang Cazi's paw-fest!
If you wish to see others watery delights... T. Bruce has more for you HERE!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 Premio Horsey facts

#1 When a thought to do something I really wanted to... I'd go for it, without counting the cost.
(Yea, this is me out in the horses field barefooted...I got in big trouble !)
Annie over from Aging lite has bestowed a sweet little award upon me.

This award asks its recipients to share 7 things about themselves....Soooo, in a fashion of Horsey-ness...I will!

#2 I have an obsession with horse tack... and in the fashion of being orderly and prepared- I like to have 2 of everything I love. (barn tack room1 for the horse trailer and one for the )

#3 I rationalise having alot of tack with= I can share that way!

#4 I wear something to help me with L O N G trail rides.....a big ol' curved MAXI-PAD. (It's extra padding for me and-saves on getting tissue out..if you know what I mean!)

#5 I have taught my mare to allow me to pick all 4 feet up, from one side.

#6 I enjoy walking with my mare, during the ride, as well as riding.

#7 I like fun Surprises...I love to laugh and share and make people smile>>> and if you can name my favorite Holiday to spend with the mare<<<(HINT-in recent POST) I will send you something-FUN -Guaranteed to make you smile and maybe chuckle too!( first person to get it right wins.)

Okay ...I know I am supposed to nominate 7 others...but, um, how about 1?!!

She is adorable and a wonderful photographer that has this incredible Horse, INK!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We tried them all!

I am Talking HOOF BOOTS!
This Is Conde, my barefoot specialist saying hello again to the mare~

I love the EasyCare Company..they have some very neat stuff like -a "Bun warmer", which is a quarter sheet for the horse to keep the hind muscles warm while riding.

They have the best saddle bags and packs made, and the philosophy on barefoot has always been mine. Though...***.....

I was doing the final cleaning of the truck and trailer for my Nephew to come and take it back to his mom, my sister. I decided to give my barefoot specialist a call, in advance of trimming needs, to have an apt made for a Wa mare to have her hooves measured for the new hoof boots Easycare has made.

My trimmer Conde was able to come out. He checked all her hooves, made some minor adjustments in my work, and told me I could work for him trimming! NOPE...too hard on this body! I will just do my own, thanks!

For over a year Washashe wore the "Easyboot Epics"...I haggled with the wires and became an expert with application and removal! Then suddenly, when I began to trot more and canter.... R I P...they came off..she oversteped the fronts and ripped boot right off the gaiter! I always found my boots..but it became expesive to buy new gaiters all the I changed to the Boa Boot...

kinda clunky, but I was keeping to 25 miles and under, so I did not worry. Then,that wire broke. I bought a replacement wire..and I worked on it for an hour, my husband worked on it- aaaarggg! We never did get it fixed!
Again, I called Conde to fit her for some Old Mac's G-2's. They have been the easiest, by far,to apply. But..sometimes they twist on her hooves.

So...leading me right up to yesterday's fitting...He measured her with this handy tool He made. It measures the fit exactly to the sizes of the boots. Pretty cool, but..she was too wide for any of them-
NONE would fit!

Not the "Glove not the"Edge"and the glue ons,I dreamed of for my next camping trip..DRAT!!!!

I had a fleeting moment, ...***....when I considered shoes and pads? I actually said it out loud to Conde and his assistant too...they looked horrified and I took it back!

So, I am back to padding the G-2's to make them fit tighter and I will order a smaller size for her hinds using the Easycare's really Awesome 50% "Trade Up" deal. I will send them a pair of a used boots..and they take the 50% off a pair of new boots of a different model. I can do that for Wa's hinds!

So...after all the cleaning and sizing I saddled up for a gallop. I put her newly padded Old Mac's G-2's on her fronts-seen her to the right- and a pair of the Easyboot "Epics" on her we went to try it out. Gallop and trotting galore..and no twisting and she kept a nice regular even tempo'd gait...NO PAIN!

For now...this is what we shall do!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My World with a horse

BEST SLEEP EVER(for horse camping)~

If you have ever been camping when there is a "Bear Alert" in the camp, and have watched documentaries of ( I have)what some of the Bear behaviour is like around humans with nice smelling(tasting)potions and lotions.....Um....sleeping in a tent makes me nervous then. I am one of those ere mentioned sweet smelling(tasting)lotioned-up items in a thin wrapper called-"A Tent"!

NOT ANYMORE! Above was my sleeping quarters for the night this past weekend horse camping.

The friends that invited me along camping, told me to skip pitching a tent and just bring sheets, pillow and blankets from home. They provided the air mattress and I was GOLD! I had just washed the new trailer out and put fresh cedar shavings in it. I put a large tarp down, had an area rug and WALA....Sweet accommodations! My View out of the little side windows to the horsefaces was pretty cool too.

Arrival to 'Riley Horse Camp" was so quick..only an hour from my stable's driveway!

It is a combo of Eastern Oregon and high Mountain terrains. They are sandy, deep and perfect with some round rocks, easily stepped over, by my mare's barefoot hooves. She rather liked the deep sand, and really was able to step out confidently.
The river we rode next to, that contributed to all the creeks, is called "The Sandy River".

We crossed quite a few creeks the first day out...and the mare did well, even though the large round rocks were slick and uneven. It was the quick current that made her we followed my friend on her Mustang "Cazi", through.

This last Creek was deeper than the rest and I was not confident I went up and around to meet the others. I wanted to give the mare a break from the large rocks as well.

It was a nice time with good, sunny weather that first day out. The second day, we made sure to have out rain gear on . Even though it was a heavy drizzle we met many hikers on the trail...allowing us to have our picture taken together!

This was a FIRST for the mare and I...Cazi Is a rather striking "Keiger Mustang" Like "SPIRIT, Stallion of the Cimarron" is, in the movie Disney made. Washashe did not get all the attention ...people were very taken with him. I agree too, he is very awesome!

To see a clip from the Picture of Mustang Cazi-picture below~

It was so fun with such an awesome new riding partner. She likes to train as we go like me, as needed. The views were BIG...everything was large here...big sandy trails, big cut out canyons with rivers flowing through, BIG Boulders! Amazing!

My friend really loves her Mustang Cazi. She has me plait his mane and showed me how he kisses her. It was adorable.

Our only negative were the very bad bugs the first night..they had us all swating and moving around, away from them as we tried to eat us two. I am known for "having it all" when somone needs something, I most likely have it handy to share.... and YUP...I had 2 bug masks. They yielded tons of laughs and were very effective to boot!

The mare and I are resting up for the next few days...but remembering our sweet mountain times!

Please do CLICK LOGO to go around the world and visit others views today!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Stills TEXTURES

The wispy windblown hair of my mare over her soft fur, is one of my favorite textures!

Enjoy others take on the texture theme this weekend by clicking on the title !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Sunset

The Summer sunset at the end of a busy day Thursday was too cool! It was like an Orange~ on fire in the sky!

But, I get ahead of myself and will describe the weeks events ending in a HUGE-O- PRAISE to God for sparing us an accident with my sister's truck....

Yea, the TRUCK,it was supposed to be gone by now..but the mechanics took longer . I got it back Monday late. I then transferred tack and such from her 3 horse trailer to my new 2 horse trailer's tack room. My sister will come get it at the end of the month , I am told.

So Wednesday was the next available time to hook up the truck to my trailer ...just to feel what it is like to pull a smaller trailer. I made plans to ride Thursday with a gal I just met from in the Christian trail riders group. She has a mustang she trained and another young gelding she also started and wanted to bring him out to our trails. She has also invited me to come up to Riley Horse Camp on Mount Hood this weekend...hummm....... Maybe.

Back to the task on hand again....

I got my trailer all set up, baring a water tank. I backed the truck up to it using my sissy's orange trailer system that has magnets holding long arms, seen by the truck driver to line up -Trailer Ball, to Truck hitch. It worked really easy! Here is the Praise....As I looked into the whole system of hitching up I noticed the Ball hitch on the truck was extremely LOOSE! Loose to the tune of only 2 remaing bolts, I found, out of 6! OH!!!! I went through a barrage of self questions and decided to simpley FIX the problem and NOT go there on how long and why my sister did not notice this the last 3 months as she unhitched it several times!She even had the truck serviced by two different people. NOW- This being my first time to have it unhitched...OH!!
I am JUST GLAD I am a stickler for noticing things! SIGH! My PBO and I fixed the problem with the help of HOME DEPOT.

So...having hooked the truck up-to my trailer- and decided that I would load Washashe and go for a mile spin around the neighborhood. I put some cedar shavings in the clean trailer, and she loaded well, no second thoughts for this new box. I locked the divider to the wall and she had the Whole thing to herself! NICE!!

Again...back to the rest of the weeks times.......

A busy one for clearing the trails for group rides to come for the weekend. As well as clear..we marked the ways of passage for riders to make 1, 2 and 3 hour loops.

It was a perfectly overcast day with Peeks of sun and only about 70 degrees...very refreshing from the hotter 90's~

After a full day of hacking bushes and brambles, we took the ride up and I shared the view of "Stony Mountain" with my barn owner and her young apprentice in trail clearing.

There is a ride today for the C.T.R.F. riding group at our trail head.

This was the scene as we came on home. I went ahead, but they were not too far off...seen just over the "clear cut ridge" from the house. My mare heard the familiar calls to her, as the others got nearer to home!

Soo, I am leaving this morning for Camp Riley, trying out my new trailer. We are to caravan there, which I like.
My Friend took care of,for us as she works at a New Seasons Organic grocery store. lodging for my mare and She assured me that I could just rent a camp- site today, upon arrival. And If not, I could park in her site and pay a smaller fee.
Me, being the ultra organised gal that I am, this feels WEIRD- just showing up and having made the decision to go 48 hours ago!
Have a goodie weekend all,
see you when we come down from the mountain !
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