Friday, July 24, 2009

Conquering the fears

Conquering or even facing some of our fears, has become a challenge for me. I faced some yesterday. The mare and I have the same ones, sometimes, because of past history of falling in certain conditions. I know that she can pay attention, but, I also know she can become rushy when irritated because of rocks, steep hills and pain of traveling those.
She desires a smooth terrain.

That is not always available.

We returned to the site of our Fall ,and her speedy get away after I came off, running all the way home.

She was willing to leave the property yesterday with a slight balk at the trail head. After that one..she was all ears forward and go. I had her front hoof boots on and that helps for few rocky roads ,when we head out that direction..

She was meandering through the trail..half there, half looking back, and she tripped and groaned- as it hurt and it gave me that sick adrenaline rush too...I got mad at her, but it helped in the long run. I quickly said, "Wake Up!" and smacked her behind..she took no offense and she DID pay attention after that. I don't smack her often and I have never for an accident..but she was being very wishy wahsy in her commitment.

We went to our feared destination and I got off to survey the had gotten a bit worse for the wear of many I will always get off at that location now. She kinda looked at me, but did follow eventually. I remounted, the next fear to conquer was the bog...all dried up now. She really-REALLY-did not want to enter the creek. I did not have to touch her with the whip..but just show it to her- and as she took just one step towards the creek...PRAISES were sung and she felt my hand on her withers in a soothing ,thankful touch.

She went in and the sight of the rocky bog area made her stop again...but she went on..we made it through..just some mud now. Then we turned around and she and I crossed the dreaded area again . She was a bit rushy -whaich is what got us on the ground last time! I made her halt many times and wait.

After we recrossed the creek, I dismounted and decided to send her up ahead of me and try for the nice TEAMWORK of having her pull me up the trail again. AWESOME..she walked and took care of me as we went up the entire steep trail together!!!

I now feel Like I can continue to ride that "Shangrila" trail area..(the other side of the boogy man trail)now that we've done that work!

Have a goodie weekend everyone!!


  1. Great! Seems like you are both working on it.

  2. I love passing through thresholds, because it opens up new doors.

  3. It is always nice when we come to an understanding with our equine partners, isn't it?? And kudos to you for knowing what your mare can and can't handle. :)

  4. Looks like you've moved way beyond that fear. Good for you, Kacy. :)
    I'm glad it went so well.


  5. Way to go! Not easy facing those places with a fearful history. I'm still tentative after my broken wrist, and I wasn't even riding when it happened.

  6. Way to overcome! Boy, this so reminds me of an incident with my horse, Hershey. We were going up a very rocky area, steep and over a bit of a boulder. She hates rocky areas. I knew that. We got to the top and I was very nervous. Then we had to go down another rocky narrow area - we were following my husband. I was worried for her and she felt that fear and for the first time ever, she shook me off by throwing herself over sideways. Then she merrily went down he hill without me. I was communicating fear right through my butt and boy, did I learn from that experience! Not easy though. You did great.

  7. Awesome! Great way to get back out there with her and face the fears!

  8. I think that's wonderful. Fear is such a difficult thing. I struggle with that when I'm riding my mare and going into new areas. Congratulations to both of you.

  9. Thanks my was very hard and even when I ride other new areas that look remotely like these we conqured..I get tense..she freezes up. But as Mellie said..I know hers and mine weaknesses, so I am accpetpting them and removing myself from the saddle for the short way we have to travel these terrains.

  10. Hey!

    So glad you two got through it and conquered your fears.

    I just saw your comment awhile back. Thus, I have no trailer or a truck yet. Lol! If I do end up with her an SUV or truck....then trailer will be next in line.

    I do have some fears about getting my own horse. Was wondering if I could pick your brain and give you a call or meet so I can get an idea of what it all entails! :) I also asked Ms. Oregon Equestrian the same thing. Gee, maybe we can all get together. Not sure how far apart we all are. :)

    Lots of hugs!


  11. I give you both a lot of credit. You went out there and faced your fears and conquered them. I think you will have many more good rides no matter what the terrain.


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