Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You and the horse hot?

This will do the trick!


  1. Now that's cooling your little tootsies off! Great pictures, wish I had a lake or a pool, it's really hot and humid here in the east. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

  2. Heck I would jump in too as hot as it's been! Yay!! Okay, I will call you this week! :) I'm going out to see the horse again with my trainer on Friday evening then a yoga retreat Saturday all day. I'm thinking Sunday or anytime after that! It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers and yes, no excuses as close as we are. :)

    Talk to ya soon and STAY COOL!

  3. Yea Grey Horse..I bought some Ariat boots the night before to be able to get the tootsies in the drink! Riding back with water in the boots felt sooo good!

    Michelle! We will be hugging in friendship soon!

  4. Hey Kacy! That is one good way to cool off! My first horse loved to swim and I would take him to a big pond, fun! I don't know what Gilly would do in the water, we have no place here at home to try it. If I ever get a trailer I can take him to some parks around here and maybe see what he will do in the water.
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  5. That looks so fun Kac.....did you jump it to?

  6. There you go with that water again. You two have so much fun.

  7. LOVE IT!!! That looks so fun. I.NEED.A.TRAILER. Oh, yeah, and a truck to pull it with! Then, you would't be able to get rid of me and Caspian! ;)

  8. the horse reflection on the water is incrediable! :) wow

    p.s i went horse riding whilst in vanatu for my 21st b'day, it was a four hour trail ride & at the end we got to take the horses bare back into this lake, just like you photo it was the best experience ever i loved it! :)

  9. OH that looks so beautiful! How FUN! :D I hope some day I can do that! :D

  10. That looks ridiculously fun!!! I wish we had water around where we live to go play in like that...what a cool experience! I just did a blog on how to beat the heat in a slightly less exciting way yesterday! Great minds think alike!

  11. Yep...that'll do it!!! Hasn't the heat been terrible??? Well not the heat, but the humidity???

  12. Oh Kacy, that makes me sooo jealous!! Me and the ponies have been toasting this past week in the heat!! Here Monday it registered 110, and hasn't been below 105 all week. Sheesh!!! We're all lookin' a little wilted lately and are ready for a little cooling refreshment like beautiful Timothy Lake. That is where I wanna be!! Soon...very soon. That's where I took my Harley for his first ever trail ride years ago. He was such a brave boy, and we're still going strong! I love my good boys!! Have fun my friend!!

  13. Oh ya! How much fun is that!!? I want to do that soon. I live vicariously through you and Wa :D! How cool, literally!

  14. What a refreshing way to spend the day. Yet another wonderful adventure with Wa!

  15. I love going into the water with the horses. My horse, Blue, will actually go out deep enough to swim.

    I really like you picture w/the refelction.

  16. Jane~You reminded me...I swam summers in "Chaffy's pond" down the street from my house with my pony Trixie! It was fun!That was when I was young and fearless though!

    Jules~Next time!!!

    Lori~I almost made a disclainer in the heading for you!

    Jrosey~I really hope we convien when one or both of us get a Truck!! I have a trailer and if you get a truck first...we should make a deal and share! You can come for a nights sleepeover and 2 days of riding. here in Oregon..I will come there for a sleepover and 2 days there!Planning begins!

    MSW~AWESOME Happy B day too...yea 21!!! I loved my 21st-though remember NOT what i did..just being 21 made it great! I love your fun times going horse swimming...I do think I will either take her saddle off next time or wear this faom saddle into the water with her and just a halter+ rope...the less junk on, the better!

    Mellimaus~If you want to most likely you shall! I hope you get to sooner than you think!

    Niku~Welcome to my horsey spot will visit yours soon!!!

    Mellie~It was 20 degree cooler in the woods around the lake that day...we made an excellent choice,going there. The weather seems to be strang-o-weirdo everywhere..we have not had the humidity this time. Sorry you are..I hate that!

    Lorie~That is too neat that Timothy l was your first trail ride. MiCiver was mine with the mare. YOU better let me know when you come up for Timothy lake camping..I sooo willwanna be there too~ with you!

    Keri~I too, Live through you and Ink...someday I will have a place to lunge and ride enclosed again...never thought I would miss it so much, but I do, only having the trails now.

    Tara~Yea..I love the adventure of new things...still thinkin' of you and your Kora

    Tammy~ Oh, that is great...I had the wrong gear(too much gear+leather) to swim-though-she seemed as though she'd go fot it. we are planning another go!

  17. Ohh!!! That looks lovely!!!

    I just popped over from Lytha's.

    I used to swim my old gelding in the river... only he would sink and then touch bottom and launch himself up and out of the water... only and arab!

    Last year I rode a horse who liked to act like he was scared of water but after a very long and very hot ride he walked himself straight into the lake!


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