Friday, July 3, 2009

A hitch in my gidyup

But...maybe not, I think now....

We were to go horse camping at my favorite spot in the Mount Hood National Forest..Silver Creek Falls area. Last year We had a blast on the Fourth of July. My husband Bruce was able to come . He set up three tents, made all the fires and did his fair share of cooking. It was a royal time. And, it so happens to be my Favorite Holiday with the ALL AMAERICAN MARE!

I had the reservations in March, all set..then everything went hooey and the folks that were to go could not come and though there were people that Said that they wanted to go, they never came through. So when the truck went hooey too... I cancelled the trip last Monday. Almost relieved too...strange. But, it is alot of work getting ready for taking horses away for a weekend.

So...turns out that this is a heat wave...99 degrees is Oregon..we don't like that! well, I know..there are some that do...but not my crowd. And I did a HOT Camping trip with colic and all, last year... SO, kinda glad it all went south. AND to top it mare is in a HOT Season..she is fit to be tied and is beside herself in her mare way. I am not going to ride in the parade in Mollala now either..just not a good timing!

So I took it easy mostly today, out there at the stable, ...sweat was just dripping off me, standing still practically. I did take a nap under a tree with my mare grazing nearby..that was nice.

I also got alot of cleaning out of my sissy's trailer done till -it was too blame hot to function. I gave the mare a bath..she loved it..was nice and cool. I waited till about 7:30 and got the mare ready to PBO was getting her horses ready for the parade and My mare just was having a cow over not being able to see her Romeo, So I took her to my (I love that, "MY") trailer in the shade and on the gravel to groom and ready her. She tends to stand on the gravel not liking it at all.

We went to the newly baled hay field , in view of the barn*( My mistake here) and she JUST COULD NOT BE WITH ME! She was calling to her herd and was being pissy.I was not asking for much.....but it was too much and when The truck and trailer went by, down the driveway she lost it, and turned BRONC on me! Wee ha...I held on for the first big leap, then she catapulted me off to the right side...I landed on my right knee -smakcada- and since John had full view of the whole thing I made sure to jump up throwing my hands up- so he knew I was I YELLED...LOOOOSE HORSE!!! She was off like a bullet down the driveway she knows so well....neighing the whole way . Gemma met her at the drive..she herd my yell.

SO, I saw My left stirrup hanging very LOW..probably cause I tried to stay on and it was starting to come off as I did. I NEVER lock the leather holder for this reason. But, she must have gotten her foot in it as she bolted. My new endurance stirrups! It bent the crap outa it! And also ripped a very large crack into her left hoof. I filed it and it is very uneven, but she is good.I also was able to use a rubber mallet to pound the stirrup back to working order too. THEN....I got right back on and went back to the field..yea I was scared too...but, I did lots of circles and stops and we walked the entire field. I just had to claim it back after that.

Now I sit with ice on my knee and left elbow...I took my Arnica and Advil and will just see about tomorrow's planned ride back to Stony Mountain . One of the gals that was to camp with me wants to go.

We'll see~

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ALL!!! It is my Favortie time with the Washashe mare as I call her " MY All AMERICAN MARE


  1. Oh no! Having ridden a bucking bronc myself (who just sold - whew, too much for me) I feel for you.

    Sounds like you got lucky, but you may want to get that knee checked by a professional.

    Hope you feed better soon!

  2. A wild mare hair! Some of them seem to get very herd-bound in heat. Sorry about the wreck - glad you were able to get back on and ride her in the field. Take care of your injuries!

  3. KC...stick to your guns. Good for you. Wa has given you some interesting experiences in the past few months.

  4. Now, that inspires me to go ride when I have not been able to for a while, especially at age fifty-four and all my horses are buddy spoiled!

    Maybe I should just clean the barn today!

  5. Kacy, we both had wild bronc's yesterday. One of these days I will be able to ride it out, I hope. We both had about the same injuries too. Hope you get to feeling better. These horses are rough on us, I'm getting too old for these kind of shenanigans!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  6. Wow. You must have tough knees and elbows. I've never thought about a horse being able to get its hoof caught in a stirrup.

    I usually avoid riding on the 4th of July weekend. Fireworks are illegal in Nevada, because it is so dry and we are almost always in High fire danger all summer. However, we have so many city transplants moving here who don't bother to watch / read the news, and they start setting off firecrackers around the neighborhood. They keep the fire department busy and my horses spooking. I suppose going deep into the mountains for a camping trip might get us away from all that, though. I know what you mean about all the work involved. Some days I feel so relieved after talking myself out of trailering my horses somewhere. I can't ever seem to come away from these trips without being sore and having injuries.

  7. Aw man! Sounds like a wild ride...glad you're ok an Wa too! Sometimes they just like to give us a hard time, huh? Good for you for getting right back on and workin' her. Hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend! :)

  8. My bloggin friend,
    Blessings for you and your's on this our Nations Independence Day.
    God Bless America!

  9. Kac..still riding on!July 4, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    Breath~ Well..she tosses her head sometimes but this WAS full out buck-o-rama. I hope you now have a horse that suits you! And is only sore to the touch, my knee. I almost landed on my feet..but fell to my knee, think it is a flesh type injury.YEA Praising here!

    Kate~ I guess!Thanks, i am!

    Lori~ Definately so...I really dislike the bolt for home attitude she has..but I always kinda new it as she tries to walk back to the barn always..she is truly insecure.

    Gail~ Oh..I knew someone would get nervious! Someone else just mentioned me inspiring them to ride farhter from home..I am now considering a rope..very long one that If i have the presence of mine should I come hold to it to keep my horse from leaving!
    Well...I was thinking anyway.
    You clean the barn, and remeber..i thinnk you have a gelding!!

    Jane~ I KNOW!!!Wello, I am right behind you in age dearie..ity does get scary..but I must ride!
    Hope you feel better soon too..mine seems to be a flesh wound..and one in my mind too.

    Nuzz~ Humm...well, darn fireworks anyway! that IS why I love the mountains..illeagal to have them up there! Yea..jsut resting it out this time... sounds as though-you too!

    Jrosey~ I JUST HAD TO get back heart was pounding and she thought to give me another go around but circling helped and I just did enough to make it my idea!
    Happy Fourth to you too!!

    GIGI~ Yes, I pray he continues to bless..he is Awesome and we are HIS! Thanks for stoppin' in today!

  10. A big pat on the back to you Kac!! To get back on after a fall and "re-claim," good for you!

    I hope your kneee is ok and Wa's hoof recovers without any problems.

    Happy Independence Day to you too! My best.

    - Keri

  11. Whoa! Literally. I'm so glad that things did not go worse - heck, and after a nice, restful nap. Hope you wake up with a much better knee and elbow.

  12. Wow Kacy. Playing catch-up over here. What an 'exciting' ride my friend.

    I tell ya, I must be the unluckiest horse riding gal in the world. I've only fallen off a horse once in my life and fully expected to jump right up and ride. hah!

    It seems that most riders can fall over and over and still jump right back up with only a few bruises. I just don't understand why my one and only fall landed me in the hospital with surgery for a severed ACL? I get so down realizing that I've lost this entire summer's plans and dreams of riding. And who even knows when I'll be able to ride again.

    Anyway, I'm just relieved that you weren't hurt and neither was Wa, well at least not seriously anyway. And I hope that you stay safe for the rest of the summer during all your trail rides, my friend.



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